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Paul Davids

(1 Hour, 40 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes filmmaker Paul Davids for a discussion on his captivating film The Life After Death Project. Over the course of the conversation, we delve into some of the truly weird elements which came together in the film as well as the after-death communication phenomenon as a whole. Additionally, we talk about the UFO enigma and Paul's film Roswell, which has become a cult classic since its release 20 years ago.

Altogether it is a fast-paced edition of the program featuring a number of wondrous stories that will have you pondering what really happens when we die as Paul Davids tells us about The Life After Death Project.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the standard bio / background and find out about Paul's journey through the world of film making and how it led to his latest film. This leads to talk about the serendipitous and organic nature that led to the creation of the Life After Death Project. Paul then details the life and times of science fiction film icon Forrest J. Ackerman, who is the proverbial 'star' of the film.

From there, we dive into some of the weird aspects of the Life After Death Project, beginning with the odd events which lead up to a seemingly inexplicable 'ink anomaly' and the surrounding strangeness that surrounded it. Paul also talks about some of the scientific testing that was done of the ink blot as well as some weird stuff that happened during the testing. We then look at After Death Communication, as a whole, and ponder how it seems to be gaining acceptance by the general public.

Paul then shares a spooky story about an African mask that he had on display in his home and a disembodied voice saying, 'Lenore.' Paul goes on to detail unsettling EMF readings associated with the tribal mask as well as how its history mysteriously vanished. We then circle back to the blotted out words from the ink anomaly and Paul connects it to elements which suggest that Ackerman, in the afterlife, was behind it. In the interest of fairness, we get Paul's response to the skeptical take which would suggest some form of pareidolia.

Providing some additional anomalies which arose from the film, Paul talks about an Ackerman which seemingly teleported across his office and how Ackerman's name appeared randomly on a GPS device after someone watched the movie. We then jump to the research of Dr. Gary Schwartz and his work in potentially designing a communication device with the 'other side.' We also delve into some of the psychic insights which informed the film. Looking at this from a big picture perspective, we have Paul speculate on if or when humanity will know what happens after you die.

Wrapping up our discussion on the Life After Death Project, we speculate on the possibility that there is a government or theological coverup or suppression of the true nature of the afterlife. Closing out our discussion of the film, we find out how it ended up on ScyFy as well as how folks can see it and why pirating and the internet have made getting films made nowadays.

The conversation then turns towards Paul's most famous film, in paranormal circles, Roswell, and start by getting this thoughts on the Roswell event and its cultural impact in the 20 years since the release of the film. Paul also talks about the maddening nature of the secrecy which still surrounds Roswell. Paul goes on to tell the story about how the showing at Wright Patterson AFB of his ET 'body' prop from the film was shuttered after he asked that they also screen the film.

In light of Paul's lengthy career in Hollywood, we get his take on the theory that there is a government-sponsored UFO and ET acclimation process at work in movies. That, in turn, leads us to talking about disclosure and how much Paul expected a future Roswell disclosure while he was making the film. This segues into some talk about the amazing life of Timothy Leary, who was profiled in Paul's film Timothy Lear is Dead.

heading toward the close of the conversation, we reflect on the challenge of getting academia or science interested in looking at the UFO phenomenon as well as how activism has overtaken research within ufology over the last few decades. Wrapping it all up, we find out what's next for Paul Davids and where folks can find out more about his films and other works.

Paul Davids Bio

Filmmaker and producer Paul Davids' films are known for controversy, beginning with Roswell (starring Martin Sheen, Kyle MacLachlan & Dwight Yoakam), a 1994 nominee for Golden Globe as Best TV Motion Picture, which he executive produced and co-wrote as a Showtime original movie. It dealt with issues of extraterrestrial life and the purported "truth embargo" on the subject of ET contact.

Paul attended the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies in Beverly Hills.He began his career in film as a script reader for a Hollywood agent, Paul Kohner. After writing his first produced film called “She Dances Alone”, Paul’s career in film and television took off when he got his “first break” as production coordinator of the original “Transformers” TV show for Marvel Productions in 1985.

Information on all his films (including “SHE DANCES ALONE,” Showtime's "ROSWELL," “TIMOTHY LEARY’S DEAD”, “THE ARTIST & THE SHAMAN” and "BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE") can be found at www.pauldavids.com. His most recent film, "THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT,"had a world premiere on SyFy in May, 2013 and is now available as a 2-DVD set at Amazon and other DVD venues (sold with sequel "THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT 2 - PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS").

His website is pauldavids.com

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