We kick things off with the bio / background on Dr. Joye Pugh. She details her "troubling" apocalyptic dream that she had as a child and how it planted the seed for her future research. She then traces her evolution researching this dream and how it led to her writing her books.

Jumping right into Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666, we start at the beginning of this epic tale and have Joye share her take on what really happened in the Garden of Eden and how it set the stage for a humanity-long conspiracy spearheaded by Satan. Joye explains how the true tale of the Garden of Eden is much different from the storybook version that many have been told in Sunday school. She details some of the unique aspects of the Genesis version of the Eden story which differ from the more popularized version of the story and should give the listener pause, such as the use of "serpent" (as opposed to snake) and "fruit" (as opposed to an apple).

Taking this line of reasoning further, Joye extrapolates on these inconsistencies and explains what she thinks really happened in the Garden of Eden. She shares how her interpretation of the "fig leaf" aspect of the story suggest some kind of sexual element to the story, beyond merely "knowledge of good and evil." Dr. Joye draws this idea further out, suggesting that Eve bore a son, Cain, with the serpent of Eden, thus setting off a lineage of people who are descendants of Satan.

Bringing the story to contemporary times, Dr. Joye puts forward her theory that the Shroud of Turin is a legitimate artifact from Jesus' crucifixion and has been used, by modern science, for nefarious purposes. She details her research into the Book of Revelations, and what it says about the Antichrist, which suggests that this demonic being is actually a clone of some kind. Additionally, she explains how her research into religious tradition suggests that clones would not have a soul, making them the perfect vehicle for demonic influence. Bolstering her argument, she also covers her research into the Shroud of Turin, why she believes it is real, and how the carbon dating of the Shroud may have been a conspiracy to conceal the legitimacy of the artifact.

Getting down to brass tacks, Dr. Joye reveals how her research indicates that the Antichrist is the UK's Prince William. Putting forward her evidence for this case, she details a myriad of clues that suggest Princess Diana was used by the Royal Family as a "sacrificial lamb" to be used to usher in the Antichrist. She details a number of oddities surrounding Prince William which, she believes, bolsters her theory and how it may tie into 2012, the London Olympics, secret excavations in Iraq, ley lines, and HAARP.

Taking a critical look at this theory, we have Dr. Joye provide some clues as to what people should be looking for, in the future, that would prove that Prince William is the Antichrist. She also puts forth the idea that the Shroud of Turin will eventually be proven legitimate, it will be revealed that Prince William is the clone of Jesus, and the public will embrace him as a result. Dr. Joye ties this in with an impending "alien threat" which, she believes, will be revealed to the public as a way of frightening them into following Prince William for protection.

We also have Dr. Joye respond to the conundrum that, if Prince William is the Antichrist, does that mean he has no empathy for the ordeal and suspicious death of his mother, Princess Diana. Dr. Joye, in turn, speculates on when Satan may have entered Prince William. We also look at the other son, Prince Harry, and have Joye speculate on what his role will be in this drama. She also addresses the rapture and whether it will really happen. We also have Dr. Joye respond to the idea that her whole thesis is dependent, perhaps to a fault, on the literal translation of the Bible.

Heading towards the close, we ask Dr. Joye if she has given any thought to how she will respond if, in 5 or 10 years, her predictions do not come to pass. We also get her response to the idea that, if her research is accurate, then she is the most dangerous person in the world to the Antichrist's plan, so why would she be allowed to reveal his plans in advance. Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Dr. Joye Pugh and where folks can pick up a copy of Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666.

Dr. Joye Pugh's background involves working as a researcher, counselor, mental retardation professional, human services director, and consultant. Her love for prophecy began at 6 years of age after having an unusual and prophetic dream about the End of Time. Most importantly, for over 30 years, now, Dr. Pugh has been involved in researching Biblical prophecy. She consults with people from around the world on various issues and current events involving science and religion. She also serves as a consultant in education with MUFON regarding the spiritual and religious aspects of paranormal and UFO experiences. Her website is drjoye.com.

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Dr. Joye Pugh