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(2 Hours, 6 Minutes)
Recorded Friday, 5/15/20

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Binnall and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn continue our coronavirus conversation with our ninth and likely penultimate weekly report on the pandemic. Recorded on Friday, May 15th, we talk about winding down the weekly series, respond to the latest news and numbers, learn about how vaccines are made, worry about the weird new illnesses impacting kids, and talk about how the coronavirus is not so 'novel' after two months of dominating the world. In the latter half of the program, we're joined by caller Mike in Singapore with an update on the pandemic in his neck of the woods and another caller, Simon, who shares his thoughts on the situation from England.

As has been the case since we began, it's another hopefully informative show that can also provide a few laughs along the way as we collectively endure this unthinkable situation which has been thrust upon the world.

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