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Gian Quasar
(2 Hours, 30 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio delves into the realm of true crime with the incomparable Gian Quasar talking about the haunting CA cold case of serial predator the East Area Rapist / Original Nightstalker (EAR/ONS). And, in classic Gian Quasar fashion, we examine drill down into the case from a vast array of angles, including the sheer magnitude of EAR/ONS' crimes, his chilling method of attack and penchant for 'sexual terrorism,' details and clues surrounding the cretin like his multitude of masks and getaway tactics, and the villain's phantom-like nature that allowed him to escape justice for the last 30+ years.

At the top of the 2nd hour, we're joined by Michelle Cruz, sister of EAR/ONS' last victim, Janelle Cruz, who was murdered in 1986. Michelle details how she became involved in the revival of interest in the case in recent years, becoming one of the few public faces for the case, since EAR/ONS remains an enigma. We also learn about the circumstances of Janelle's murder, how their family interacted with police during the lengthy investigation, and how Michelle is working to help solve the case today. Beyond that, we muse about the difficulty in tackling cold cases from decades ago and techniques which can be used to track down a 'person of interest' after all these years.

In the final 45 minutes of the program, we revisit some of Gian Quasar's proverbial 'greatest hits,' beginning with his renowned work researching the Bermuda Triangle, which has been updated with an all new book on the enigma. We also discuss his investigation of the Zodiac case and how he has developed a suspect that he believes very well could be the infamous killer. And we wrap things up with some talk about Bigfoot and Gian's theory of two separate and quite unique sources which may be at the root of the Sasquatch mythos.

Altogher it is an absolutely riveting edition of BoA:Audio that will have you checking to make sure your doors are locked before you head off to bed as we go in search of the East Area Rapist / Original Nightstalker with Gian Quasar and Michelle Cruz.

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Tuesday, 5.16.17 @ 9 PM (et)

Micah Hanks

Author, podcaster, and thinker Micah Hanks returns to BoA:Audio for a good old fashioned jam session talking about UFOs, conspiracy theories, and the current chaotic state of the world today.

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