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Wm. Michael Mott

(2 Hours, 25 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio takes a journey to the underground as we welcome author Wm. Michael Mott for a discussion on his book Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures, which looks at the possibility that there is an entire ecosystem, including nefarious entities, existing beneath the Earth's surface. In this wide-ranging conversation, we'll revisit the global historical narrative which tells of this underground world, how so-called 'ETs' may very well be homegrown entities deceiving humans, how Bigfoot, elementals, and diminutive esoteric entities, like elves and gnomes, may fit into this ecosystem, as well as much, much more. Plus, we'll break the 4th wall and discuss the current state of paranormal research and how reality TV has both helped and hindered the quest to solve esoteric mysteries.

Altogether it is a fast paced and loose edition of the program which takes you to the very periphery of the paranormal and peers into the abyss with our guest Wm. Michael Mott.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on William Michael Mott and find out how he got interested in the esoteric and evolved as a researcher. This leads to some general discussion on how the paranormal is plagued by the 'giggle factor' and how that needs to be eradicated. Mike then talks about how he thinks paranormal reality shows have led to the "dumbing down" of the field. We also talk about the possibility that the paranormal reality boom is causing people to become satiated with the field and, thus, they don't end up becoming researchers.

Next we dive in to Mike's recently released treatise, The Problem of Density in Regard to Non-Human Encounters, and he tells about how it was informed by Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures and aims to solve some of the riddles associated with the paranormal. That segues into talk about the power of observation and how that can be applied to the paranormal. This segues into discussion on how that observation may effect the laws of the universe and, in turn, whether we still do not quite understand the limits of those laws. This goes back to our talk about paranormal reality TV and the pros and cons associated with that trend.

Mike then details how he came upon the 'underworld theory,' for lack of a better term, especially since it exists on the peripheral of the paranormal in many ways. He connects ancient traditions with modern paranormal phenomena in order to show how there may be one longer arc underway that is merely changing its vernacular. This turns into some talk about the idea that living within a planet may be more conducive to survival and that was realized by our ancient predecessors who have taken shelter there on Earth. Mike also posits that living within the planet allows interlopers to claim of interstellar origins as a way of hiding their true origin from surface dwellers.

Following that, we talk about how there appears to be a level of resentment by the 'others' who interact with the human race and treat the species like cattle. This turns to us talking about the concept of who 'owns' the Earth as well as how the concept of 'benevolent ETs' is undermined by their actions. In turn, we speculate on what may cause that negative perception of the human race from these entities. We also talk about the ET hybrid theory and how it doesn't add up that aliens would still need human genetic material if they are so advanced as to come to Earth.

How Bigfoot fits into Mike's theories of an underground ecosystem consisting of various paranormal 'entities.' The conversation then leads us to talking about the stunning number of people who go missing on Earth everyday and ponder what that may portend for what is going on 'behind (or beneath) the scenes.' That ends up with us talking about how much the government may know about what is going on beneath the Earth's surface and what they can really do about it. That said, we ponder if it is inevitable that the human race gets into a conflict with the underground dwellers in a battle for terrain as the planet gets more destroyed.

In light of his research, we get Mike's opinion on the possibility of ETs also existing and visiting Earth, regardless of whether there are entities within the Earth pretending to be aliens. This leads to some talk about how the human race increasingly appears to not be the top of the universal 'food chain' and that takes us to talking about Occham's Razor. Mike also clarifies that he is not a Hollow Earther and explains that he is more in favor of the honeycombed Earth theory, where there are pockets of space within the crust of the Earth. He also talks about legends which say that there was a 'shell of water' above the Earth as well as waters found within the planet which were expelled out.

Mike then recounts a tale, told to him by Walter Bosley, of Bosley being told of an encounter between the government and 'aliens' which lived within the planet. We also hear about people having encounters with non-human entities which suggest they dwell underground rather than being a space faring race. We then look at the big picture end game to this entire scenario, which is what, if anything, can humans do about being veritable cattle to a race of entities living within the Earth. This segues into talk about religion and how it connects to this research that Mike has done about the underground ecosystem.

Talking about the possibility of a celestial war, Mike details the oddities surrounding Jupiter's moon Iapetus, which appears to be a manufactured body. The conversation then turns towards elemental beings and where they may fit into the hierarchy of entities in Mike's theories. We also talk about how paranormal entities continually appear to be physical, such as Bigfoot, but manage to disappear instantly, and we ponder just what may make that possible. Going back to the ET v. ultraterrestrial debate, Mike puts forward the idea that these entities must be from Earth, since they conform so well to the organisms found here on Earth.'

Looking at the struggle to understand the paranormal as a whole, Mike imparts some advice for listeners and students of the esoteric. Going down a different path, we reflect on how the human race has an amazing array of known genetic defects and how this fits into Mike's research. We connect this to the ancient alien theory and examine how it may be more akin to ancient progenitors who escaped to within the Earth. The conversation then turns toward legends of 'little people' in ancient traditions and discuss how it connects to the Flores Hobbit. We then revisit some of the trends of underground mythology and talk about how one such recurring motif is that the interior denizens have been forced to live there.

Heading toward the close, we get meta and talk about how the evidence for weird stuff underground is pretty strong, but the media and esoterica still keeps the concept far off to the periphery. In light of the powerful nature of this material, we find out if Mike has ever been threatened or warned to stop looking at what might be going on within the Earth. Considering Mike's research, we also find out if he's done any exploring into the Earthly underground. We also hear one terrifying tale of a man who went down into a cavern and was killed in a gruesome manner. Closing out the conversation, we learn about Mike's podcast Unraveling the Secrets as well as how folks can pick up Mike's fantastic books.

Wm. Michael Mott Bio

Wm. Michael Mott is a writer and artist who has five books and many magazine features in print. He's written about paranormal phenomena; comparative myth, religion and folkore; UFOs; cryptozoology; pulp, adventure, scifi and fantasy fiction; and art and education topics. He's been a guest on over 30 national and internationally-syndicated radio programs, and currently he's one of the co-hosts at Unraveling the Secrets, which can be heard at unravelingthesecrets.com.

He's also been Creative Director for a national toy and manufacturing company, a software company, the Art Director for a city newspaper, has worked as an artist/designer for Fortune 500 companies, an NSF Engineering Research Center, and for a variety of clients such as book and magazine publishers.

Mike is also a freelance artist and writer, and writes both fiction and non-fiction. His work has appeared or been featured in many publications, such as Computer Graphics World Magazine, Computer Artist, IEEE Computer, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Syllabus Magazine, PHOTO-Electronic Imaging, DRAGON Magazine, FATE, NEXUS, World Explorer, and others. He's created artwork and graphics for book covers, posters, brochures, packaging, CD-ROM covers and art collections, digital/ and web-based media, and has won several design awards, from Addy and other awards, to awards for web site graphics and design. His artwork has been featured in various art shows, several one-man exhibits, and digital galleries in various venues.

He loves his kids and really, really likes books on myriad topics, as well as dogs and edged weapons. In addition to illustration work and writing, he crafts hand-made shillelaghs and walking-sticks, upon occasion.

Mike's personal web site is mottimorphic.com, where info about his writing and a gallery of his artwork can be found, and he also has a Facebook fan page (linked from the web site). He can be reached through the web site.

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