We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Linda Godfrey, find out how she got interested in studying the Bipedal Canine Cryptid phenomenon, how her original thoughts on the sightings evolved as she accumulated them, and what term she most prefers for this truly bizarre creature. The conversation moves into the latest, most breaking, Dogman news, which is the much-discussed March edition of MonsterQuest that discussed the Michigan Dogman, the infamous Gable Film and featured an appearance by Linda. We start by getting Linda's take on the episode, as a whole, and how it represented the BCC phenomenon in general.

We then dive into the Gable film, which was debunked on the MonsterQuest episode, and Linda explains what it was, how it came about, the evolution of the Gable Film story and how it culminated in the MonsterQuest episode that revealed the truth behind it. Linda retraces the entire Gable Film saga with amazing detail and provides a wealth of inside information on how it all unfolded.

Leaving the Gable Film to the dustbin of history, we return to Linda's long history of researching the Dogman and begin with finding out how the cryptozoological community reacted to her investigation of this "new found" creature. Linda clarifies why, contrary to some factions in cryptozoology, she does not believe the Bipedal Canine Crypid to be a form of Bigfoot. We also find out about an additional permutation of the BCC, which is more of a "bear-wolf" rather than a "man wolf." Linda explains why she is skeptical that the "bear wolf" is a still-living version of the Amphicyon, a similar creature found in the fossil record.

Looking at some of the trends found in BCC sightings, Linda details the "water connection," where the creature is frequently seen near bodies of water. This leads to some discussion on the problems of feasibility with regards to BCCs and Bigfoot living in similar territory and how it suggests a more esoteric, inter-dimensional, origin for these creatures. Making matters even more mysterious, Linda points out how the many sightings of the creature on the side of roads might suggest a more mundane, terrestrial origin for the beast.

Next we discuss Linda breakthrough research which connects Wisconsin Native American effigy mounds and sightings of mysterious creatures. She explains how she discovered this connection and speculates on what it might mean. She also put forth the two main theories as to the origins of the BCC and why they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Linda also clarifies that some sightings are merely misidentifications and explains sightings may indicate that to be the case. We also cover one of the most bizarre theories found in Linda's book, sent in by an alleged remote viewer, which claims that the Bipedal Canine Cryptids are a race of aliens left behind to scout Earth in preparation for an impending invasion.

The conversation then turns to the phenomena of alleged modern day lycanthropes (people who think they can turn into werewolves), how this subset of people actually exists despite there being no evidence, at all, to suggest that it is possible to make such a transformation. This leads to some discussion on sightings of creatures that do appear to "morph" into an altogether different creature or a mix of two animals. Tackling a totally different sideroad, we talk about the sheer number of unique cryptids found in Pennsylvania, including one which looks like "stickmen Bigfoot."

Bringing things back to the Bipedal Canine Cryptid, we find out if there is any predominant behavioral trend exhibited by the creature. Linda recalls one prevailing feeling that witnesses seem to get from their sightings of the beast. She also shares her one rare tale of an attack by a bipedal canine cryptid. The talk then turns to physical evidence accumulated from Dogman sightings, the rarity of such material and the problems facing analysis of such evidence. Linda also reflects on the paradox of how finding a dead Bipedal Canine Cryptid, which would, by its very nature, no longer be "bipedal" therefore could not prove the BCC's existence. We briefly discuss the sheer lack of photographic evidence for the BCC and why Linda thinks that is the case. And then we look at how far the BCC sightings have been reported around the United States.

Taking things to a meta level, we get Linda's take on being the premiere Bipedal Canine Cryptid researcher, if she ever regrets even looking into the phenomenon, and how she feels about being the proverbial "go to" person for this genre of esoterica. Looking at a whole other area of Linda's writing, we talk about her book The Poison Widow, which details the true story of a woman who murdered her husband with strychnine in the 1920's and was a media sensation in America at the time. Linda also tells us about the film Beast of Bray Road, which is unrelated to her work and, unfortunately, is more of a "Grade B" horror film.

Looking at the history of the Bipedal Canine Cryptid reports, Linda details how far back she has found these sightings in the recent past, including the earliest such appearance in the 1930's. This leads to some discussion of the idea that perhaps the Dogman is a "tulpification" of a populace that was inundated with similar stories in Hollywood films. She also reflects on the general percentages of "paranormal" behavior as opposed to more naturalistic behavior reported by BCC witnesses. For the fans of stories, we have Linda share the one tale she's heard that really "stopped me cold."

Heading towards the close, we find out if Linda has been able to correlate any mysterious human deaths with potential BCC attacks as well as how animals seem to react when in the presence of the Dogman. We also find out what sort of reports of the BCC that Linda is looking for now and the details which are most critical to such sightings reports. Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Linda Godfrey, including a new book on the Bipedal Canine Cryptid as well as a book on Wisconsin ghosts due out this Summer. She also tells us about upcoming speaking appearances she'll be making later this year.

Linda Godfrey is one of the most respected authorities on anomalous animals and paranormal phenomenon in Wisconsin. As a journalist, she was the first to break the story of a terrifying, werewolf-like monstrosity lurking in the shadow shrouded forests surrounding Elkhorn, Wisconsin's Bray Road. Godfrey has continued to pursue her interests in the unknown and has gone on to investigate an array of unusual animals allegedly lurking in her home state. Her website is beastofbrayroad.com.

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