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Albert Rosales

(2 Hours, 11 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio's extended Spring Break comes to an end as we welcome tireless researcher Albert Rosales for a discussion on his extensive chronicling of humanoid encounter reports. Over the course of this exhaustive conversation, we'll discuss the many various forms of humanoids that can be found in Albert's work, including greys, giants, Nordics, Bigfoot, and aquatic creatures. Additionally, we'll hear dark tales of nefarious encounters with humanoids where dire outcomes afflicted the witnesses who spotted the entities. We'll also talk about trends in humanoid reports and speculate on the 'big picture' meaning behind this strange phenomenon.

Altogether it is a comprehensive conversation which covers a vast array of aspects surrounding the truly mystifying humanoid encounter phenomenon with a researcher who has compiled a stunning 17,000+ cases of this puzzling enigma: Albert Rosales.

Full Preview: We kick things off with our standard bio / background on Albert Rosales, how he got interested in UFOs, and what made him decide to focus on humanoid reports. Beginning our conversation about the 'humanoids,' we start by having Albert generally define what a 'humanoid' is, within the realm of his project. We also have Albert speculate on the various types of humanoids that are detailed in the 17,000 cases found on his website as well as the "paranormal elements" found in some cases. We also discuss whether cases like Black Eyed Kids or contactees are included amongst the realm of 'humanoid' encounters.

We also delve into how classic humanoid encounters appear in religious writings in the form of angels or other spiritual apparitions. This leads to some talk about instances where communication occurs between a humanoid and the witness and we have Albert detail what sort of messages are imparted during these encounters. Albert reveals a surprising trend amongst Eastern European humanoid contact cases and what sets these apart from typical American encounters. Based on the sheer variety of humanoids that are reported, we have Albert speculate on what the origins of these creatures may be. Albert also reflects on the rise in strange incidents in the 1970's.

Circling back to the basics of Albert's project, we find out how he gets the cases profiled on his site, which leads to some talk about how the fall of the Iron Curtain led to a huge increase of information about humanoid encounters in the USSR. Looking at humanoid encounters, as a whole, we ponder how the vast majority seem to be inadvertent run-ins with these entities, rather than purposeful contact. This leads to some talk about the reluctance of witnesses to share their stories as well as societal factors, such as religion, which would keep people from sharing their story.

Next we have Albert detail the story of a bizarre 2007 case from Poland where a humanoid may have been captured on video. Returning to instances where communication occurs between witnesses and entities, we find out about cases where the humanoids claim to 'know' the person they meet. Albert also shares one intriguing story of a man who encountered a human-looking entity at a UFO. In light of Albert's work chronicling humanoid reports, we discuss how, in early Ufology, only APRO investigated such reports while NICAP discarded the stories.

Considering the vast amount of humanoid encounter cases documented by Albert, we ponder why there is, paradoxically, a dearth of tangible evidence for any of these stories. Additionally, we find out if there are many instances of people shooting at humanoids. In light of Albert's prodigious online work, we find out how many cases he gets nowadays. We also find out what sort of effect these encounters appear to have on the witnesses who report meeting a humanoid. Albert then shares a story of a family in Australia that was tormented by strange 'visitors' to their home.

Looking at cases from the last 100 years, we find out if Albert has noticed any overarching trends amongst all those cases. After all these years and all these cases collected, we find out if Albert ever finds himself jaded or exhausted after receiving yet another humanoid encounter report. From there, we learn about the truly bizarre 'Type X' cases which are so strange that they don't seem to fit into any 'classic' ET encounter case, such as stories of people getting on a UFO and seeing a Bigfoot interacting with the on-board aliens. Additionally, we find out if Albert has ever gotten any push back from the 'powers that be' over his humanoid research.

Based on his years looking at the humanoid encounter phenomenon, we find out if Albert has ever come to any conclusions about what it is all about. Next we reflect on the 'permanent abductions' cases which have emerged from Albert's collection of humanoid encounters. We then have Alfred speculate on why it seems like Latin America is a hotbed for strange humanoid encounter stories. We also reflect on why it seems like humanoid encounters are still widely under reported in the paranormal media today. Physical effects befalling people who encounter humanoids is our next topic of discussion and Alfred shares some truly gruesome cases.

Beyond the UFO connection, we also discuss potential folkloric tales which could suggest some kind of humanoid encounter. This segues into us talking about the flummoxing nature of the UFO phenomenon and whether or not we'll ever find out the answer to the UFO mystery. Albert then shares a particularly intriguing case from Israel in 1993 where a woman confronted a giant humanoid. Looking at the other side of the coin, we find out if Albert has any cases where people have been positively affected by an encounter with a UFO or humanoid.

Heading towards the close, we revisit some of the differences between UFO and humanoid reports in the US versus Russia and ponder why there seems to be some serious differences in what witnesses have reported. This leads to some talk about the potential that nuclear advancement ushered in the UFO phenomenon, which turns into talk about the Middle East and the jinn. Following that, we cover robot encounters that have turned up in Albert's work as well as encounters with aquatic entities. Albert also shares another type of encounter where people are told that they are being prepared for some mysterious future event.

Closing out the conversation, we speculate on the possibility that these encounters could be projections of the witnesses' mind. Wrapping up the conversation, we find out what's next for Albert Rosales and if he's ever considered compiling his material into a book or several books. He also talks about nefarious folks who have copied his work and then tried to sell it on Amazon.

Albert Rosales Bio

Albert Rosales was born in Santa Clara, Cuba in 1958 and migrated to Spain with his family in 1966 and then to the United States in 1967. He lived briefly in the Bronx and then moved to Miami where he has been since 67. After high school and college, Albert joined the Navy where he served for four years, had two med cruises, and earned a top secret clearance. For the last 30 years, he has been working in law enforcement. His work on humanoid encounter cases has been ongoing for the last ten years and has resulted in a compilation of over 17,000 case files. Albert's work can be found at ufoinfo.com/humanoid

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