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Thomas Fusco

(2 Hours, 37 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes author Thomas Fusco for a discussion on his groundbreaking book Behind the Cosmic Veil. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we'll dissect Thomas' theory on the nature of the universe and learn how it may explain the way paranormal phenomena manifest themselves. We'll also talk about the predictive nature of his theories and the challenges of getting his work recognized by mainstream science.

Altogether it is an engrossing edition of the program which may provide a whole new perspective on the world around you as Thomas Fusco takes us Behind the Cosmic Veil.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Thomas Fusco and find out what drew him to the esoteric and inspired him to undertake his research. This leads to us talking about how Thomas' research looks at the paranormal "from the top down" as opposed to specific phenomena. We then have Thomas lay out the basics of his theory behind how paranormal phenomena work, beginning with his concept of information as a fundamental part of the fabric of the universe. Thomas goes on to give examples as to how information can be seen as driving the development of various aspects of the universe.

Thomas then talks about how his theory can be used to make scientific predictions surrounding the paranormal and he uses the example of Einsten's work to explain how this process can work. Circling back around to the basis of his theory, Thomas delves into the question of where this 'information' comes from and how it materializes in our physical universe. Thomas goes on to detail, in-depth, how his concept that information can be found outside of space-time and, in turn, gave rise to space-time. Thomas then goes on to connect this concept of information to paranormal events such as hauntings. We then pose the question as to why the information dimension would 'leak' back into the present in the case of a haunting.

Next, we find out if Thomas' theories can be applied to other paranormal phenomena beyond ghosts and into realms such as Bigfoot or UFOs. Thomas then talks about another critical aspect of his research, which is how the information materializes into various forms in our physical reality, and he details how gravity connects to his informational theories. He also talks about the many aspects of gravity which continue to flummox scientists to this day, including precisely what it is.

We then circle back around to the predictive quality of Thomas' theories and he explains how his concepts have been shown to correctly predict conditions surrounding paranormal events. Thomas discusses how the heightened electronic field, temperature inversions, and luminous orbs found in haunted locations are indicators of the veracity of his theories. In light of the perceived strengths of Thomas' theories, we find out if mainstream scientists have looked at his concepts and what they have to say about them.

Thomas continues to detail precursors to paranormal events which coincide with his theories, such as the classic 'rush of air' found in haunting cases as well as feeling of heaviness found in the air. Following that, we find out what the practical applications of Thomas' theories may be, such as teleportation, limitless energy, and possibly time travel. We then return to the problem of why Thomas' concepts have not been examined or studied by mainstream science, since they would seem to indicate an answer as to how some paranormal phenomena 'work.'

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) is the next topic of discussion and Thomas tells us how his theory can shed new light on this enigma. We then get meta and find out how long Thomas has been working on his theories and the process by which he developed it. In light of Thomas' 200+ appearances on radio programs to discuss his theories, we find out if he ever gets tired of spreading the word about his work. Thomas also talks about how the work of David Roundtree managed to confirm many predictions found in Thomas' work.

Going in a different direction, we pose the question to Thomas as to what is behind his theory, i.e. what created the original information that sits beneath our entire universe. We also talk about why it has taken so long for the theories, put forward by Thomas, to be elucidated by anyone. We also speculate on whether or not there is or has been or will be resistance from the scientific community to Thomas' ideas. He also details how science has run out of 'causes' to explain 'effects' and, thus, have begun creating false 'causes' such as dark matter.

Heading towards the close of the conversation, we discuss the long term implications of Thomas' theories and what he needs to put together a scientific paper to present his work to a scientific journal. We also bemoan the online book selling business, especially the burgeoning electronic book market. Wrapping up the program, we find out what's next for Thomas Fusco as he aims to solidify and confirm his groundbreaking theories.

Thomas Fusco Bio

Thomas P. Fusco has devoted nearly three decades of research into the relationship between mind, physics, spirituality, parapsychology, scientific anomalies, and paranormal phenomena with the goal of uncovering the unifying cosmological framework that has eluded mankind for generations. Since the publication of his book, Behind the Cosmic Veil, in the Summer of 2011, Thomas has appeared on over 200 national and international radio programs to detail his remarkable theories.

His website is cosmicveil.com

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