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(2 Hours, 2 Minutes)
Recorded Friday, 3/27/20

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The third installment of what has become BoA's weekly coronavirus conversation with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn. Recorded on Friday, March 27th, we react to the United States amassing over 100,000 coronavirus cases and becoming the global epicenter of the pandemic, speculate on how high the numbers may go from here as they continue to grow, and what to look for going forward as far as particularly troublesome statistics. We also discuss the 'open America on Easter' plan, briefly talk about the relief bill that was passed earlier in the week, the economic toll of the crisis, new coronavirus symptoms like the loss of the sense of smell & red eyes, updates on our respective quarantine situations, thoughts on what may really be going on with China's coronavirus statistics, reactions to various news stories about the pandemic, and much, much more.

As has been the case since we began, it's another hopefully informative show that can also provide a few laughs along the way as we collectively endure this unthinkable situation which has been thrust upon the world.

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