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Stan Gordon

(1 Hour, 31 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes veteran UFO and paranormal researcher Stan Gordon for an in-depth discussion on his book Silent Invasion, which details the UFO / Bigfoot wave that swept across Pennsylvania in 1973/74. We'll get some amazing first hand perspective on the wave, as it unfolded, from Stan, who spoke with countless witnesses hours if not minutes after their encounter with the unknown. We'll hear about the bizarre nature of the Bigfoot reports, the media frenzy that surrounded the wave, Stan's work with local authorities and how that got him access to truly fresh and odd cases, mysterious signs of clandestine government interest in the wave as it unfolded, and Stan will recount some of most mind-blowing cases that he investigated, including a few which saw both UFOs and Bigfoot at the same time.

It's an invaluable glimpse of a moment in time where it appears that the paranormal veil was shredded in Pennsylvania from the man who was on the ground during the madness and diligently documented it all as it went down: Stan Gordon.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out about the remarkable beginnings of Stan's career as a paranormal investigator, which began in the 1960's when he was around twenty years old, and how he launched a UFO research organization and hotline. He traces this trajectory up to the 1973/74 UFO / Bigfoot wave which is the subject of Silent Invasion and Stan reflects on being in his mid-20's at the time and really being the primary, lead investigator of this massive wave of bizarre events. This Stan talking about some of the remarkable evidence and testimony that he documented from the wave.

Diving in to the specifics of the '73/74 wave, we first talk about the stunning volume of cases investigated by Stan and his group during the timeframe. We the detail how the strange wave of UFO reports of 1973 turned into Bigfoot reports that Summer and, in the fall, both phenomena were being reported, mostly separate, but sometimes together. Looking at some of the more unique cases that were investigated, we talk about a pair of UFO sightings which were reportedly accompanied by an odd smell.

Turning our attention toward the creature reports from the book, we begin by finding out about the three-toed footprints, which seemed to be the predominant track associated with the sightings. Stan also talks about some of the Bigfoot reports that he received prior to the big wave and how the strange events of 1973 changed his original perspective on creature. We also discuss the mood of the media during the wave and how the frenzy led to Stan's research organization became inundated with UFO / Bigfoot reports.

Stan tells us about his working with the state and local police agencies during the wave allowed for some remarkable access to 'breaking' reports of strange phenomena. Revisiting Stan's first hand perspective on the wave unfolding, we find out what he and his group, primarily associated with UFOs, were thinking as they began getting a slew of Bigfoot reports in the Summer of 1973. Stan reflects on the remarkable July 31st, 1973 Bigfoot report that seems to begin the massive wave that followed in the subsequent weeks and months.

We then examine one of the more intriguing underlying themes of the book: small details and clues from a variety of cases which suggest that some shadowy group within the federal government was also investigating these creature sightings in the area. On the Bigfoot front, Stan details some specific cases which were particularly intriguing, including one where the footprints seem to disappear out of thin air and another which was so strange that his colleague who investigated it decided to stop researching the paranormal. Stan also shares the tale of the night his group had a stakeout and may have been very close to one of the creatures.

Following the UFO / Bigfoot wave to its proverbial crescendo, we hear the amazing story of Steve Palmer from October 25th, 1973, where witnesses saw a large red sphere float into a field and transform into a glowing dome and, while it remained stationary there, two Bigfoot were seen lurking near it. Stan also shares the strange detail about mysterious, unknown investigators who interviewed and hypnotized the primary witness of the event. Examining another bizarre and unique case from the wave, Stan tells the story of a woman who actually shot a creature, which led to a very strange 'reaction' from the entity, and later saw both Bigfoot and UFO phenomena taking place at the same time.

Getting meta on the paranormal community, we have Stan recall the reactions from the ufological and cryptozoological communities when he published some of his cases following the UFO / Bigfoot wave. We also find out what the reaction has been from those communities to the publication of Silent Invasion a few months ago. Taking things to a speculative level, we have Stan give his perspective on what the connection between UFOs and Bigfoot may be.

Heading towards the close, we talk about Stan's career as a researcher beyond the '73/74 wave and start by getting his perspective on the evolution of the field of ufology in the ensuing four decades. He talks about what he sees as one of the bigger difficulties to emerge from the Internet age. Given his lengthy tenure in the field of ufology, we find out his perspective on the activist based disclosure style of ufology which has reemerged in the new millennium. We also find out if Stan has to deal with many prank callers or hoaxed cases on his UFO hotline.

Wrapping things up, we find out what keeps driving Stan after 50+ years investigating the UFO phenomenon. We revisit the Bigfoot and Stan speculate on whether will find out the ultimate answer to the creature and what that might be. Stan also tells us about his other book which was released in 2010, Really Mysterious Pennsylvania, including a case where a man was so close to a UFO that he almost touched it and a woman's tantalizing Bigfoot encounter. This segues into discussion of the reputation of the PA Bigfoot as aggressive and we learn how accurate that is, based on Stan's cases. Closing out the show, we find out what's next for Stan Gordon and how folks can pick up his two latest books.

Stan Gordon Bio

Since 1965, Stan Gordon has been conducting on scene investigations of mysterious encounters in Pennsylvania. He has been involved with the examination of thousands of UFO and other strange reports from across the Keystone State. During the late 1960's, Stan acted as a telephone report sighting coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Stan has been internationally recognized as an authority on the subject of the UFO and Bigfoot phenomena.

He gained prominence from his first hand investigation into the well remembered 1973 UFO/Bigfoot series of sightings and encounters which occurred in Pennsylvania. He founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group in 1970, which expanded to the Pennsylvania Center For UFO Research in 1975. In 1981 he founded the Pennsylvania Association For the Study Of The Unexplained.

Stan Gordon served as the Pennsylvania State Director of the Mutual UFO Network for many years and was the first recipient (1978) of the annual MUFON "Meritorious Achievement in A UFO Investigation Award." Stan also continues to investigate information concerning the controversial UFO crash/retrieval case which occurred on December 9, 1965 near Kecksburg in Pennsylvania and has been the primary investigator of the event for many years.

His website is stangordon.info

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