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Lobo Matias & Roejen Razorwire

(2 Hours, 5 Minutes)

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In a special Saturday night edition of BoA:Audio, Season 8 LIVE, Lobo Matias and Roejen Razorwire, hosts of the exceptionally eclectic esoteric podcast, Project Archivist, join the program to discuss a bouillabaisse of bizarre topics including Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, serial killers, H.P. Lovecraft, weird forgotten history, death rituals, real science which could be applied to the paranormal, the challenges and perquisites of podcasting, and much, much more.

Altogether it's a very fast-paced and loose edition of the program as Lobo, Roe, and Binnall get together at the virtual 'paranormal pub' for a discussion on a variety of things strange and unusual.

Highlights: We kick things off by getting the standard bio / background on Roejen and Lobo, finding out how the two became interested in the esoteric as well as how they ended up joining together to create Project Archivist. We also learn the origins of their pseudonyms, Lobo and Roejen, and why they use these names.

We next jump into the story that everyone in the world is talking about and has fascinated Binnall the last two weeks: the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. This leads to general riffing where Binnall shares his theories on what happened to MH370, Roejen talks about his dislike for the conspiracy news cycle, and Lobo talks about instances where planes and boats have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

This segues into some talk about what kind of satellite and airspace spying capabilities the US, China, and Russian governments really have and if they, in fact, already know what happened to the plane. And, Binnall shares his wholly unique and somewhat insane USA / spy plane / Area 51 theory surrounding MH370. Wrapping up the Malaysian Airline discussion, we ponder when it will finally move out of the new cycle and fade from public interest.

Moving on, we discuss Project Archivist's ongoing coverage of strange history and, specifically, serial killers. In turn, Roejen profiles his 'favorite' serial killer, Joseph Vacher, who killed between 12 and 24 victims in late 1890's France. We also talk about a Swedish cannibal, infamous American serial killer H.H. Holmes, and Lobo's favorite murderer: Carl Panzram.

Up next, we talk about friend of BoA:Audio and frequent PA guest, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, and the guys reflect on their penchant for covering alternative science and trying to feature scientists on the program. We then learn about Lobo and Roejen's fascination with H.P. Lovecraft and they wax poetic about the influence that Lovecraft had on popular culture, sci fi, and horror. Given that Lovecraft is often associated with the esoteric, we learn how extensively he was involved with the 'field' when he was doing his writing.

Somehow the conversation then leads us into talking about books that were bound with human skin and why such an odd thing was even done. In turn, we learn about various death rituals throughout history and human culture, which leads to some musing about why humans put so much time, effort, and money into celebrating the dead.

Nearing the end of the program, we break the 4th wall and talk about how Project Archivist sees the paranormal and their place in covering the various fields of esoteric research. The guys also talk about the process of putting together episodes of the program and how they decide on what to cover. We also learn what drives Lobo and Roejen to continue producing the program after nearly three years. Wrapping up the conversation, we take questions from a very raucous chat room full of Project Archivist fans.

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