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Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

(2 Hours, 19 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio is joined by author Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, who shares her revelatory and unique research into American Indian experiences with UFOs and ETs, as chronicled in her book Encounters with Star People. We'll hear amazing stories including an alien being rescued from a blizzard, a man who claims aliens use his reservation land to drop off ETs to integrate into society, a pair of women who contend that they were stranded ETs on Earth, as well as how one man thwarted an ET from stealing his dog. The conversation also includes insights into how Ardy became a confidant to numerous Native Americans who shared stories that, previously, only a handful of people had known as well as the trends and outliers that emerged from the many stories she's been told. Additionally, we will explore the culture of American Indians, including their preferred nomenclature, Native American reservations, the boarding school era of Indian education, and other fascinating insights into the original inhabitants of North America.

It is a truly breathtaking edition of the program which offers a wealth of previously untold tales of UFO and ET encounters with our guest, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and find out how she ended up collecting Native American stories of Star People as well as Encounters with Star People came together. Next we reflect on how the stories found in the book are incredibly rare in that Ardy is one of only a handful of people that the witnesses ever confided in about their encounters. Before we dive into the specifics of the book, we first address the nomenclature of 'American Indians' and how that is now preferred over 'Native Americans.' Next we discuss the process by which Ardy collected these stories, preferring an 'insider' perspective, rather than as an 'outsider.'

We then discuss how the witnesses often told their stories to Ardy in a very matter of fact way which seems to add credence to their experiences. We then hone in on some of the specific stories found in the book, beginning with a plow driver in Alaska who encountered an ET on the highway during a blizzard and actually gave the entity a ride to its spaceship. This segues into us talking about, in some of the stories, the ETs exhibit human-like qualities such as sudden fear, curiosity about humans, and potentially getting in trouble with their superiors. This leads to some talk about the presumed 'non-interference' pact that seems to be in place amongst the various entities visiting Earth and how that seems to be more malleable depending on the creature.

Following that, we recount the chilling story of a man who claimed that a UFO hovers near his home on the reservation and drops off carloads of human-looking ETs. Ardy extrapolates more on the story, including a 2nd witness to this weird happening, physical evidence from the man's property, and the revealing aspect of the tale where he changed the tire on one of the cars and interacted with the group of entities inside. We then examine one recurring element which emerges from the stories and that is communication between the witnesses and the ETs and how the presumably telepathic interface is treated rather nonchalantly. We also talk about how, all told, the witnesses appear to describe a wide variety of different types of entities visiting Earth, not merely the 'Star People' ancestors.

Ardy then recounts her visit to Mexico and learning some of the stories of 'Star People' from the natives there as well. We have Ardy muse about why native cultures in America, Mexico, and even Australia seem reticent to share their Star People stories with 'mainstream' society. To that end, Ardy recounts a visit from NASA to her university where they asked her about Native American 'star stories.' This leads to some talk about how some legends state that the Star People were living in America in the not too distant past, but escaped before the European invasion of the continent. To that end, Ardy talks about legends concerning tribes of giants existing on the North American continent. Additionally, we talk about the difficulties of studying oral history as well as the uneasiness historians may feel with the 'lost' history of America.

As a service to those unfamiliar with Native American reservations, we have Ardy detail the vast and isolated nature of these locations and how they would appear to be ideal locations for anomalous activity, since very few witnesses would see the events unfolding. In light of all the different stories Ardy has heard, numbering over 1,000, we have her provide a ballpark figure / description on the various types of entities that have been reported. She also reflects on how, in one story, the ETs contend that there are only five violent races in the universe and, of course, humans are amongst them. That leads to us speculating on what that might mean for our species both now and in the future.

Next we look at a pair of stunning stories found in the book: two separate American Indians who claimed to be or descend from displaced ETs left behind on Earth. Having personally met these two people, Ardy recounts her conversations with them and their remarkable stories. We then hear about the story of a UFO which crashed on a reservation and managed to stay hidden, with help from a witnesses' grandfather, for six months. We also speculate on what became of the ship, since the government took the land away from the owner years later. We also reflect on how a number of the witnesses from the book have passed away since they confided the stories to Ardy.

In response to potential skeptics of these stories, we discuss how illogical it would be for an elderly American Indian to fabricate a story about a UFO or alien encounter only to keep it a secret from everyone in the world except for a small handful of people. We then go down a totally different path and find out if Ardy has heard any Bigfoot stories from American Indians which leads to a story of a man's childhood experience seeing the footprints and 'saucer markings' from these entities. We look at another chilling aspect of the book, which are stories where the witnesses are abducted and see other people, who have also been taken, aboard the craft. We also hear about an entire family that vanished as well as 'messages' being left by the 'Star People.'

Moving away from the paranormal for a bit, we then talk about the troubling era in American history where Native American children were forcibly taken from their families and enrolled in boarding schools where they were indoctrinated into a Eurocentric mindset and forced to abandon their culture and language. Ardy reflects on his this practice did irreparable damage to the cultural history of American Indians, since so much tradition was lost in the process. Bringing the conversation back to a more lighthearted topic, we hear the story, found in Encounters with Star People, of a man who claimed to have saved his dog from being stolen by an alien. This leads to some talk about the relationship between aliens and animals, since Ardy was also told by a witness that the aliens claim to have taken horses and cannot figure out how to care for them.

Ardy then opines on why she has heard from so many American Indian experiencers as compared to other cultures and we also have her share a story, which didn't make it into the book, regarding a husband and wife who actually met aboard a UFO while being abducted and later fell in love. Ardy also tells us about her next book, which will chronicle her trip through Latin America and highlight the paranormal stories of the natives there. Ardy also responds to her critics who claim that she is exploiting American Indians by writing her book. Additionally, we find out if she has experienced any resistance from her colleagues in academia due to the nature of her book.

Heading toward the close of the conversation, we find out if Ardy has come to any conclusion or hypothesis regarding the ET agenda. We revisit how the ET / Native American connection became popularized in the 1970's and evolved over the years until the big Mayan Calendar 2012 fiasco. We also get a timetable for the next book from Ardy as well as a potential 3rd book which will deal with similar tales from Australian Aborigines. To that end, she shares a bizarre story of a man that met a gorgeous alien woman who invited him aboard her spacecraft and ended up being berated by her brother. Closing out the program, Ardy makes a point to mention that she'll be appearing at the UFO Watchtower Conference on July 27th and 28th.

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke Bio

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, has dedicated her life and career to working with indigenous populations. She has been adopted and given traditional names by three Northern Plains tribes including the Blackfeet (Woman with Great Knowledge), the Northern Cheyenne (Walks all Woman) and the Lakota Sioux (Woman who Helps People). The author of several children's books and the best-selling, Sisters in the Blood, she continues to work as a consultant to American Indian tribes and indigenous communities worldwide and is currently working on a second volume of work about the indigenous people of Mexico and the Star People.

Her website is sixkiller.com

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