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Adam Davies

(2 Hours, 11 Minutes)

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Cryptozoologist extraordinaire Adam Davies makes his long overdue annual trek to the esoteric audio base camp that is BoA:Audio for an update on his pursuit of the elusive and dastardly Orang Pendek as well as his quests for the American Bigfoot, European sea creatures, China's Yeren, Yeti of the Himalayas, and even the Mongolian Death Worm.

As is always the case when Adam joins the program, the conversation is both an informal bull session loaded with hearty laughs as well as a thorough examination of a variety of cryptids from around the world and the challenges facing these creatures and the folks trying to research them.

Highlights: Adam kicks things off by detailing Cliff Barackman's Orang Pendek Project, how it came about and what it is doing to help solve the mystery of the Orang Pendek. He explains how the project relies on a local response team in Sumatra and has been very successful in collecting new evidence for the creature. This leads to some meta talk about how the Orang Pendek is more 'pure' as a topic than Bigfoot as well as how it seems like an inevitability that the animal is proven to be real.

Next we talk about Adam's 10 Observational Points about the Orang Pendek which he posted at Facebook, specifically focusing on the possibility that the creature does not have superior hearing to humans. We then discuss the bipedal nature of the Orang Pendek and Adam reveals what he essentially believes the creature to be. We also spend some time talking about how many 'mysterious' cryptids may seem exotic but, should they ever be proven to exist, they'll likely be more like 'normal' animals than many may think.

Following that, we learn about Adam meeting the King of the Suku, Anak Dalam, and what it was like to meet an actual king. Taking some questions from the chatroom, we ask Adam about the Orang Asli which is said to lurk in Malaysia. We also find out more about the Orang Pendek tracks that have been found as well as whether or not Debbie Martyr is still searching for the Orang Pendek. Moving away from the OP, we spend some time talking about sea creatures, why they present a unique challenge to cryptozoology, and Adam's thoughts on that genre of cryptid specifically. We also get an update on Adam's adventures looking for Bigfoot in America.

We then delve into the world of cryptozoology and DNA as Adam talks about why the science is essential for both proving the existence of a creature as well as preserving it from potential dangers. We also revisit a concept of the potential scientific benefits of having women take part in cryptid expeditions, which was discussed with Eric Altman on the 2/12/14 edition of BoA:Audio. Returning to the Orang Pendek, we ponder whether or not someone in Sumatra would conceal the death of an OP for fear of legal or mystical ramifications. Adam connects this to a story about people in Afghanistan allegedly killing a Bigfoot-like creature.

China's Yeren is another creature which Adam has researched and he tells us about his visit to China to learn more about the creature. We get back to talking about Bigfoot and Adam reflects on why it is now more important than ever that the creature gets some kind of protected status, since there are many people trying to kill it. This leads to some talk about why trying to capture a cryptid in the wild is a unique challenge in and of itself. Looking at yet another strange creature, we discuss the Tasmanian Tiger and why the creature's history resonates with Adam on a deeper level.

The conversation then includes a rare phone call from a listener, Brian in Texarkana, who asks more about the Orang Pendek casts which have been recovered as part of the Orang Pendek Project. We also talk about one of the more popular, but misunderstood, cryptids out there: the Mongolian Death Worm! This segues into talk about the 'Yeti Bear' (as coined by Binnall) and how it is a huge victory for cryptozoology but the media completely missed the point of the story.

Staying on the topic of the 'yeti bear,' we find out if the discovery had led to any renewed research in the Himalayas to find the creature or learn more about it. Additionally, we speculate on whether or not someone in the Himalayas would even know it was a 'special' bear and not just an average animal. This, in turn, leads to Adam talking about why it is a great time for cryptozoology as more mainstream scientists are looking at these mysteries and we have him speculate on why there has been this subtle shift from academia and science.

Heading towards the close of the conversation, we learn about how extensive game camera traps are being used to research the Orang Pendek. We also learn what Adam has in store for 2014 as well as when he may end up back in Sumatra again. In some additional post show talk, we find out about where the Orang Pendek got its name and, if it is proven to be real, would it get a new name. This also leads to Adam musing how the discovery of the Bigfoot would be an earth-shattering revelation for the planet. And, wrapping up the program, we learn which football team Adam, a denizen of Manchester, England, supports.

Adam Davies Bio

Adam Davies has tracked so called Mysterious Creatures all over the globe. His adventures include being shot at in the Congo whilst looking for the Mokele –Membe the Congo dinosaur, and being arrested by the Mongolian army as a spy whilst hunting the fabled Death Worm!

Adam sincerely believes that some but not all of these fabled creatures exist, and embarks on filed research in order to substantiate this. He has also had some fantastic successes, with scientists confirming his finds as "remarkable" and "astonishing" in the case of both the Sumatran Yeti and Norway’s Nessie.

Remarkably to date, Adam’s expeditions have been entirely self funded. He has been featured and or presented some very enjoyable documentaries including "Russian Bigfoot" on the National Geographic Channel and "The Real Hobbit" and "China's Wildman" on the History Channel's Monster Quest series. Adam would love to pursue his passion full time, but at present works as a Civil Servant in Manchester U.K.

You can find out more from Adam Davies at adamdaviesexplorer.com or by liking him on Facebook.

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