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Kendall Carver
(2 Hours, 4 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes back to the program one of the most important guests we've ever featured on the show: Kendall Carver, chairman of the International Cruise Victims association. We begin the conversation by getting an update on the ICV's work advocating for more stringent regulations of the cruise ship industry and find out about some of their successes in the last few years, specifically the mandated reporting of crimes aboard these vessels. Additionally, we learn about a recent breakthrough when it comes to developing industry standards for 'man overboard' systems.

This leads into some discussion about the nature of security on cruise ships, how those tasked with keeping passengers safe have no real authority, and what can be done about this problem. As often happens with talking with Kendall, a seemingly innocent question about river boat cruises results in a truly jaw-dropping story about one such journey in Peru that turned tragic. We also learn about the state of the industry, how companies claim to be under the oversight of a group that doesn't appear to do anything about enforcing regulations.

Next we learn of an absolutely critical insight that needs to be remembered by anyone who partakes in one of these cruises: if you are the victim of a crime, you have the right to contact the FBI immediately and should exercise that option rather than expecting the cruise ship company to provide help. We also clear up the misconception surrounding international waters being a place where crimes can freely be committed. From there, we pivot to the troublesome lack of medical help on these ships and nightmare stories about people falling ill and being essentially dumped off at the next stop.

Following that, we discuss the truly remarkable work that the ICV has done leading the way when it comes to getting some regulations for the cruise ship industry and how Kendall was actually honored last year with the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award from the Department of Justice. This segues into some talk about how the ICV provides an outlet for victims of cruise ship crimes to realize that not only are they not alone, but also to answer important questions that these people may have about how to seek justice, if they even can.

From there, we talk about the issue of cruise ship staffing and how the screening of these individuals is lacking, at best. We then revisit the tragic disappearance of Kendall's daughter in 2004 and how it cost his family a small fortune just to get some scant answers about what happened and how, ultimately, this inspired the formation of the ICV. In light of Kendall's indefatigable fight to clean up the cruise ship industry, we find out if he's ever felt or been threatened to 'back off.' This turns into us talking about how the awareness level of the ICV and cruise ship crimes continues to grow each year.

Nearing the end of the conversation, we get some tips from Kendall for anyone foolhardy enough to partake in a cruise after hearing him on the show multiple times. He also reveals which cruises, based on reported crime data, have the highest danger level. We then muse about similar problems plaguing the cruise industry may also impact other, similar, industries like amusement parks or mass transportation, but they are on land and, therefore, there is greater access to law enforcement. And, closing out the show, we talk a bit about river boat cruises and what the ICV hopes to see from the cruise industry in the future.

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