The concluding installment of our interview begins with some background on how The Secret Sun came about and what sort of stuff Christopher is blogging about there. Christopher details the evolution of his blog posting over the last couple of years. This leads to us discussing the Vatican and their recent public statements on aliens. Christopher speculates on what is behind all of this and if it portends to some foreknowledge of an impending event. This segues into some talk about the hypothetical post-disclosure world and how it would affect Ufologists as well as "real" scientists.

This free-flowing discussion then turns to the possibility of a "false flag" alien invasion and why Christopher doesn't see these current events as indicative of that sort of plan but, rather, they are more reactionary than deliberate. We then talk about the possibility of a generational disclosure is at work, where younger people are generally more accepting that UFOs are real and that the "powers that be" are covering it up. This leads to some general discussion on how it seems like something is looming on the horizon.

Next we discuss one of long-running obsessions of The Secret Sun: the Elizabeth Frasier / Jeff Buckley connection and how it ties into sirens and mermaids. He also touches on Heath Ledger's connection to the band "Killing Joke," how it ties in to a strange death count associated with the group. We next hear about another recurring meme from the blog: hallucinations and how they may be a view to another realm, ala DMT experiences.

Following that, we talk about another lengthy investigation undertaken by Christopher at the blog: The Stairway to Sirius, a look at subtle references to the star Sirius which seem to continually pop up in the mainstream. This leads to Christopher musing about the preponderance of symbolism found in the mainstream and what he makes of it. We then discuss how, if power brokers are turning to esoterica, by the very nature of their quest for power, there must be something going on that has made them embrace the esoteric.

Extra cuts from our original interview: We discuss the esoteric implications of the number 17, which is a recurring meme at the Secret Sun. Christopher talks about how Richard C. Hoagland's work on the Enterprise Mission website influenced the structure and research of the Secret Sun. We next discuss the esoteric knowledge of the ancient secret societies and if it is still unknown to the mainstream or if it has already been revealed (ala the structure of DNA). Christopher ties this in to "cargo cults" and how they may mirror humans venerating ancient astronauts.

We also muse about how, in today's vastly advanced scientific world, the previously esoteric now is becoming more plausible. This leads to some discussion on ancient astronauts and how humans seem to be ill-fitted for living on Earth. We also talk about how it seems like ideas come from the proverbial ether and that there are forces at work putting out malevolent energy into the ether to influence the thoughts of the populace. Christopher also reflects on the power of synchronicity. Another big theme from Secret Sun that we discuss is the "water meme" which Christopher has noticed in recent times. He ties this in to Avatar as well as the Atlantis ceremony in Dubai.

Picking up some items from Our Gods Wear Spandex, we talk about Superman as messiah figure and as a symbol for Jewish assimilation as well as the connections between Lex Luthor and Alisteir Crowley. We also talk about Christopher's observation in the book that comic book fans are drawn to the medium as a result of "childhood trauma" and he extrapolates on that observation. Wrapping up this brief foray into the comics realm, we wax poetic on why the infamous Howard the Duck film was a disaster.

Christopher also talks about the "mutation" of the superhero archetype and how we are seeing it in contemporary times in Twilight and Avatar. We also talk about why Binnall hates 3D and also get Christopher's opinion on the concept of an "education" process that is geared toward UFO disclosure.

Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Christopher Knowles, including a new, Spandex-esque book on rock music.

Christopher Knowles is the author of the Eagle Award-winning Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes and the critically-acclaimed Clash City Showdown: The Music, Meaning and Legacy of the Clash, as well as co-author of The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths and the Movies. He was an associate editor and columnist for the five-time Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist magazine, as well as a writer and reviewer for the UK magazine, Classic Rock. Knowles wrote the definitive history of the cult classic film Lucifer Rising for Classic Rock, which featured exclusive interviews with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, director Kenneth Anger and Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil. The Lucifer Rising cover story earned Classic Rock its best-selling issue to date.

Knowles has explained the ongoing collision between myth, ancient symbolism and modern culture on several radio shows and podcasts, and has appeared in the documentaries Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth, The Man, The Myth: Superman and Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics. He was invited to lecture on science fiction, mysticism and mythology at the legendary Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California in 2008 and 2009. He blogs daily on The Secret Sun.

His website is

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