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William Zabel
(2 Hours, 55 Minutes)

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One of the most unforgettable guests to ever grace BoA:Audio, the irrepressible William Zabel returns to the show for another boisterous edition of the program. Over the course of this marathon conversation, we discussed the bizarre Las Vegas shooting on October 1st and what William thinks really happened on that horrific night, including insights on what he sees as a connection between terror drills and terror attacks.

Moving on from that, we find out William's surprising take on Donald Trump as well as the Russian collusion conspiracy. This segues into what seems to be a war within the deep state for control of the country and, perhaps, the world. William then turns his attention toward the NRA and why he is suspicious of the group's dealings. And he paints a big picture involving Russian oligarchs and asset seizure and where this may all be heading.

From there, we discuss China's role in the geopolitical conspiracy and why William is more concerned about issues in the Middle East. In an enlightening part of the program, William psychoanalyzes Donald Trump and speculates on a childhood incident which may have changed him forever. William also reveals how he's been both victim and a participant in a conspiracy.

Following that may be the most stunning twist in the Zabel saga as he reveals that he's leaving America to move to Germany! William explains what prompted this decision and it is truly Earth shattering. We find out William's plan means for his beloved car wash.

Post-live show discussion includes talk about William's time in Hollywood and the kind of shady types of things he witnesses while working in the entertainment industry. He also reveals that his 'heat' with Donald Trump isn't political, it's personal and shares the story of their dispute from the 1980's. We then learn about how William considered going back to LA and resuming his life in Hollywood. This leads to some wild stuff about a witness protection program hideout in South Africa.

Closing out the show, we get William's take on why the Columbine conspiracy seems to have fallen by the wayside as more and more shootings happen. William also muses about how these shootings may be caused by pharmaceuticals. We wind things down by revisiting William's plans to go to Germany and we muse about the mood in other parts of the world.

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