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Greg Bishop

(1 Hours, 59 Minutes)

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In a special LIVE edition of the program, Greg Bishop returns to BoA:Audio for our annual autopsy of the esoteric year. We look back at the top stories of 2013, including the Edward Snowden NSA spying revelations, Bryan Sykes' Yeti DNA project, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the Boston Bombing, and the Government Shutdown. We discuss what these stories might mean for the overall state of esoterica and the world as well as a whole host of side topics and tangents that spring off of these major events. Links to most of the stories discussed in this episode can be found here.

As is custom when Greg joins the program, the conversation is fast and loose while also brimming with provocative ideas and thought-provoking concepts.

Highlights: We begin by getting an update on what Greg's been up to since his last appearance on BoA this past Spring. Then we dive right into the 2013 year-in-review, beginning with what we agreed was the biggest story of the year: the Edward Snowden NSA Spying Scandal. This leads us into talk about how it was a transformative story, how it connects to chemtrails, what it might mean if the revelations were orchestrated by 'the powers that be,' if it is an indicator that regulation of the Internet could happen in the future, plus a whole bunch more.

We then talk about the Bryan Sykes Yeti DNA research and how DNA doesn't seem to be helping the cryptozoological community as much as they'd hoped it would. We then discuss the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and how it was a well-produced event, but ultimately lacking when it comes to getting to the bottom of UFOs. This turns into an extended conversation about getting people to care about UFOs, the problem that the 'colorful believers' cause to the mainstream perception of UFOs, and what needs to be done, on a scientific level, to advance UFO studies.

As an aside, we have an extended segment on contactee Albert Bender and how he is presumably still alive but won't talk about UFOs. We also speculate on the future of the 'disclosure movement' and their plans for 2014. We also find out, since Greg is now a licensed pilot, if he is subject to any aviation laws about UFOs and we learn what the Federal aviation regulations manual says about the subject.

Looking at another big story of 2013, we reflect on the conspiracy community's response to the Boston Marathon bombings as well as the Sandy Hook shooting and talk about how it made the 'truth movement' look both callous and/or delusional. This also leads to some talk about the 'gun control scare' that began 2013 and how oddball shootings seem to happen way more often than the media reports. We then have a brief aside about the Amazon drone story and how it was a huge publicity stunt, which leads to some talk about how 3D printing will make such an idea obsolete.

The last major story we talk about is the government shutdown and the political polarization in America today. We generally lament the state of the nation and how something seems 'off' about America as 2014 gets underway. Looking at a few of the 'honorable mentions' of news stories, we touch on emergence of Pope Francis and Prince George onto the world's esoteric stage. This turns into some talk about the Catholic Church and UFOs as well as Greg's observation about how rich people love it when it is quiet.

Heading toward the close, we briefly talk about the series of scandals that rocked the skeptical community and how it shows that they aren't much different from folks in the paranormal world. Greg also details his interest in the philosophy of zeteticism and how it can apply to both the paranormal and skepticism. Tackling some additional stories that caught Greg's eye in preparation for the show, he talks about John Podesta going to work for the White House, a recent crop circle in Salinas, California, and the mystery object thwarting the drilling of Seattle's new underground highway.

Closing out the program, Tim shares his annual 'Hot or Not' in the world of esoterica going into 2014 and we find out what sort of adventures Greg have in the new year.

Greg Bishop Bio

Greg Bishop became interested in UFOs at a very early age. He has no idea why. In 1991, he cofounded a magazine entitled The Excluded Middle, for the purpose of educating himself first, and secondly, passing on the info to interested readers. How selfish. TEM was a journal of UFOs, conspiracy research, psychedelia and new science (now online at www.excludedmiddle.com ). "Wake Up Down There!" a collection of articles from the magazine, was published in 2000.

Greg's writing has appeared the L.A. Weekly, Fortean Times, UFO Magazine and Magical Blend, among others, and in the book-length anthologies "Conspiracy And Cyberculture," "Zen And The Art of Close Encounters," "Kooks," and "You Are Being Lied To." In 2005, his book "Project Beta" was an attempt to set the record straight on the Paul Bennewitz disinfo saga. His third and newest title, "Weird California," was published in March of 2006. His internet show, "Radio Misterioso," can be heard on Sundays from 8-10 PM PST at www.killradio.org. Interviews with fringe-topic researchers and weird music are the usual fare.

When not writing, he can be found in the southwestern deserts of the US or flying his paraglider above vertiginous cliffs and mountains, sometimes with a propeller strapped to his back. Successful bribes include New Mexican cuisine, recordings of “outsider” music, rare contactee books, tickets to baseball games and selected original artwork.

His websites is radiomisterioso.com

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