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Biscardi Bombshell : "Bigfoot Captured"

8.31.5 UPDATE

BoA has posted 2 follow-up articles to this saga.

Biscardigate and Lesley's Grey Matters, Why would someone do something so stupid ?

8.25.5 UPDATE

On Wednesday (8.24), Tom Biscardi posted the following two messages @ his website :

Special Refund Offer

To all new subscribers who registered at FindingBigfoot.Com from August 19, 2005 at 11pm through August 23, 2005 at 11:59pm:

I want to apologize, first of all, to each and every one of you who subscribed after hearing me on the George Noory show, Coast to Coast AM, on August 19, 2005. I honestly and truly believed that we had one of these creatures.

We will honor all requests for refunds due to misinformation received regarding a Bigfoot capture near Stagecoach, Nevada. Refund requests must be made directly through InSinc by August 26, 2005 at 11:59pm PST. Email: bigfootppv@insinc.com

If it's not this one, there'll be another one out there, and we will be on the trail for it. I hope you understand, and I hope you keep watching.


Tom Biscardi

CEO and Founder

Great American Bigfoot Research Organization

Stagecoach Debunking

On July 15 our CEO and founder, Tom Biscardi, was informed by co-founder, Peggy Marx, that an acquaintance who she believed was credible claimed to have an injured Bigfoot in captivity. The woman insisted that doctors were caring for this creature, and that while we couldn't see it until it recovered from its injuries, they wanted assistance from us to protect, care for, and study it.

As weeks passed we received disturbing information that the creature was abducted by one of the doctors. Realizing the urgency and importance of making contact, we took action to ensure the creature's safety. By August 17 Tom assembled a small expedition team and made arrangements for professionals outside of the organization which included transportation, physicians, scientists and other volunteers.

Following bizarre and outrageous instructions, the team traveled four days and over 1500 miles between California and Nevada. By the third day the expedition team suspected they were being misinformed and insisted on meeting the woman immediately. They finally arrived in a desert town, Stagecoach, Nevada, and discovered the shocking truth.

Due to the outrageous course of events, it was prudent to delay the official announcement and true story. We appreciate your interest as we continue our quest to authenticate, research and study the elusive phenomena known as Bigfoot.

For a full detailed video story log onto www.findingbigfoot.com.

That night on Coast to Coast AM, Biscardigate dominated discussion in the first hour, as Noory first read a few e-mails he got from listeners. Approx. 3 were anti-Biscardi and 2 were surprisingly anti-C2C. Following that, Noory read the Special Refund Offer that was posted @ Biscardi's site.

Tellingly, it was a sweet voiced female caller who hilariously and aptly described Biscardigate as "Hale Bopp without the deaths".

And, thankfully, she asked the million dollar question of Noory, "are you gonna let him come back on the air again ?" To which Noory sagely responded, "I don't see any reason I should, do you ? What's left ? What's left for him to say ?"

And with that, Noory closed the book on Biscardigate.

8.24.5 UPDATE

Once again, thanks to the stellar work of BoA columnist Lesley, we have been afforded a detailed recap of Tom Biscardi's 8.23 appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, where the saga of Biscardigate reached a crescendo. Here, Biscardi details the story of how he was "hoodwinked" into believing they'd captured Bigfoot and Noory chastises him for false promises.

Here is Lesley's thorough coverage of Biscardi's appearance in the 1st hour of Tuesday night's C2C :

Note - not exact quotes - summary

George recaps Biscardi Bigfoot story up until this point. Gets Biscardi on the line and asks how he is.

Biscardi - I am tired and disappointed, but Iím fine.

George - What do you mean disappointed.

Biscardi - Like I told Tom your producer and I told your listeners yesterday that we would have it up on our website for them to see. It is up there now. It is on greatamericanbigfoot.com. It tells the story of how we were hoodwinked.

George - What do you mean hoodwinked?

Biscardi - What happened is this all started back on the 15th of January. Some people had been following our treks, through your show believe it or not. She had contacted Peggy Marx our cofounder. This woman out of stagecoach NV and preceded to tell her the story the sounds that had been going on at her house and that there was a Bigfoot in the area. So Peggy would each day relay these stories to me. She was on a Indian Reservation and her two Indians, who were like her sons had went out to search for these things. They had seen 1 that looked like it was injured so they shot it with arrows. I am listening to these stories on a daily basis as it goes along. I am saying to Peggy is there any validity? Do you understand what you are telling me? She says I have known this woman for 25 years and she has been following the trek and listening to you on George Noory and she wants to assist us and now that there is creatures down there. I say where are they now? Peggy says they are at her compound. I said who is caring for them? She says they have two vets. They were retired veterinarians.

George - That is the part of the story that you were relating Friday night then?

Biscardi - Correct. And one of the veterinarians was jealous of the other for ownership rights as the time ran on. Kicked the other vet out, supposedly he was thrown in jail. They thought he was crazy and he just came off some spaceship from Mars and they finally let him go 2 or 3 days later. Meanwhile the doctor who had the creature moved it to another state, hoping for itís safety nothing would happen to it because the other doctor said he was going to track him down and get him and whoever was involved with him and do some serious bodily harm to them. So I am listening to these stories on a daily basis, like I told you and a couple of weeks have gone by now. Peggy is giving me updates of how they are feeding these creatures with milkshakes and bananas and with food and how they are communicating back and forth. The problem I was having with it is supposedly the male, the one that had been shot 4 or 5 times with arrows he was mending and he was really being docile and communicating with the doctors and then they find a female. I say to myself whoa. The story gets better, now we are getting to the point which was last week. And I say enough is enough, here is the deal you want me and my organization involved, fine, we will give it a safe haven and take care of it. I have all the people involved to make sure they are taken care of and secure. When can we make the transfer? Last week she says I am sending the tapes that the doctors had going 24 hours a day to watch itís habits with two of the Indian boys. Peggy calls and tells me to be on the ready and she will call when they are leaving from stagecoach.

George - So at that time you still believed there was a captured Bigfoot?

Biscardi - Correct. And the reason being, Peggy has been in this business since 1951 and I have never doubted anything she has said or done. So at that point we go down to the ranch and we got there early and Peggy comes out of the house with her hands in the air shouting we got him, we got him. I said fantastic, great work Peg, seeing is believing. She says I know, but this woman is as sincere as can be and I have known her for 20 years. I say OK. Time goes by and no calls and nothing is happening, so I tell Peggy that I have never had a opportunity to talk to this woman, but I want to talk to her now. So she says OK and gets her on the phone and I put her on speaker so my whole crew can hear. The woman says the 2 Indian boys are coming down with a box of all the tapes and when we get them to call her.

George - So you tell the vast c2c audience that we have pictures coming.

Biscardi - You bet we do, that is exactly what I do. Iíll be honest with you when Tom caught me on Friday going to where we were going, I hadnít had much sleep, but Iím tired. Here I am think fruition has come for me. That it is coming to the end. It is going to be actually there. We talk to the woman and the woman seems sincere as can be and she had all the right answers.

George - Did you talk to here face to face or just on the phone?

Biscardi - No, still on the phone. So I said OK fine. Please let us know if you hear from the boys. She says they will call me when they get to the town. We rest for several hours waiting for them to call, but at 9:00 I tell Peggy, what is going on? She says I donít know. We called this woman and she doesnít answer the phone. I say this is just too much.

George - Meanwhile your credibility is on the line.

Biscardi - Without a doubt. The next morning I get the first beef in 35 years with my cofounder and I call her, Peggy this is total insanity. We have all these people and time involved.

George - You have charged people for the internet service for that.

Biscardi - Well, what we charged the people for was streaming which we had been doing. So they havenít been ripped at all. There were two people who emailed and said that they saw something last night, but this is more important. So now Peggy says to me that the woman just called and said the creatures have been kidnapped by the other doctor and they are in a town called Clearlake.

George - Oh, come on.

Biscardi - I swear to God this is exactly what is being said. And I said OK, this is absurd and I am not going to hear about it anymore and I hang up. I called back and I apologized. She says how far is it to Clearlake and I say that is 2 hours why? She says send someone over there and she gives directions to a warehouse and that is where the creature is being kept.

George - Tom lets cut to the chase here so we can get to phone calls, as far as you are concerned right now, there is no Bigfoot?

Biscardi - Nothing I have seen from these people. Can I continue the story?

George - No, I donít want to get into the rest of the story because we donít have time. You admit you were duped, there is no Bigfoot, there are no pictures. I just want to move on with some calls.

Biscardi - Let me say the thing about it is that when we finally got down to Stagecoach NV, to meet with this woman she wouldnít let us in. We found her husband and converged on his job and this poor man didnít anything about what was going on and the whole thing stemmed from the George Noory show, c2c. She was trying to compete with what we were doing.

George - and you believed her!

Biscardi - I did believe her.

George - Why?

Biscardi - Because it was too much coincidental stuff going on that made sense. Whether she read it in books and just fantasized about this, I have no idea and Peggy know her 25 years. The credibility of the stuff was just there.

George - You let somebody interfere with your investigation and I think lost so much creditability in doing so. I think even Loren Coleman believes that the area you selected, Happy Camp, is a area with a lot of Bigfoot sightings. So you picked the right spot. You went out there and you set up your video cameras and I donít think anyone has a problem with that, it is what you promised and what they got. What has now concerned everybody is that you said that you had one in captivity. Whether it came from her or not, people looked at you Tom as the voice of finding Bigfoot and I think they feel let down. I am sure you will find that out when we go to calls. Are you ready?

Biscardi - Yes, I am ready.

Rob says it really hurts because he was promised a Bigfoot. And Biscardi should have made them send him a picture. Where do we go from here?

Biscardi - We havenít vacated Happy Camp. We have found prints. We have been having activity there and we are going to carry on. Yes, I was hoodwinked and maybe I was premature, but I really believed. I didnít know that so many of your listeners have such incredible imaginations.

George - Oh, no donít turn it around on us and the c2c audience, at all. Donít do that because I will go right at you for that one.

Biscardi - Well George, you have toÖ

George - You came on here, you promised that there would be a Bigfoot.

Biscardi - As I was promised

George - Your job was to go out with your internet crew and film and video tape a Bigfoot. It had nothing to do with someone else capturing one 1500 miles away, right? You charged people, God know how much money to get that internet site. You did not promise them until you went on the air to say that you had a Bigfoot. So donít turn it around and say a c2c listener duped you

Biscardi - They can hear it from the husband on the website.

George - Are you going to refund money?

Biscardi - I am sure if that is how the feeling was, if that is what they want I will stand by that.

At the very end of the hour, George said that anyone who paid to view on Tom's website Friday thinking there was a bigfoot should be refunded and if everyone was not refunded Tom would not be back on the show.

So there you have it. Is this the end of Biscardigate ? Perhaps. We'll know for sure, over time, if and when we hear from Biscardi on Coast again. Stay tuned to binnallofamerica.com as we follow the fallout from Biscardigate.

Once again, huge thanks to Lesley for her yeoman's work in covering this story for BoA.

8.23.5 UPDATE

Enormous thanks to BoA columnist Lesley, who sent this detailed recap of last night's Coast to Coast AM, which included appearances from Loren Coleman, responding to Biscardi's claims, and Tom Biscardi himself. Coleman detailed the story as we reported it here @ binnallofamerica.com over the weekend. Then Biscardi appeared to rebut Coleman and promised to give out the "full story" on the captured Bigfoot tomorrow (7.23 on C2C).

Here's Lesley's detailed recap :

NOTE - Nothing here is a exact quote, most is summarized

George says what Biscardi said last time he was on. Biscardi told producer since then that he hasnít yet seen the Bigfoot, but does not mention that there isnít a captured Bigfoot. George replaying some tape from last Friday of Biscardi. George says he doubts Biscardi has a captured Bigfoot, but he doesnít know for sure. Says he will be back with Loren Coleman.

Coleman - Happy camp is a very good place to look for Bigfoot because there are lots of reports.

George - I donít hold it against Biscardi sending crews out there or charging people to view it.

Coleman - You have to look at it historically, there is a article from 1981 where Biscardi is claiming that a Bigfoot came out of the trees and he took a picture and Biscardi said his next step was to capture a Bigfoot. Almost exactly what he claimed after the Manitoba Bigfoot, he was already putting out feelers to collect 1.2 million dollars from corporate sponsors. This man is a Las Vegas promoter and I think his actions have spoken for themselves.

George - Here we are 24 years later and this is what I have a issue with the fact that he claims that they have one in a compound, but it sounds like after Tom talked to him that he is now backing down a bit.

Coleman - I think that is what is going on. Here is a man who claims to be so interested in Bigfoot, if I knew that my associates had captured one the first thing I would do is drop everything and go over to look at it. To say there was one captured over a week ago and this seems to be to fulfill the promise he made to you to capture one in 2 weeks. The other wrinkle over the weekend one of his associates who had a blog posted probably without Tomís permission because it is now gone, that Tom claimed there was no Bigfoot it was a scam by a Nevada woman.

George - That is not what he told us last week. He said they had one and two doctors were there arguing about it.

Coleman - Yeah and that it was 17 years old and all this other pretty fantastic stuff too. He did a lot of claiming on Friday, but over the weekend he was saying that there is no Bigfoot and it was all a scam by this woman. They even said he was taping a apology from the husband of the woman. So what are we to believe. And I think that is the whole problem. Tom still shows known fake photos faked by Ivan Marx as real ones. Tom has been around a while and his actions speak louder than his words.

George - Was does this do over all to this type of investigation?

Coleman - If it turns out to be a hoax, which I am not claiming one way or another. It really downplays the credibility of Bigfoot hunters. There are a lot of people that have been doing this for a long time, this guy shows up 34 years later starts asking for millions of dollars and already claims it has cost 400,000 dollars. The media gets very interested in something like this and then they disappear for years because they have been burned.

George - You are right. It is the same with the UFO craze. The hoaxers spoil it for everyone.

Coleman - Tom had a different name and then there was The Bigfoot Research Organization and he took part of their name, there was a woman doing a art project called Waiting for Bigfoot and before you knew it Tom was creating a website called finding Bigfoot.com. So it seems like this man takes everyone elseís concepts as his own and claims he is the only researcher that has been around for years. Putting to rest any notion that we should think very deeply about him.

George - What do you think of his initial effort to just go searching for Bigfoot out in wild and letting people see it on the internet. That was kind of novel.

Coleman - Not really and that is what I am saying. After the Bigfoot Research Organization decided last year to really come up with some expeditions before you know it in January here is this man doing the exact same thing.

George - So he didnít really build a better mouse trap at all ?

Coleman - No, he just has a better PR man in LA.

They go to break.

Back with Tom Biscardi on the line.

George - Where are our pictures and video?

Biscardi - You will get the whole story tomorrow. But I want equal time with what I am listening to. I am not going to get into a bashing contest with Loren Coleman

George - No, he doesnít want to bash you.

Biscardi - I donít know him, except for the time I was on your show with him. He knows this. He has been sending a lot of emails, vicious emails that he has no idea what he is talking about. I am just going to say one thing, I want everyone to go to the track record, page 16, Jan 2002, that Ray Crow put out. The headline is Loren Coleman steals photos, 20 from Peter Burn, sells them and resells them.

George - But, will we have our picture of Bigfoot tomorrow?

Biscardi - You will have the story in itís entirety. I told that to Tom (Danheiser). I donít like Ö

George - Hold on, hold on! You said last week that you had a Bigfoot in a compound, did you not?

Biscardi - I did tell you that it was told to me. That is exactly what I told you. And yes I did screw up by telling you, ah I donít think I told you the wayÖ

George - I gave you the benefit of doubt

Biscardi - and I appreciate that, I really do.

George - Here is my point, are we going to get a picture tomorrow or not?

Biscardi - All I am going to tell you is that you are going to get the story tomorrow.

George - So it sounds like it has changed from Friday

Biscardi - You will see it, you will hear it. I told that to your producer Tom. I just donít want to get into this bashing.

George - OK, you have a deal. Tomorrow Tom Biscardi.

George goes to break.

George - Loren the search for Bigfoot is a little more fiery than finding him.

Coleman - (laughs) That that is pretty funny that he is bringing up the 15 year old misunderstanding that Peter Burn and I had. Peter got all his money, there was no stolen photographs, but character assassination is certainly there in the Bigfoot field. Peter Burns is the one in the 1970ís that found out what those guys were doing and Ivan Marx was faking films. He can distract all he wants, but I think your question was the best, where is the film. It sounds like you are right and he is going to change his story and it sounds like it will be the one that leaked out over the weekend.

George - Iíll give him his due, he is allowed back on to talk about that, but again if there is no photo I will be very disappointed. So I will let him give his story tomorrow as he has asked and we will go from there.

Coleman - Great!

George takes phone call.

Caller wants to know if Biscardi captured Bigfoot would it belong to him or could the government come take it?

Coleman - It can be protected and I am sure that would happen very quickly. If it was captured on federal land, I am sure they would have jurisdiction. Most of the wilderness land is federal or Indian reservation.

George - If there was no dispute of jurisdiction would you own it?

Coleman - I donít think so. I think it would fall under the endangered species act.

Dan calls and wants to know if it is possible that Bigfoot is inter-dimensional since nobody has ever captured it. The facts according to Dan are - that there were 6 helicopters when someone claimed to have shot a Bigfoot 5 times and it disappeared, so is it inter-dimensional or could the men in black have taken it?

Coleman - (laughs) It is too full of hypothetical questions for me to answer. If this story about the wounded Bigfoot is just going to be washed away tomorrow with the scam story then we really donít have anything to talk about.

Caller wants to know why Biscardi doesnít just say if he has it or not. Says it seems like Biscardi is trying to ride his fame as long as possible. Why donít they just leave it alone? They are just going to turn bigfoot into a circus freak.

George - You bring up a interesting question. If you find a Bigfoot and you have the means to capture it would you?

Coleman - Yes, I would capture it for research. Bigfoot belongs to science. If hunters think they are going to make a million dollars and this will be there own possession they have another thing coming.

Caller wants to know if Bigfoot is a descendant of Cane, from when he was cursed for killing Abel.

Coleman - I know that is a Mormon belief, but I donít believe that because I am not a Mormon.

The next 10 minutes is just your basic Bigfoot talk and doesnít have much of anything to do with Biscardi.

Once again, enormous thanks to BoA columnist Lesley for the detailed recap of this controversial 1st hour of C2C.

As noted by Coleman on C2C last night, the blog entry @ www.bigfootsightings.org, posted over the weekend, that revealed that Biscardi's "bigfoot captured" story was a scam has been deleted from that site. The controversial quote from the now-deleted blog entry can be found in the 8.21 UPDATE below.

BoA will have continuing coverage of "Biscardigate" as it unfolds. Stay tuned.

8.21.5 UPDATE

Here's the latest as of 6:30 PM (7.21), the rumours have been circulating, for the past 24 hours or so, that this "bombshell" re: Bigfoot is, as suspected, a hoax of some sort. The hard and fast details are not known at this point. What we do know is that the story making the rounds now is that Biscardi was duped somehow.

No update has been posted @ Coast to Coast's website, nor Biscardi's websites related to this expedition. I suspect we will hear from Biscardi on Monday night on C2C with Noory. What he says (and doesn't say) and what Noory says (and doesn't say) will speak volumes. Our coverage will resume when the plop hits the fan.

There is one posted account of this hoax from someone purported to be close to the expedition, from http://www.bigfootsightings.org/:

I got the news a few minutes ago - Biscardi was scammed by a woman in Nevada. There was no Bigfoot after all. I hope they didnít lose much money on this fiasco. He will issue a statement on this soon Iím sure. Iím so glad it is over.

Attempts at getting a comment and/or more details from the folks @ www.bigfootsightings.org have received no response.

Meanwhile, there is also an esoteric slap fight going on in the comments section of said website, between Loren Coleman and the webmaster. Worthy of checking out, for certain. It's HERE.


In my years of studying the Bigfoot, I've seen and heard some wild stuff. But this may take the cake. Either we are standing on the precipice of history or being worked in a big way.

The Background

The Biscardi Bigfoot Saga began, for all intents and purposes, on July 14th, when Tom Biscardi appeared on Coast to Coast AM and declared that he was "98% sure that his group will be able to capture a Bigfoot which they have been tracking in the Happy Camp, California area. " (coast website)

At the time it was laughable. However, Biscardi returned on August 5th to say that he was "confident he will capture Bigfoot by Wednesday." (coast website) The situation was even more laughable, although at this point Biscardi had begun to take on a serious tone.

On the eve of his predicted deadline, he appeared on C2C yet again (August 9th) to say he expected the capture within 2 weeks. Stunningly, he appeared a scant 3 days later on the show to improve his prediction to one week from that night.

The Announcement

And so, we settled in to see where Biscardi was going to take us when he joined the show on August 19th. Oddly enough, Biscardi was bumped out by a bad phone connection, but finally made it on the air.

After first saying that his call for volunteers produced a dude who found a Bigfoot print, he then stunningly announced he'd captured the Bigfoot ! Well, first he promised some "film" for Noory and then said the vaunted Bigfoot was now captured and begun detailing its present situation in captivity.

An incredulous Noory rattled off a series of good to great questions and Biscardi detailed everything from the chaos amongst the doctors tending to the captured Bigfoot, some stats on the captured beast, and danced around some tough topics as well.

The Future

That's all well and good, but by throwing a bold claim like that out there, Biscardi is in the hot seat. As Noory puts it when Biscardi leaves, "You'll either be an international hero or a goat."

Ever the cryptozoological prognosticator, Biscardi claimed that he will have a public unveiling of the Bigfoot, "on Monday." (August 22nd) Don't be surprised if, somehow, "the Bigfoot escapes via confusion amongst the doctors", as it seemed as if Biscardi was laying the groundwork for that story to emerge.

BoA will be there, waiting to see if history has been made or if we've been conned again.

Biscardi Announces Bigfoot Captured : Play by Play

(August 19th, 2005, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory)

Some dude volunteered and found a print.

Biscardi has some film for Noory.

He has one in captivity ~!

Problems w. doctors now.

Bigfoot is in a compound.

Film we be available tonight to C2C ~!

The Bigfoot is 8 feet, 400 lbs., male, mosquito bites, wounds

Biscardi : "doctors have nursed him back" ... "The 8th Wonder of the World"

Noory : Human or Animal ?

Biscardi : "Doctors haven't seen anything like it."

Noory : How is it acting ? Vicious ?

Biscardi : It's been communicating.

Noory : How ?

Biscardi : He communicates through giving back dishes that had food on them.

Plug for his website. Special site just to see Bigfoot in it's daily routine is coming.

Biscardi says it wasn't far from an Indian Reservation.

Noory asks if Biscardi had Bigfoot last week when he said he'd have it "next week".

Noory : have you touched the creature ?

Whoah, apparently Biscardi hasn't even seen this yet. Films are on the way to him.

Noory wants a picture of some sort.

Biscardi kinda blows him off.

He's alluding to controversy with Doctors.

Noory : This is gonna be a zoo. How are you going to present this ?

Biscardi : On Monday he will have the public unveiling.

He's describing the face and teeth.

Noory asks if 17 is "middle aged for a Bigfoot ?" Noory, foolishness during history.

Biscardi says he will protect it. He says his guys are "off their rocker"

Noory : Does this mean there are more out there ?

Biscardi : There's a few out there.

Noory : You'll either be an international hero or a goat.

Biscardi : That's why I'm telling you out there.

Noory says as soon as they get a picture, they'll post it. Coming back from the break, he says he is from Missouri, "the show me state", and he wants evidence.

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