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David Icke meets Alex Jones

When I'd first heard that Alex Jones was having David Icke on his show on July 12th, I was disgusted. Jones had gone on record saying that David Icke was the "turd in the punch bowl" of conspiracy theorists. Now he was turning around and having him on his show.

This comes along with Alex's newfound status as a regular guest on Coast to Coast, a program he once described in a similar way to Icke, having some good stuff but adding in crazy stuff to discredit the serious topics, with the specific reference to the outdated "Abominable Snowman".

Please be aware, however, that I am a huge fan of both men. They are both fantastic researchers, Icke being a suberb and witty author and Jones an excellent journalist, especially when it comes to following trends in world culture where the mainstream simply does not (or will not, more likely).

So, despite my misgivings about Jones's newfound willingness to give Icke a voice, I considered this a must catch episode of an oft missed program. I recalled that on Icke's last appearance on Coast he spoke nary a word of the oft-maligned Reptilian aspects of his theories. And, with the popularity of Farenheit 911, Jones seems to be on the rise as far as popularity and influence is concerned.

Would, as we'd all hoped during Coast to Coast AM's Secret Societies Roundtable, Alex begin to open his mind to the UFO enigma ? Would Icke respond to Alex's previous criticisms of his "contributions" to the conspiracy world ? Is it even possible to corrupt the already polluted world of conspiracy / ufology ? Do they agree on anything other than that the globalists are taking over the world ? Sit back and we shall see ...

1st Hour

Jones was very polite to Icke when he first came on and never mentioned his "turd in the punch bowl" insult that he branded Icke with on numerous occasions. Icke, meanwhile, was very much like his appearance on C2C last June and never got into the "reptilian" aspect of his theories, more so on the current state of events and the "awakening" of the population to the games being played by the power elite.

2nd Hour

In an irony of ironies, Icke talks all over Jones and Jones tries to reign him in to start taking callers, but Icke is running wild.

Jones finally opens up phone lines and the 2nd caller quotes "Children of the Matrix" where Icke says that Jesus was not real and a creation of reptilians, the caller procedes to call Icke "satanic". A mishmash of voices (Icke, Jones, and the caller) prompts Jones to go to commercial.

After commercial, Icke attempts to explain why, in his opinion based on his research, that Jesus was a creation to divide the population and this segued into a debate over the UN imposed religion of "non religion" and then things get heated as Jones points out that he thinks Icke does no good "furthering theories that he cannot prove". Jones gets further heated as he says to Icke that the globalists, at the top of the pyramid, worship Lucifer, citing Icke's work and website as proof that Icke agrees w. this point, so how can Icke say that Jesus does not exist ? Icke responds something to the effect of "it is the worship of Evil and that worship of Jesus could just as easily be called worship of Love."

Icke insists that all religions are impositions of belief structures and it appears Jones and Icke must agree to disagree on this point, a suggestion Icke makes because he thinks it is a wedge issue used to divide.

Icke is talking all over Jones attempting to go to break. Ha ha, Alex, now you know how Noory felt when you were on Coast.

Jones asks Icke if it is true he went on BBC and announced that he was Jesus. Icke explained that he said that all people are part of the greater "one" and, technically, are all the sons and daughters of God and that his quote was twisted by the media.

Jones says that Icke claims not to be New Age but it doesn't seem that way and Icke asks why he needs to be labeled. Jones says that we need labels while Icke attempts to explain his view of "reality" which Jones isn't buying. They argue a bit about that and then quickly go to commercial.

Jones has the best bumper in all of talk radio : "We're on the march and the empire is on the run", complete with ominous drumming music.

Jones : "It's always great to have him [Icke] on ... We agree on a lot. We do tend to get focused on the 5% we don't agree on and the listeners vehemently disagree with and so do I." Far cry from a "turd in the punch bowl."

Icke attempts to explain quantum mechanics to Jones to help open up his view of reality, but they run out of time and have to go to another break.

Jones asks where Icke thinks the rumours of Martial Law and Presidential Election suspensions are going. Icke says that it all leads to "chipping" of the population and Icke tells the story of meeting the CIA guy that he told last time on Coast.

Caller says he's new to Icke's writings and asks about the "reptilians" and asks if they are a metaphor or literal and Icke goes on say it is quite literal. Jones says "I don't go there. I don't do flying saucers" but sums up Icke's theory well, saying that "reptilians control the Illuminati". Caller turns around and insults Icke saying "well, he doesn't believe in Jesus who is pretty well documented but he believes in reptilians."

Jones says "you know what people say about you, that you bring in facts that can be documented and then bring in these reptiles and stuff and then it psycholocially discredits it all." Wow, at least Jones said it, but used "people" instead of "I".

3rd Hour

A caller says that the New England Journal of Medicine says that part of the human brain is reptilian, but before he can get to that, he breaks the news that Lawrence Rockefeller died last night, Jones and Icke, surprisingly, havn't heard that yet. Jones says he may fake his death in order to utilize "black" technololgy to make himself look younger while Icke says it is a reptilian thing, so you can see the sticking point here.

Caller asks about the various Jesus-esque teachers in history and Icke expands on this, briefly. Jones doesn't disagree w. that, choosing instead to move on to another caller.

Next caller just praises Icke and he's beginning to sound like a cult leader w. all the callers first saying what an honor it is to speak w. him. Jones goes to break.

Jones says for people to research for themselves and not believe everything they hear.

Caller asks about the Pentagon report of climate change and Jones says that "The Day After Tommorrow" (not specifically named, just that there was a movie that came out right after that story, so it must be DAT) was a propaganda tool used to suggest UN intervention.

End of Interview

Jones says he got hundreds of e-mails from listeners requesting Icke and only says that he doesn't agree with all of what he says but he is interesting.

Real meeting of the minds. Worth checking out if anyone out there has an opportunity to do so.

Jones proved himself, to me at least, by disagreeing with Icke vehemently on numerous issues but still letting him speak and also agreeing with him where they shared common ground.

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