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God, Man, and ET Roundtable

C2C "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable Preview


Somewhere along the way in the hype to the 911 Roundtable, Coast to Coast AM's host George Noory slipped some side hype for a "special Roundtable" that was being put together by Coast regular Richard C. Hoagland. And then, suddenly, RCH unfurled a line up of speakers to accompany him in this special Roundtable : Mike Heiser, David Flynn, and Hugh Ross, each having appeared on C2C in the past.

If last week's 911 Roundtable that turned into a Debate was confusing in its billing, then this week's "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable is downright confounding. In the weeks leading up to tonight, George Noory has been calling it a "roundtable", but the C2C website bills it as a "debate". Oy ve. Suffice it to say, it is a Roundtable in the classic sense, but may turn into a debate, much like the 911 Roundtable. Therefore, for the purposes of this document, we will bill it as the "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable.

Let's face it, the only way for the "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable to get uglier than the 911 Roundtable is if Richard C. Hoagland literally stabs one of the other participants in the eye. That said, there is a strong chance for the "GMET RT" to surpass the 911 Roundtable as far as a thoughtful discussion of esoteric topics goes.

In keeping with our past forays with C2C Roundtables, I give you the "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable Preview.

The Players

David Flynn :: Theologian, Mars researcher Main Focus : Biblical tie-ins to Cydonia, Mars Media : www.mt.net/~watcher/ and the book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars C2C Count : 1 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 10.16.2003

Richard C. Hoagland :: Mars, Moon, and Space anomaly researcher Main Focus : Cydonia / Hyperdimensional Physics Media : The Monuments of Mars and www.enterprisemission.com C2C Count : 58 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 4.29.5 (RCH made 3 other appearances since then, but they were not to discuss his work)

Hugh Ross :: Astronomer / Theologian Main Focus : Earth as solitary planet possessing life Media : www.reasons.org and 6 books on science and religion C2C Count : 1 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 10.7.2003

Mike Heiser :: linguist and theologian Main Focus : Ancient Languages / Ancient Texts Media : www.mikeheiser.com C2C Count : 3 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 12.1.2004

Talking Points

* Richard C. Hoagland is the ringleader of this motley crew and Noory has given him credit with "putting together" this Roundtable. Whether he steers the show, ala Linda Moulton Howe in the UFO Roundtable, or merely is a participant, remains to be seen.

* The ideological lines can easily be drawn down the middle of this RT, with Richard C. Hoagland and David Flynn being on the side of ancient ET civilizations having an influence on mankind, and Hugh Ross and Mike Heiser not giving that concept credence, based on their work.

* Hoagland and Flynn mainly focus on Cydonia and its implications on the human race. Heiser and Ross mainly focus on theology and how the ancient texts do not allow for ET intervention in the human race. Ross takes it a step further, saying that there are no ETs, while Heiser is more open-minded to ET possibilities, just not that they influenced early mankind.

* Mike Heiser is a steadfast critic of the work of Zecharia Sitchen. I'm fairly certain that Heiser spoke highly of Hoagland's work on an appearance on C2C a few years back and has speculated that the "powers that be" will use the discovery of the "Face" to promote an "ancient astronaut" concept to the world It is probable that based on his work in ancient texts, he will be ready to debunk many "ancient astronaut progenitor" theories.

* Hugh Ross is well known for being of the belief that mankind is the only intelligent civilization created by God and that UFOs and aliens are "demons". How well his strict viewpoint will mesh with the others remains to be seen.

* David Flynn is the darkhorse of the RT, having only one appearance in the last 2 years, which was over 18 months ago. Should he make a solid showing, hopefully a solo follow up appearance will be in the works. At first glance, his work looks a tad derivative of Hoagland's work, so he may not bring much original stuff to the table. That said, he also does not carry the "baggage" of RCH, so his stuff may seem more fresh or credible.

* Coast to Coast is Richard Hoagland's "home turf", as he has made innumerable appearance on C2C throughout it's existence, including a stunning 58 in the last 2 years alone. Appearing on Coast is surely "old hat" to him by now, while the other 3 guests make rare appearances and, thusly, will aim to impress the Coast audience.

* Should Noory institute the "fast blast" vote tracker, I predict a 60% victory for Hoagland/Flynn to Ross and Heiser's 40%.

* It's no secret that moderator George Noory and Richard C. Hoagland are friends. Should things get heated, keep an eye on the interplay between Noory and RCH.

* While an outright brawl, ala last week's 911 Roundtable, is not expected, it shouldn't be surprising if things get heated, considering the strong beliefs on both sides of the issue of ancient ET influence on mankind. Also, considering that Hoagland is the quasi-producer of this RT, he may attempt to capitalize on the buzz of last week's Roundtable by stirring up some trouble in an attempt to get a fight going.

* Should a fight break out, George Noory's reaction will be telling. After the 911 Roundtable, he may be tired of moderating fights or he may have seen the buzz created by said Roundtable and encourage such fights.

* Hoagland trivia buffs may recognize the title of this Roundtable from a conference Hoagland organized in Autumn of 2003 and subsequently pimped it's DVD set hardcore in early 2005. Hoagland has already aluded to the upcoming sequel to "God, Man, and ET" and this episode will be veritable preview of said conference. Speaking of which, expect plenty of plugs for "God, Man, and ET 2", coming to Seattle in November.

* Despite the potential, it's highly unlikely to see a passionate dispute on the level of the 911 RT, as Hoagland, Heiser and Ross are all pretty familiar with each other from their original "God, Man, and ET" conference in 2003 and there seems to be a mutual respect amongst the three.

* As far as charisma goes, Hoagland is is possession of a boatload. Heiser and Ross both have a fair amount of that certain something that grabs one's interest. Flynn, is a dark horse as this author is unfamiliar with him on esoteric radio.

* There should be no confusing Hoagland's voice in the Roundtable, but the jury is out on whether Ross, Flynn, and Heiser can avoid voice confusion. George Noory made the great move of instituting an "identification before speaking" standard in the 911 Roundtable, which should be used for this RT as well.


A Richard C. Hoagland joint, the "God, Man, and ET" Roundtable looks to be pretty informative and entertaining. Kudos to Hoagland for not going the easy route and getting 3 other people who will simply agree with him. As is often Hoagland's goal, thoughtful discourse should result.

It's the last big episode of the first half of 2005 and C2C looks to be finishing out this half with a bang. Whether the "God, Man and ET" Roundtable is eclipsed by the buzz of the 911 Roundtable or manages to outshine it from within it's shadow, we shall see.

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