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911 Roundtable

C2C 911 Roundtable : Quick 'n' Dirty Recap


Wow. The 911 Roundtable has come and gone and the aftershocks are still somewhat ringing throughtout esoterica. There will be many people listening to this episode several more times, myself included.

Some off the cuff hightlights and impressions for me :

Firstly, I was dazed and confused when Peter Lance mentioned Mike Levine as the other member of the Roundtable. I'm not sure when or why Jerry Corsi left the episode. I'm surprised it slipped by me prior to the evening's festivities. First guest to leave a RT : Jerry Corsi. The night begins in historic fashion already.

Then ... nearly an hour for introductions ? Noory ... WTF ? It didn't heat up until 'bout 45 minutes into the episode.

When it did heat up, Peter Lance struck first, going right after Alex Jones in serious fashion. This was a hardcore attack and Alex seemd put off at first. He did respond and noted that he was not the one to start the personal attacks. At this point, all hell broke loose as Alex and Lance were hollering at each other and Mike Levine (I believe) tried to say stuff too. Noory finally reigned it in, but it was sheer insanity there for a minute.

The middle hour was a little more chill with some good discussion going on back and forth. Lance still took some good pot shots at Alex and Alex fired back with notes and quotes, but it always boiled down to a Lance v. Jones brawl.

David Ray Griffin was completely steamrolled in the episode by a rampaging Jones and Lance with Levine holding his own trying to get a word in edgewise. Despite that, I think Griffin earned himself a full episode appearance with his thoughtful answers and for his cool head throughout the evening.

Levine impressed, for such a late addition, he did well holding his own and brought some more thoughtful points to the table. He tried to get along with everyone, which is something to be said for that bunch. He also earned himself a follow up appearance.

I was totally tweaked by the 4th hour, which included a lot of discussion of impending nuclear attacks. Despite all the in-fighting, all four guests seemed to agree that it was a matter of "when not if" and the "when" was fast approaching. Alex talked about taking his family to New Zealand or something, in what had to be the most bizarre moment of the night, especially how he worked in the fact that his family was related to folks in the Alamo.

Total plugfest throughtout, although David Ray Griffin seemed to plug the least. Some are calling for a "Plug count", which may be something we put together.

Kudos to Noory for his a> cool demeanor throughout a tough episode and b> the 5th hour.

Speaking of which the 5th hour was an insane outright brawl between Peter Lance and Alex Jones. I listening to it again as I type this and I'm still in awe of the insanity of it. An hour unlike any that I've heard on C2C in quite some time. I have to agree with Noory for pulling the plug and citing fatigue was a good call. Things were really out of control when a caller was arguing with Peter Lance trying to get a word in with him.

The last half hour consisting of Noory and callers alone. Those were excellent callers as well, surprisingly.

Excellent, excellent episode. Best of the year so far, easily. Fantastic and it lived up to the hype easily. Detailed recap coming this weekend to binnallofamerica.com. Shot v. shot, point v. point, it's the 911 Roundtable Roundup.

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