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C2C Bigfoot Roundtable Preview


Coming off the heels of the critically acclaimed UFO Roundtable, Coast to Coast AM stuns us all with yet another Roundtable episode. This time around, it's a Bigfoot Roundtable. As a lifelong chaser of the man beast, I'm elated to hear that they are planning on devoting so much time and energy to the subject.

What's odd is that the Bigfoot Roundtable has, much like the elusive creature itself, sprung up out of nowhere in a Tuesday night slot that was only listed as "To Be Announced" as recently as the day prior to the actual Roundtable. Much like the unsuspecting hiker, your intrepid Roundtable Previewer was caught with his proverbial pants down. However, being a student of history and a lover of Bigfoot, I give you ... The Bigfoot Roundtable Preview

The Players

Loren Coleman :: 45 years of Bigfoot research Main Focus : Cryptozoology, mainly Bigfoot Media : 7 cryptozoological books & lorencoleman.com C2C Count : 4 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 2.14.2005

Tom Biscardi :: 38 years of Bigfoot research Main Focus : Bigfoot Expeditions Media : The website greatamericanbigfoot.com C2C Count : 1 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 4.20.2005.

Jimmy Chilcutt :: Fingerprint Technician Main Focus : Bigfoot "fingerprints" Media : none C2C Count : 1 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 10.6.2003

Smokey Crabtree :: author, Bigfoot experiencer Main Focus : "The Legend of Boggy Creek" Media : smokeyandthefoukemonster.com C2C Count : 0 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : None

Possible Surprise Guests :: Peter von Puttkamer (Bigfoot Hunters), Jon-Erik Beckjord (Paranormal Bigfoot), Stan Gordon (1970's Bigfoot / UFO sightings in PA), Nick Redfern (Bigfoot in the UK), Dr. Matthew Johnson (First hand witness to a Bigfoot)

Talking Points

* Despite being billed as a "Roundtable", this episode looks to resemble the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference more than any of the "classic" roundtables. This is because only Loren Coleman and Tom Biscardi will be on the full episode and Jimmy Chilcutt and Smokey Crabtree will be making "appearances". No word on any definitive schedule of their appearances.

* Expect discussion on the recent film purported to show the Bigfoot in British Columbia. Chances are Coleman and/or Biscardi have seen the film, or have heard from someone who has, and can probably comment on the veracity of the film.

* Chilcutt is a former skeptic turned Bigfoot "believer", so he can probably only discuss his primary area of expertise : Bigfoot fingerprints. I suspect given his history of work with law enforcement, he will shy away from speculation.

* Crabtree was the inspiration for the film "The Legend of Boggy Creek", so his strengths will probably be focused on media portrayal of his Bigfoot story and how it shaped his community. Expect Crabtree to be a real character. Coleman and Biscardi are both qualified to speak on the history of media coverage of Bigfoot, which is where this segment may head.

* As always, expect the inevitable debate over whether, if given the opportunity, one should kill a Bigfoot.

* Coleman and Biscardi are both pretty straight laced researchers, so I do not expect them to put much credence behind any UFO tie in with Bigfoot. Crabtree claims to have seen all sorts of fantastic stuff in his community, so he may be more open minded to the possibilities. Meanwhile, one of the potential "surprise guests" may attempt to do so and, hopefully, spurn on a debate.

* The best bet for an absolutely fascinating segment would be a discussion of the field of cryptozoology and how it has changed over the years, considering all the years Coleman and Biscardi have been chasing Bigfoot. Crabtree may be able to add some insight, since he was a bit player for a while in the Bigfoot story.

* Coleman is an expert in all areas of cryptozoology, but Biscardi and Chilcutt are primary Bigfoot experts. Crabtree seems also solely focused on Bigfoot. Therefore, expect little to no discussion on any other "crypto" animals like Chupacabra, Mothman, or Hoagland.

* I estimate that the "Bigfoot sounds" will be played at least 3 times throughout the evening. It may go all the way up to five. Also, Noory will play it within the 1st half hour of the RT.

* Best bet for a potential surprise guest would be Peter Von Puttkamer or Dr. Matthew Johnson. Least likely is Jon-Erik Beckjord, only because he is a pariah of the crypto community for his "paranormal Bigfoot" theories. Nick Redfern, would be an excellent addition, but may be limited by being in the UK.

* If no surprise guest shows up, expect Open Lines with Coleman and Biscardi for the 4th hour after the previous 2 "pop-in" guests in the prior two hours respectively.

* Sadly, given the small amount of time between the announcement of the episode and the actual episode itself, I've no time to check the voices and estimate for confusion amongst the guests. I do recall that Loren Coleman has a pretty distinct voice, so let's hope C2C knows what they're doing on this one.


I'm shocked that C2C would roll out another Roundtable so soon after the critically acclaimed UFO Roundtable a scant 3 weeks ago. I also hasten to dub it a "roundtable", despite C2C's claims, only because it looks more like a "free-for-all" with some guests only stopping by and some potential surprise guests. That said, for the purposes of history, we will dub it Roundtable V, only because C2C insists it is a "roundtable". Were the decision up to me, I would have dubbed it "Bigfoot Bonanza" and packed it with all the potential guests as well.

Being a certified Bigfoot lover, I am looking forward to this episode, because it is a topic that rarely gets play on the show. That is pretty obvious when you look at the folks who they did manage to get for the show. Coleman and Biscardi are excellent, but the other two are peripheral Bigfoot experts at best. It may have been best to mix Coleman with someone like Scott Corrales (Latin American Cryptozoology) and / or Jonathan Downes (UK cryptozoologist).

I'd say going into the episode that my expectations are low, only because we've only known about this RT less than 24 hours before it begins. Also, I've come to expect half-hearted cryptozoological coverage from C2C for quite a while now. The Bigfoot Roundtable is a chance for Coast to produce a solid episode, but I fear it may turn out hokey.

Despite my fears for a less than perfect Roundtable, I do think that it will be an excellent episode for any Bigfoot enthusiast, such as myself. Given it's "out of nowhere" scheduling and it's proximity to the UFO Roundtable, the Bigfoot Roundtable may be destined to be lost in the shuffle and overshadowed by the impending 911 Roundtable or it may rise above low expectations, becoming one of the top episodes of 2005.

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