UFO Roundtable Roundup


April 14th, Coast to Coast AM kicked off it's 4th Roundtable ever, the UFO Roundtable. Coming off the heels of the critically acclaimed Knights Templar Roundtable, and the two Secret Societies roundtables of 2004, the UFO Roundtable seemed like a natural sequel for this popular program format.

Bringing together perennial C2C guest Linda Moulton Howe and three of Ufology's best Bruce Maccabee, Bob Wood, and Grant Cameron, there was a wealth of UFO knowledge available for discussion throughout the episode. The vast range of topics covered included UFO history, government intervention, disclosure, pilot shootdowns of UFOs, hypothetical "big question" analysis of the UFO phenomenon, and insider stories and leads for further investigation.

In the hopes of illuminating this episode further, we bring to you the UFO Roundtable Roundup, a detailed play-by-play of the 4 Hour program.

Hour I

The complete introductions takes over 6 minutes. This is a weighty crew.

The show first focuses on the infamous Battle of LA, including documents that have come into the possession of Bob Wood, who details his findings.

Linda Moulton Howe is obnoxiously plugging Bruce Maccabee, instead, tries to send everyone to his website. D'oh.

Maccabee discusses his findings with regards to the Battle of LA.

10 minutes later, George Noory finally speaks again, after Linda asked Maccabee and Wood questions.

Linda's totally running over Noory here, though I'm not altogether against it. She seems in her element, though it is a bit disconcerting and distracting.

First half hour down and Grant Cameron has still not spoken. The trio is still discussing the Battle of LA as we go to the 1st commercial break.

2nd half hour begins with Noory telling LMH that C2C requisitioned some pics from her website, because her incessant plugs caused traffic to kill her website server. Maccabee slips a plug in for his site here, sensing the opening. LMH settles it by giving out all 4 guests website addresses.

Linda quotes some documents with some serious revelations of crashes pre-Roswell. Rare stuff and interesting with lots of avenues of further study.

Noory finally starts interjecting some here, asking hypothetical questions of Bob Wood.

Grant Cameron finally gets to weigh in, a full 32 minutes into the start of RT 4 and approx. 24 minutes after the full-on discussion began.

Cameron's got some seriously good stuff with the James Webb angle. He's discovered his presence in the calendars of all the power players in the crashes of the early 1900's.

Hour 1 winds down and Noory wants to steer the conversation towards Disclosure. Linda wants to know why there are so many crashes back then. Noory wants to know if we are dealing with hostilities. He quotes his old Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man", yet again.

Hour 1 concludes. "We're gonna keep the doors open" -- Noory plugging that there are 3 hours left. Noory, you rock.

Hour II

The second hour begins with talk of military orders to shoot down UFOs. Bob Wood takes the stage here. He does an excellent job explaining the "parts war" that went on between various factions of the government who wanted pieces of UFO wreckage. It is suggested that MJ-12 was the coalescence of these various factions.

LMH quotes Lynn Springfield who said that the government lost many pilots and planes trying to bring down UFOs. She speculates that it went on from the early 40's to about 1952.

Linda is still dominating the flow of the RT. Noory chimed in briefly but was drowned out by her.

Noory hits a money shot with his question "Why ? Why the hostilities from the US ? What did we know for us to be so hostile ?" LMH opens that question up to all the participants.

Maccabee answers first ... with a plug for his site and various areas where there are further information on what they are talking about. It is an understandable move, but annoying and distracting nonetheless.

Noory brings it back to Earth, thankfully, by reigning Maccabee in, mid-plug, to find out what necessitated the hostilities from the US. Maccabee suggests it was the big UFO sightings over Washington D.C. that changed the US's perception of UFOs.

Grant Cameron chimes in here and Noory, smartly, identifies him, thus eliminating potential confusion for the listener. Bonus Points for Noory here.

Cameron gives a Canadian perspective on the US aggression against UFOs. He claims that Einstein told the American president not to shoot down UFOs, a story I've not heard before.

Heading into the second half of Hour 2, Noory asks if this went on in other countries. LMH attempts to steer it back towards how these UFOs kept crashing. Noory suggests this has been going on for a very long time on Earth.

Starting second half of Hour 2, Noory brings in a caller named "Edson" who said his father was an "air raid warden" during the Battle of LA. Somehow his dad managed to get a piece of some UFO wreckage, which has been lost in the ensuing years, sadly. "Edson" may have been bogus. A strange mid-half commercial break here.

Noory takes the conversation back to the hostilities between the US and UFOs.

Linda speculates, based on Philip Corso's work, that the government was put off by the cattle mutilations as another reason for hostilities to the ETs.

Noory asks from each of the panel members, "where are they [UFOs] coming from and are they hostile ?"

Excellent, thoughtful answers from each of them. Succinct and well reasoned ideas.

Linda segues from her answer to her original query of why these UFOs are crashing. She is like a dog with a bone, she won't let that one go.

Bob Wood speculates that it was intense technological interests and then airspace invasion that were the reasons behind shooting them down. He says his Soviet connections says that the "Soviets lost lots and lots of pilots, too".

Noory wants to know if people are abducted and never brought back. Noory, you creep.

Linda validates that idea with various stories of missing people and planes at the hands of UFOs. No one jumps in right away and LMH kinda laughs.

Maccabee tells a chilling story of a plane sent to check out a UFO and the plane and the UFO merged on radar and disappeared. He also tells a story of a similar incident where the pilot was talking about it to the air traffic controller when he just disappeared. The sounds on the tape are of "crunching metal". He relates a 3rd story where such an incident happened as well. Good stuff, especially the last story which was detailed and frightening.

Hour III

Noory diverts the discussion towards "Disclosure".

LMH suggests that the government doesn't know what the UFO phenomenon is all about. They are afraid to tell reveal anything, because they cannot admit they have no control.

Grant Cameron has "64 reasons why the gov't won't disclose". He only names a few. Chiefly among them is that there is a military element which will not allow any information to be released as it is so highly classified, few know about it. He also says that there is the ridicule factor involved and that may be why no government officials want to go to bat and try and push disclosure.

He also tells a fascinating story attributed through Steven Greer to a reporter who asked Bill Clinton why he did not do anything about the UFO phenomenon and he replied quietly, "There's a government inside the government and I don't control it."

Linda says that MJ-12 is now an international body and not limited to the US. She asks Bob Wood how MJ-12 operated so secretly for so long.

He says that both Britain and Russia had their own MJ-12 groups.

Bob Wood says he only has 4 reasons for no disclosure : 1> control of technology, 2> prevent panic esp. within religion and fiscal areas, 3> immunity from prosecution, 4> lack of answers makes it impossible to admit lack of control. Excellent analysis.

Noory : "If they were friendly, don't you think they'd make themselves known in an easier way ?"

Cameron says the aliens are covering up as well. Noory cites "To Serve Man" again. LMH says there is definitely a "harvest of genetic material." Noory suggests some missing persons may be actually taken by UFOs. (He makes a hilarious aside that, of course, some are murdered by "sickos".)

LMH details a strange "dog mutilation". She plugs for pictures. Yummy. Linda wants to know why the carcasses of these mutilated animals are left behind when the UFOs can make planes disappear. Intriguing.

Panic over no government control of the UFO phenomenon seems to be the consensus opinion as we end the 1st half of the 3rd hour.

Noory kicks off the 2nd half of the hour with the news of a deathbed release of information from someone who was at Roswell and had pictures and information. He said it was on their way to Friedman for investigation.

Bob Wood explains the process of document validation. Nice sidebar on "forensic linguistics". He calls the SOM 101 Crash Retrieval document a "slam dunk". But, he accepts that it may be counter-intelligent against the Soviets, although he discounts that idea.

He makes note of the illegality of actions taken by the government as a key reason for no disclosure.

32 minutes into the hour, Noory scores huge again with this magnificently posed question : "If you had an opportunity to see, lets say somebody brought you into an area 51, either a crashed craft or an alien body, but you could only go into one of the two rooms, which one would you pick ?" Fantastic Noory.

Linda gets dramatic at first, picks alien, then ties it into biotechnology. Then ties it into the Trojan Horse idea, that aliens crashed on purpose to see our response.

Noory says he wants to see the alien.

Grant says alien.

Bruce says alien.

Bob says craft. Everyone laughs.

Bob explains why he wants to see the craft, but gives credence to some of Linda's previous comments about biotechnological craft.

LMH brings up the time traveler theory of Ufology to Bob Wood. He says he tried to avoid agreeing with that point of view, but is now starting to "admit the possibility". But then says that despite that possibility, he still thinks they are interplanetary.

Somehow this segues into a discussion on mental communication with ETs. Grant Cameron jumps in here with a great story of a lady who taught a Navy officer to make telepathic contact with the ETs. He drops a ton of names and locations here and it is worthy of a lengthy investigation and episode in and of itself. Somehow it ties in closely with Bettie Hill, wow.

Noory wraps the end of Hour 3. He opens phone lines, tells folks to say the question and then tell Linda who the question is for. Noory teases that Roundtable V will be the long promised 911 Roundtable.

Hour IV

Noory asks Linda if she is in favor of Disclosure and she sorta dances around it and doesn't really say other than it would be a big shock to people.

Caller 1 has a theory and wants the panel's opinions on it. He thinks the UFOs are here to collect genetic information on animals that are going extinct because of our actions.

Grant says they would be finished by now, so he seems doubtful. He suggests that the detonation of atomic bombs by us was a signal that brought them here.

Bruce says it is as good a theory as any.

Bob says the UFO phenomenon can probably be more traced to our detonating of atomic bombs moreso than the population growth causing planetary problems.

Linda agrees with Bob and Grant.

Noory chimes in asking how the aliens would see our atomic bombs going off.

Linda does point out that there was alien activity going on before the launch of the Manhattan Project.

Caller 2 says her cousin worked for Majestic 12 and, on his deathbed, told his brother "everything". Noory asks what that means, she just said "everything". Then turned it into her crappy alien encounter, Noory, wisely, cuts her off to get more Majestic 12 information.

She offers to put the show in touch with her family who has MJ-12 information. She goes back to tell her crappy alien story. For some reason, LMH encourages her. This is turning into a bad open line moment. Noory dumps her before it gets too bad.

Caller 3 says Grant is not used to staying up too late. Caller wants to know about alien autopsies. Caller says she had alien autopsy information but she cannot find it in her house. Noory sends her to "go get it", hilarious.

LMH asks Bob about alien autopsy information circulating in documents.

Caller 4 says it is arrogant to believe we are the center of the universe. He gets cut off. Linda runs with it and says soon with evolving technologies, we will be able to find planets that may have ETs. Noory says then with sophisticated equipment, the aliens would see our atomic explosions.

Bob Wood chimes in to say that there are studies that suggest atomic explosions cause a "ripple" effect.

Caller 5 describes a cattle mutilation for Linda Moulton Howe. Discussion of rectal tissue removal ... gross.

Noory wants to know the obvious question of a UFO / Cattle Mutilation connection. Linda practically flips out, giving out info about this. Noory is thrilled with this.

End of 1st half hour of Hour 4.

Noory wants Linda's most amazing UFO story.

She's stumped to come up with anything at first. Plugs her book with a story of people who saw part of themselves transported into clones.

She brings it back to the soul and that it may play a big part in the entire UFO phenomenon.

Caller 6 asks if the ETs are trying to study our spiritual depth. He quotes a Vancouver psychic who was friends with Cayce and he speculated as such.

LMH directs it to Bruce. Bruce says it is a tough question. They laugh that he has it. He struggles to answer it.

Maccabee suggests that since UFOs may have been here for a long time, we must consider that the aliens instilled our spirituality and religion.

Linda continues the thought that the aliens could be our progenitors and how it makes the "big questions" even bigger.

Bruce quasi jokes that maybe one alien race created us and the rest are trying to figure out how it was done.

Bob says our evolution may be interrelated to ETs and that other ET's evolution may be independent of ours.

Linda brings in a story that she got from Travis Walton. She says he dreamed that he was picked up by aliens who morphed into blonde aliens. Walton thinks that perhaps the "alien beam" that got him in the forest, killed him and that "they took him to revive him." Apparently, Walton throws this conjecture out there.

Bob correctly calls it "fascinating".

Caller 7 asks if we have live aliens living on Earth in US captivity. She asks where they are ?

Linda and Bob think the US does have aliens in captivity living.

Caller asks if the aliens' home race would come and try to bring them back.

Linda says it may have come up, but also wants to know if that may be part of the Trojan Horse concept.

Noory says that they may have come as ambassadors. (Despite crashing in the desert, perhaps they have unique cultural methods of arrival, d'oh Noory)

Grant cites ET and the Spielberg / Reagan story that gave credence to ET on Earth truth.

Linda says she's heard stories that suggest that there are various ETs that look like all different human races.

She throws in the idea that they all exist and do not "spill the beans" on the ET phenomenon. She ponders a universal "hands off" policy and questions the panel on it.

Bruce Maccabee cites the Codex Galactica in that there may be a universal code related to ethics.

Noory wraps it up with thanks for everyone.

He and Linda discuss the Ufology movement in general and how history will view it and our world.

Noory does credits and calls it a night.


Excellent episode. Simply put, there was so much information that it necessitated a 2nd (and probably 3rd) listening. Lots and lots of good stuff in there, too numerous to cite here, but a good look at the play-by-play shows a plethora of avenues for further research.

While there was some criticism of Linda Moulton Howe's taking over of the hosting duties at the beginning, she got more tempered towards the middle and end and Noory began to assert himself more. Had her role been more clearly defined, it would not have been a distraction. However, since it was not defined as anything other than "panelist", it was distracting at times and weighed the episode down when looking at it in comparison to the other Roundtables.

Voice confusion was not a huge issue as LMH and Grant Cameron were easily identifiable by voice. There was some confusion between Bob Wood and Bruce Maccabee, but they were usually identified by either LMH or Noory before they spoke. That said, the decision to have 4 panelists, going back to the original RT instead of RTs II and III which had 3 panelists, was probably a miscue in this regard as, at the beginning, it was a mash of voices and one panelist, Grant Cameron, didn't get to speak until the 2nd half hour.

There was some bristling over C2C having a 1st hour of Open Lines, but those criticisms were assuaged when they added the 5th hour to the show, making it a 4 hour Roundtable. I still disagree with the 1st hour Open Lines, as it takes away the "event" feel to the episode and also the added 5th hour is unavailable in many radio markets, thus rendering it useless to non-Streamlink subscribers.

In the pantheon of Roundtables, I'd rank it 2nd behind only the original RT I, which has yet to be surpassed in quality of episode so far this year. That said, the UFO Roundtable (RT IV) may be the best episode of 2005 so far for entertainment, intrigue, information released, "big question" analysis, and sidebar humour.

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