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I Cry for Schiavo


Not literally, but this drama does have me weeping for the human species as a whole. And, as always, I find myself pondering a great number of angles related to the Terri Schiavo story. And, of course, the world of esoteric radio is as mesmerized as everyone else at the drama that is unfolding down in Florida. Everyone has an opinion and, not surprisingly, everyone has voiced it pretty dramatically. We begin with a review of the coverage, followed by the opinions of this author on the situation, followed by an analysis of what it all may mean.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Kudos go out to George Noory, who produced a guest talking about this story on October 13th, 2003, a full year and a half before it's culmination this month. At the time, Noory hosted Wesley J. Smith in the first hour of the program to talk about the case. The story is described in the C2C archive as "the unbelievable legal situation of Terri Schiavo, a 39 year old disabled woman whose husband has gone to court to arrange her death via court ordered starvation." Little did we know back then that the story would go on to become world wide news less than 2 years later. When C2C brags about talking about the news prior to the mainstream, they can hang their hat on this one.

It appears Alex Jones's infowars.com was following the story since September of 2003, trumping Noory by a scant month, according to his searchable archives. No doubt, Alex discussed this on his show, as he is wont to do with current events, but I'm doubtful he had a guest like Noory did. I may be proven wrong, of course, and if so, I will adjust this kudos delivering.

The Rense archive, sadly, does not yield any Schiavo guests that can be found via this author. (Anyone with info on a guest speaking on the Schiavo story on Rense please send to me and I'll amend this portion of the analysis.) That said, the much maligned but also critically celebrated rense.com has been a virtual clearinghouse of quality Schiavo news.

The Schiavo story has shined a light onto a glaring weakness of the Rense show that I once considered one of it's strengths : little or no current event discussion at the beginning of the show. There are times when one wants to know what Rense thinks of something that happened that day and unless he ends up talking about it with his guest, we rarely find out. Aside from a handful of allusions to the Schiavo story at the top of his show, I don't believe there was much else from Rense on the program.

Wha ?

The strangest aspect of the coverage of this story is that staunch anti-administration hosts Jeff Rense and Alex Jones were coming down on the side of President George Bush. Yes, the Schiavo story has created some odd bedfellows. It is to be expected that Noory and Art Bell would side with Bush on this one, they are not outright critics of his administration, but for Alex Jones to agree with the actions of George Bush is downright astounding. Therein lies an interesting paradox.

While clearly the "truth war" has been a bipartisan war, despite the critics who claim otherwise, the "enemy" for most has been the neo-con faction that seemingly sits atop the pyramid today. In the Schiavo story, we have the neo-con administration doing something that the general body of esoterica is in favor of, saving Terri Schiavo. The much maligned, impotent left is the driving, and winning, force behind the pro-Michael Schiavo side, flipping the sides for the first time in quite some time in mainstream politics. Whether this is a sign of things to come, a one-off anomaly, or a intended double-cross, we will not know for quite some time.

One assumes this strange agreement is not lost on both Jones and Rense. Rense alluded to the Schiavo situation being very strange and seemed to be watching it unfold in awe. Jones, meanwhile, seemed to be at the beginning of unwinding this story and figuring out what it might mean to the "end game". I smell a new film from the master of esoteric cinema, the good Mr. Jones. Certainly there are wide ranging implications at work in this drama and, likely, Jones will be the one to put it all together and all film for the masses to understand. Let's hope we see that by mid-summer.

Where the Chips Fall

I've received a handful of queries regarding my stance on the Schiavo story and have tried my best not to speak on it until I had more time, which is now. At the end of the day, I simply believe that what the courts and Michael Schiavo are doing is outright wrong. Yes, I find myself agreeing with George Bush, which is both astounding and disappointing. But, alas, he is right on this one.

Starving a person to death, no matter the reason nor the mental condition, is wrong. There is really no other way to say it. I won't rant and rave that it is a sin and people are going to go to Hell for this, because, sadly, I am not in charge of the immigration to Hell. I find that treatment of a fellow human, mental faculties notwithstanding, to be inhumane and unworthy of a "first world nation."

Unlike many on both sides of this story, my stance is not steadfast and would have changed has minor elements of this story been different. Had Terri Schiavo been living on a extensive series of machines and death would be within mere minutes, I'd probably not be so strongly against "pulling the plug". Were a more humane means of extinguishment, for lack of a better word, been made available, I'd be less likely to be so ensconced in the "Feed Terri" camp. However given the choice of "death only by starvation" in this story, I cannot endorse the pro-Michael Schiavo stance that many of my friends and those in the "mainstream" fall under.

Perhaps it is the coverage I am reading, which has been outright insane on both sides of the issue, but I find myself more and more disgusted with Michael Schiavo as this has gone on. His motives are seriously in doubt, as he clings to one vow, that to "let Terri have her way" and the other vow of his marriage which was broken long ago. He has seemingly moved on in his life, save for his wife, who has clung to life for over a decade. Were he the only support system for Terri, then I would understand his motivations, but with his wife's family desperate to take care of their daughter, I cannot fathom why he does not want to just "walk away" from the situation.

Throughout my searching for answers to the Schiavo dilemma, I've found that I cannot get a solid answer on the definite source of her original ailment. I've heard heart attack brought on from an eating disorder as well as that she just collapsed. Some have suggested she suffered some broken ribs prior to whatever rendered her in this present state, which, if true, would be basis for accusations that Michael Schiavo played a role in how Terri ended up the way she is. The controversial "no autopsy/cremation" burial that Michael Schiavo plans for Terri belies the idea that he had a hand in causing her to become hospitalized in the first place. One suspects that many of these controversies may come out after the story has seemingly concluded, sadly after Terri has passed away.

I am left with the opinion that Michael Schiavo must stand to gain monetarily from this story. Although, that has become a moot point by now, as just about every bit player in this saga stands to gain monetarily as a result of the worldwide coverage of the story. Nonetheless, if his greed is the cause of this saga that has torn America asunder, then the karma for him should be bad for him big time.

While I can understand some in the "Pro-Michael" side who express the sentiment that the Schindler's need to "move on" with their lives, I do not agree with this stance. I find that it is not my right to demand that of others when I am not in their position. And, while it may be a truthful expression, it is particularly callous and can rarely be expressed without offending those in grief. In my opinion, it falls under the "if you don't have anything good to say ..." concept, although that concept has been battered throughout the past week or so.

As the clock began counting down on Terri's life, there have also been a number of rather strange events where seemingly good natured people have tried to help her in ways that are often counter-productive. Take for example, the genius who decided to put a quarter of a million dollar bounty on Michael Schiavo's head via the internet. One appreciates the bounty-maker's zeal for saving Terri, but finds the hypocrisy of trying to kill Michael Schiavo by doing so to be rather hilarious. The moron who tried robbing a gun store with a razor ranks up there with the most moronic criminals. That said, I found the story of the children arrested for trying to bring water into the hospice to be noble. When we have disgruntled fat kids shooting up high schools, it should be applauded when children are trying to save a life instead of taking them.

Despite the wall-to-wall coverage of the Schiavo story, the media has been lackluster in covering some of the basic questions that have arisen from this story. Firstly, a thorough investigation into how exactly Terri Schiavo was originally injured. Secondly, a detailed look at her rehabilitation or lack thereof since she first became sick. Thirdly, a comprehensive look at the money trail that surely exists surrounding this case. Instead, we are fed images of protestors, a revolving door of "experts" and talking heads, and tear soaked press conferences. Were the media accurately following this story, then the furor of the masses may have been lessened, but that goes counter to the media's intent, of course.

It has been said by many a great thinker that the media does not tell the American people what to think, but what to think about. If that is the case, then they want us all to be thinking about the Terri Schiavo story and have thusly accomplished their devious task. Irregardless of what side you are on in this great debate, one thing is certain : something stinks about this story. There is more to this story than a woman clinging to life in the hospital and the various factions battling for her future. It's bigger than that.

The End Game

As alluded to earlier in this piece, there is indeed elements of the "end game" at work throughout the Schiavo case. The best perspective I'd heard on it was from, shockingly, a caller on Saturday night's Art Bell episode of C2C. A caller speculated that this was setting the precendent for mass euthanasia following a bout with Mad Cow. While I may part company with him regarding the outbreak of Mad Cow, which could easily be replaced with one of the umpteen diseases purportedly heading out way if you believe many in the esoteric world.

No, it doesn't have to be just Mad Cow, but the point is clear. The public, at large, is being "educated" on euthanasia by a complicit mass media and their puppet string masters, whomever they may be. I've not the data in front of me, but one would assume that the Schiavo story has caused a mass outbreak of confused and frightened citizens desperate to make sure this does not happen to them and their families. Based on the scant video evidence presented and "doctor's opinions" provided by the mainstream media, one can assume than many of those confused and frightened citizens will opt to ask for the plug to be pulled. Thusly, eliminating a great portion of the population, should a disease arrive that causes such symptoms.

Disease specialist and quality "big picture" medical analyst Jon Rappaport suggested that the public at large cannot be shown the miraculous recovery of Terri Schiavo, should such a thing occur. And while critics will claim "that that is not possible", we will never know, because Rappaport is correct in her suggestions. To see Schiavo recover would undermine everything the public has been told and would cause them to being questioning everything, something that simply will not be allowed to happen.

Therein lies the end game. A social precedent, if not a legal precedent, to allow for widespread euthanasia, should the need arise. Meanwhile, we must not forget the impending baby boomer crowd, who will be reaching the age of "vegitation" in no time flat. There's also that whole social security problem looming on the horizon. Anyone who thinks the New World Order wouldn't want to see a mass population reduction is a fool. You do the math.

One concludes at this writing that it is probably too late for Terri Schiavo. She will probably die there in her hospital bed with her husband by her side and her parents in the parking lot. She is but one victim in a larger crime being perpetrated on the American people, if not the world citizens, at large. We will probably come a day, not too far in the distance, when we will note how common place deaths like Terri Schiavo's will be in our society. For those of us who will remember this story, the groundwork it laid will be evident.

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