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Thanks be to Rense


If there is one man in esoteric radio who gets the short end of the stick here @ binnallofamerica.com, it's Jeff Rense. While we all love his show, we barely have time to cover it for BoA. This year, in an effort to kick off Thanksgiving in our own demented way, we give thanks to the man that is Jeff Rense and his wonderfully informative and, at times, wacky radio show.

Here now, in no particular order, are eleven reasons to love Rense. I'm sure we could have listed more, but time was limited.

Monthly Marrs

Jim Marrs gets a one hour slot every month with Rense. He's appeared something like 3 times on C2C in the last year (once last Friday, once for Roundtable I (April of '04), and once for a solo shot the previous February) That's criminal, the man is among a handful of researchers who I would rank among the best of the best today.

Rense Hates TV

Yes. One of my favorite Rense rants is his anti-television rant. Included in this rant is the story of how the Chinese aimed to have a TV set in every home by the year 2000. If you've listened to Rense for any length of time you have heard this approx. 30 times already. Let's not forget the other ditty where he calls television the greatest weapon ever unleashed upon the human race (or something vaguely similar).

Sherman Skolnick

Everything Richard C. Hoagland used to be. Insane, Insightful, and Irrepresible. A conspiracy under every rock ... and they're all connected ! He has his own catchphrases, including telling everyone to get a pen and paper ready for his e-mail address (a Skolnick staple). The scheduling of Skolnick is great, as he just shows up, unannounced, when big news breaks, so you're like, "Yes ! Skolnick pop-in !"

Rense Hates Popular Music

Another Rense rant. Rense once went to a record store, a little girl was there, she had headphones on and was jamming to the music. It scarred Rense from that moment on. He mentions it everytime popular music is brought up. Throw in the story of how he chaperoned a high school dance once and was repulsed and you have Rense's hilarious disdain for popular music.

Webster Tarpley

The man is awesome, I am in awe of him. I think his delivery is second to none and his research and observations are excellent. I can see how some would not be fans of Tarpley, depending on their pov re: 911, but he is a great person to listen to when you want some hardcore conspiracy. C2C likes to have pro-911 Truth Movement guests on, but only seem to produce the babbling and embarrasing Eric Hufschmid and the over-the-top Alex Jones. I'd mention David Ray Griffin but he was practically muted on his sole appearance during the 911 Roundtable that featured Jones and Peter Lance having an on-air slapfight. Tarpley is gold and the fact that Rense has him for interviews when big news goes down is another huge reason I dig the show.

No Callers

To the best of my knowledge, I've never heard a caller on Rense and if they do have callers it's pretty rare. Sometimes, I really hate the people that call C2C. With no Rense Open Lines nights to clog up the schedule, it feels like there aren't as many wasted nights. Plus, sometimes I just don't care what Joe in Podunk, Illinois has to ask Michael Tsarion, because chances are that the call will devolve into an a> obvious question, b> rambling "point" with no particular question, or c> a stupid question. Rense spares me from having to hear that nonsense.

Rense Regulars

Another cool aspect of Rense is that he has a set "playlist" of guests that appear on certain days of the weeks and weeks of the month. Whether it be Brad Steiger or Charles R. Smith, you're sure to hear from them at least once a month. Rense Regulars are like Baskin Robbins flavors. Everyone has a favorite and there is bound to be an option to satisfy even the more ardent esoteric researchers.

No Weekend Episodes

It's nice to have a break sometimes. I think it leads to less "stretching" to find more guests.

Monthly Alex Jones 3 Hour Episodes

You gotta hand it to Alex Jones. He's managed the trifecta of esoteric radio, carte blanche on both C2C and Rense and hosting his own show. I'm far too busy to catch AJ on his normal hours, so his monthly Rense visits act as my band aid for that bullet wound. Plus, with Alex being on Rense so much and Rense being more "underground" than C2C, Alex is more likely to chill out and have a nice conversation with Rense. I can't recall how many hilarious Jones quips I've heard on his visits. Just recently, I was laughing about the "gun advice" he gave out in the 3rd hour of his October visit. Damn, that was a riot.

No "News of the Day"

Oddly, Rense doesn't even read the news at the beginning of the show like most other shows do. He just goes right to the guest. Since I listen on delay on MP3, I appreciate not having to hear the "news" from an episode that could be a month old.

Frequent Friedman

For some good reason that I don't know, Ufology legend Stanton Friedman appears on Rense for a 2 hour shot every few months. They have awesome repoire and the conversations are almost always both enlightening and entertaining. Friedman seems to be in such high demand that he doesn't do too many radio shows nowadays (rarely appearing on C2C) so whatever I can hear of him and his latest travels and adventures are much appreciated.

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