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2005's 12 Guests C2C Needs


" I can think of at least a dozen guests (and shall list them soon when I have time) worthy of an appearance on C2C more than these clods they have appearing this week. " -- binnall, 9.27.4, on the Coast to Coast AM message boards.

And like that, an annual esoteric tradition was born. Welcome, my friends, to 12 Guests C2C Needs. After a full year of parsing over potential guests, wannabe esotericists, and undiscovered geniuses, we've narrowed down this year's list of "Must Have" guests to a biblical twelve. Much like last year, the compilation of this list was marred by all night screaming debates, endless straw polls, and a handful of death threats to BoA HQ. Nonetheless, the list is complete. Submitted for your perusal ... 12 Guests C2C Needs.

Notes : "Not listed" means they are not listed in the guest archive at coasttocoastam.com nor the artbell.com cd rom. When applicable, books proposed as topics are listed in quotes.

1> Melinda Leslie : Military re-abductions of UFO abductees. Abstract : A long time abductee researcher who focuses on an often unspoken of realm of abduction : the re-abduction and its connection to blacks ops military. Tons of fascinating material from a fresh perspective. Last C2C Appearance : 8.18.2000

2>Webster Tarpley : "911 : Synthetic Terrorism". Abstract : Perhaps the best and most eloquent speaker on the 911 story and it's big picture ramifications. Fantastic researcher and geopolitical observer. His book is a tour de force. Last C2C Appearance : None listed.

3>Alfred Webre : "Exopolitics". Abstract : Only the "Father of Exopolitics". Webre was about integrating Earth's society into the galactic society back in the Carter Administration and has recently become a major force in the new exopolitical movement. Last C2C Appearance : 7.6.2000

4>Dan Aykroyd : UFOs. Abstract : The biggest "name" celebrity to push for answers to the UFO enigma. A lifetime member of MUFON and someone who has deeply researched UFOs. Last C2C Appearance : 12.5.2001

5>Graham Hancock : Ayahuasca Adventures. Abstract : Former multi-time C2C guest who has taken his research in a whole new direction. Once solely focused on ancient civilizations he has embraced the world of shamanism and the infamous psychotropic ayahuasca. Definitely time for an update from Hancock. Last C2C Appearance : 10.23.2002

6>Walt Andrus : MUFON, early UFO organizations. Abstract : Only the founder of MUFON. A living legend in Ufology who has seen it all. The former 30 year director of MUFON is a witness to the history of various UFO study organizations. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

7>John Burnett : " Where Soldiers Fear to Tread : A Relief Worker's Tale of Survival". Abstract : This guy hung out with and got to know the infamous child soldiers of Africa and lived to tell about it. Chilling stuff. Also an expert on modern day pirates, another overlooked potential C2C topic. Last C2C Appearance : 10.15.2002

8>Royce Myers : ufowatchdog.com. Abstract : With Noory's constant attempts to escape the shadow of Art Bell, Myers would be the perfect guest to finally finish the job. A tough critic of C2C "favorite sons" Ed Dames and Sean David Morton. A serious, but funny, Ufologist who would give C2C a huge dose of "street cred" in the esoteric community. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

9>John Greenewald : theblackvault.com. Abstract : One of the few prominent members of the next generation of Ufology. The man behind the hugely successful Black Vault franchise and someone who has made gigantic contributions to Ufology at a very young age. Last C2C Appearance : 9.28.2002

10>Sherman Skolnick : skolnicksreport.com. Abstract : My guilty pleasure of the list. Skolnick is a wild man with a deep running conspiracy thread throughout everything. A joy to listen to, as he makes the news of the day sound more adventurous with each interview. The master of shadowy intrigue. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

11>Joe Fex : Alternative Theories in Cryptozoology. Abstract : I discovered this guy through a DVD I picked up where he deals in alternative Sasquatch theories. Seriously out-there stuff, dealing in Bigfoot being abducted by ETs amongst other oddities. Definitely Coast worthy. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

12>Sherry Shriner : Bible Code. Abstract : Perhaps the most insane esoteric mind since Nancy Lieder. Shriner claims to study the Bible Code, has lots of odd twists to it, mispronounces everything, and brings joy to all who listen. Last C2C Appearance : None Listed.

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