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2005's 12 Guests C2C Needs, Revisited


" I can think of at least a dozen guests (and shall list them soon when I have time) worthy of an appearance on C2C more than these clods they have appearing this week. " -- an enraged binnall, 9.27.2004, on the Coast to Coast AM message boards.

An irate message board rant that spawned a tradition. For the third year in a row, BoA hopes to come together and form a list. A list of esotericists we think could create radio majic. They deserve to get the call for their arrival on (or return to) the big stage that is Coast to Coast AM. They are 12 Guests C2C Needs.

But first, much like last year, it's time to look back at the previous year's infamous and much-discussed 12 Guests C2C Needs ('05). Four of the dozen folks we picked as having that "it factor" made it to the big stage. Sadly, 7 didn't make the cut in the last year and one died before we got to revisit the list here in October. (For total historic significance, feel free to refer back to the original list from 2004, 20 Guests C2C Needs)

Next week, we'll unveil the 2006 edition of "12 Guests C2C Needs". Rumours are already running rampant about this year's list and BoA HQ is in a total lockdown as the debate and parsing of the list has begun.

Who Made It

Alfred Webre (3) appeared on 11.28.2005.

Webre was a big part of the esoteric headline making story of Paul Hellyer endorsing UFO disclosure in the Fall of '05. He made a 1st hour C2C appearance to discuss the Hellyer story with Noory. Could appear again at any time, such is the case with the disclosure movement, though Noory's distaste of the Hellyer story may hamper it from happening.

Dan Aykroyd (4) appeared on 6.4.2006.

One of the most discussed and anticipated episodes of C2C for 2005. Aykroyd appeared in the first hour of this episode, with David Sereda, to talk about the film "Dan Aykroyd : Unplugged on UFOs". Disappointing in that Aykroyd only appeared for an hour, but understandable, considering his celebrity status. The appearance was marred by C2C callers, who were asinine at best.

Graham Hancock (5) appeared on 11.1.2005 / 9.28.2006.

Hancock appeared on the show soon after the publication of last year's list for a full show discussion on his latest adventures with ayuahasca. So strong was this appearance that Hancock would return less than a year later to further his ayuahasca-based theories.

Royce Myers (8) appeared on 10.6.2006.

Easily one of the longshots on last year's list, Royce Myers shocked the world (or at least binnall) by getting the C2C invite in early October. As expected, Myers put in a strong showing, seemed to impress Noory, and now may end up on the C2C shortlist for "skeptics". Whether this will all lead to the much hoped for SDM v. UFO WD showdown is anyone's guess.

Who Didn't Make It

Melinda Leslie (1)

Leslie seems content to lay low and do her research, so I don't foresee an appearance any time soon. That said, it would be nice to have her re-acquainted with the C2C audience and it has been an awful long time since she's been on the show (6 years). The material would certainly be fresher than some of the usual rehashed niches on Coast.

Webster Tarpley (2)

Shockingly, Tarpley still has not appeared on Coast. I thought around the Summer time it would happen, since Tarpley was on Dreamland, but he never "got the call". Given the plethora of 911 guests to have appeared on the show, the absence of Tarpley is glaring. He should be on the show ASAP and I wouldn't be surprised if he was, but something tells me it will be a while, still.

Walt Andrus (4)

Not surprising, as I think Andrus is, for the most part, "retired" from the UFO field nowadays. Still worthy of an appearance, for historical purposes alone.

John Burnett (7)

A perfect "Ian" guest and someone who could be on any day now.

John Greenewald (9)

I'm surprised we haven't heard much from Greenewald, given that he's working a lot on esoteric stuff for basic cable now. For someone with a lot going on, he is surprisingly quiet. Has been on C2C before, so he could be on again at any point.

Sherman Skolnick (10)

Sadly, Skolnick passed away on 5.22.2006, so he never made it to Coast. He is sorely missed.

Joe Fex (11)

A potential great guest for Coast and someone who is really an undiscovered gem. Noory or Ian would rock out a killer show with Fex, though he may make Bell want to pull out his hair. If the two paths crossed (Fex and Coast) it would be pretty cool. It could happen, but I don't see it coming about for another year or two maybe.

Sherry Shriner (12)

Another potential gem that Noory would really dig. Wild, untamed, controversial, and hilarious. She's perfect. It could happen, but I have a feeling she's too wild for Coast.


4 out of 12 made the show. So we can score it at 33%, which is up from our 25% last year, though the pool was larger in '04, so I may be wrong on the statistics side.

I was happy with the episodes that did feature the 4 picks from the list. Sadly, only one of them (Hancock) got a full show slot, though it appears that Myers will be back. Aykroyd was more historic than anything and Webre could appear again at any time given his status with the exopolitics community.

Of the guests who didn't make it, the forecast breaks down like this :

Possible for next year : Webster Tarply, John Burnett, and John Greenewald,

On the Fence : Melinda Leslie, Joe Fex, and Sherry Shriner

Highly doubtful for next year : Walt Andrus

Sadly, unavailable : Sherman Skolnick

04's List Revisited

Appeared in the last year : Peter Robbins (9.6.6, 1/2 hour appearance to talk about Bentwaters),

Loren Coleman (too numerous to list, became C2C's go to guy on cryptozoology),

Jim Marrs (4 appearances and hopefully more in the future),

Alexandra Robbins (8.28.6, talking about "Overacheivers")

Change from last year : Essentially 4 of the six who made it from the '04 list got invited back, Grant Cameron and Terry Hansen haven't come back yet but could at any point. Those who didn't make it last year, also didn't make it this year. Forecasts, as stated last year, remain in effect.

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