Stanton Friedman on Rense (1.4.5) : FULL RECAP


They don't call him the Father of Modern Day Ufology for nothing, folks, as Stanton Friedman held court on The Jeff Rense Show for a captivating 2 hours last week that was so riveting, we felt the need to bring you a special recap of the episode. So sit back, pop open a cold one, and enjoy a the master of MJ 12 and the ruler of Roswell, discuss UFOs, the Fermi Paradox, debunkers, his many media appearances, his C2C debate from last July, and a host of other stuff, all seen through the eyes of binnallofamerica. If you can, get a hold of this interview, because it's a great one.

Hour One

Rense gushes over Friedman big time for the intro, an astounding two and a half minutes, rivaling some '70's hair bands.

Sidebar discussion on Celcius v. Farenheit and cold weather, hilarious.

His recent appearance on Rense produced a strong lead in the Flatwoods case. And, recently, some 2nd generation info. He strongly suggests folks who know things and are nearing the end of their lives to open up and give up any info.

Unsolved Mysteries did not give out their # for the Roswell segment but still got "dozens" of calls re: Roswell. Friedman admits not all of them were fruitful, comparing it to Wade Bogg's batting average. (seriously)

Friedman recalls his debate w. Laurence William Kraus (sp?). He says it illustrated some of the problems of Ufology. Friedman says he read 2 of Kraus's books prior to the debate and it was clear that Kraus did no research. Friedman pointed out numerous errors in Kraus's books.

He goes on to talk about his debate w. Seth Shostak on C2C. Rense says he won't have Shostak on his show. Friedman gives some humorous background to the debate. Friedman regrets not using his "Silly Effort to Investigate" tag for SETI on C2C.

Moving on, he cites a recent paper in the "The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society" by several UFO bigwigs. Essentially stating that the UFO issue is not as far out now, given what we know about String Theory, etc.

"I'm a big fan of Enrico Fermi" Friedman says. Friedman recounts how he was at University of Chicago when Fermi died. Fermi Paradox : Fermi said that it took a certain amount of time for life to develop and spread and there should be sufficient time for this to happen and he wondered where 'they' were. Friedman suggests that this was Fermi's sly way of getting a point across that 'they' were already here.

On the subject of skepticism, Friedman observes that skepticism has devolved into "debunkdom". He goes on to discuss how on a UFO forum, a Ufologist dissed another book and, it turns out, hadn't read the book and was incorrect in his assertions. Friedman subsequently mocked him unmercifully. (I'll have to get my hands on that exchange)

Friedman recounts how Phil Klass appeared on Larry King, with David Jacobs, dismissed abductions as from people who are mentally unstable and it turned out he'd not read Jacobs' book and that Klass was an electrical engineer, thusly having no background that suggest any ability to ascertain mental capabilities.

The Cometa Report comes up and how Friedman accidentally let slip on Rense in the past that he had an English version of The Cometa Report and subsequently ended up having lots of problems with the Cometa people who were mad he was distributing the report.

Friedman speculates that The Cometa Report was intended as a shot at the US for keeping UFOs covered up and no follow up has come from the Cometa folks.

Hour Two

Rense reads a couple of UFO reports from Peter Davenport.

In some interesting news, Friedman alludes to the recent reports from India of serious UFO activity. He says he may be taking a trip to China for a UFO conference. He notes they have a large UFO organization over there that are serious minded scientists. Says he hopes to find out some info re: India's UFO situation while over there.

Friedman points out that there is a nuclear reactor near the coast of India and ponders the fate of that after the Tsunami. He also enlightens us to a variety of interesting nuclear power plant tidbits and trivium. Regarding the tsunami, Friedman observes that it brought home the notion that Americans don't seem to grasp the vastness of population centers outside of the US.

Rense wants Friedman to call up when he gets to China. Friedman mentions that he'll be at a "Dolphins and UFOs" conference that he calls "weird" and then "eclectic". But he is looking forward to swimming with the dolphins.

This year @ Roswell, Friedman plans on presenting a paper on "Top Government UFO Lies"

Post-lecture meetings are often fruitful for information for Friedman. Again, he recounts his "straw polls" @ his various lectures.

Friedman cites some interesting poll numbers from his TV debate in the UK. Says it is important for people to understand that they "are not alone" in their beliefs that UFOs are real. If that can be accomplished, it will help spread the belief.

In a final story, Friedman recounts how he appeared on CNN's Larry King special in the desert and the producer confided that "most people don't believe in UFOs" and Friedman pointed out how the way the show was formatted belied that producer's skewed belief. Rense observes that if the first person someone tells rebukes the story, then that is often "the end of it."

Closing out the show, Rense asks people with information to "not take it with you, leave it for us".

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