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binnall reviews "Predictions with George Noory"

Play by Play


I did my best to keep along with the show. This is a running time commentary on the show by binnall.

Contain herein are the predictions, for the most part, so consider this your


Check HERE for my overall analysis of the show.

We kick it off with The Noor, George Noory, standing in front of some smoky background speculating about what may happen in the future. It's surreal seeing Noory's voice coming out of a human body. He doesn't seem as gaunt as I imagined him to be.

He calls the cast of characters on the Predictions Special a new generation of prognosticators. They have some cool effects here as they flash each psychic on the screen.

After a catchy little graphic to introduce the show, we go right to the first psychic ...

Sean David Morton, who looks like someone stuffed him into a suit. Yikes, this man is looking portly. Noory introduces him, giving him credit for predictions for an earthquake, Clinton's impeachment, and the 2000 election controversy.

Before we get to the predictions, Noory asks how SDM "does this".

We then cut to what is sure to be the first of many hilarious scenes. Noory is sitting in what best can be described as either a fortune teller's office or an opium den. Between a sitting Noory and Morton, a little table sits with what best can be described as a "crystal ball".

SDM gives us background on his life, including pictures of Morton in Nepal. He still looks fat as hell in this setting.

He calls himself "an American success story".

They have a nice little graphic on the bottom of the screen giving a definition of "intuitive" for people who are non smart to esoteric terms.

SDM predicts earthquakes in Northern California from April to October.

Noory asks about the Middle East.

SDM says Iraq will be divided into 3 separate nations and that the US will be invade Syria at that time.

He says worse scandals for the Bush Administration. Indictment for Rove. Un-indicted co-conspirators : Bush and Cheney. Cheney steps down.

Of note here, is that the show gives a sweet little graphic that says the prediction on-screen so there is little room for confusion on the predictions.

He says the new VP may be Jeb Bush/Condoleeza Rice/or a "man with dark hair".

No huge groundswell for Democrats in '06, but maybe at 2008. He sees Jeb Bush as the GOP candidate.

Hard times in the economy, hyperinflation and housing bubble bursts. Gold will reach an all-time high.

Morton's suit jacket is also far too small for him but his tie is nice.

He makes some picks for stocks, as is his custom. Entertainment companies and he emphasizes "family values". Construction companies.

Noory wants to know if he'll ever spend $1.50 for a gallon of gas again and SDM says No.

He predicts $80 a barrel for oil. Noory is stunned.

SDM predicts a surge towards spirituality in 2006.

Noory says SDM gets "more hits than Barry Bonds".

They do a nice little "summation" with SDM with all of his predictions.

Ed Dames is next.

Noory does a little definition on Remote Viewing for newcomers.

Ed Dames has a faint "Hulkster moustache", which is hilarious. He also has the hair cut of an 8 year old boy, that "bowl cut" type look.

Wow. Ed Dames looks homeless, no lie.

Noory asks why they call him "Dr.Doom".

Dames talks about how he would scare "the White House", ostensibly when he worked as a CIA Remote Viewer.

Dames predicts "lots of lime pits with dead birds in them". No human variant ... yet.

Earth changes ... big earthquake in Seattle or Tacoma, Washington. The Ocean will come into the land.

Noory is chagrined at the description of "jelly fish up on land".

Black Mold will be a serious problem in the Gulf States and Florida.

He's trying to explain how they remote view the year 2006. It makes no sense.

He's explaining his timing system for remote viewing.

Noory wants the "beyond 2006" prediction. Dames says it is "too grim to even talk about."

He predicts lots of infant deaths due to lack of milk due to Mad Cow.

Noory busts out his first "quite frankly" and I cheer like a school girl.

Stan Deyo is next. Noory gives him credit for the '04 Tsunami prediction. He also credits him with a big quake prediction for Japan.

Stan Deyo sports some funky "hunting boots" and has a sweet "salt and pepper" beard. Most stylish guest so far, easily.

He explains his background in 'quake prediction. Anyone who heard him a few weeks back on Coast caught this.

He says he gets 80% hit rates.

Noory says "nobody gets hit rates like that, that's amazing". Ugh.

Deyo says the window is "zero to 5 days"

Noory wants to know how they figure out the "intensity" of the event.

They show some swank graphics of Deyo's computer program for 'quake prediction.

He says there is some movement and pressure going on just north of San Francisco. He suggests a sort of wave of quakes in the 8 range.

Noory asks if San Fran could be destroyed.

Deyo says "easily".

More hurricanes in '06.

Deyo manages to set himself up for "another evening" to talk about chem trails. Um, this is a TV special, Stan, not C2C.

More tornados in a "burst".

This is more of a "rap session" than the previous two segments.

Deyo starts making biblical references.

Hans Christian King is next.

Apparently, major police departments use HCK for help.

He has silvery hair and moustache, looks pretty generic.

He says he was helped by Indians or something. He says it's natural.

Noory is lighthearted here as they discuss his background. Pretty funny stuff if you ever want to see what Noory looks like when he makes one of his corny jokes.

HCK predicts a Democratic groundswell for '06. Impeachment talk that won't go anywhere.

Cheney may have to step down. Rumsfeld will get caught up in scandal.

Oil will be moderate. Moderate recession in 2006.

Noory asks Earth Changes.

King says more hurricanes and Earthquakes.

Noory asks about "years out".

HCK says flooding of nations. Florida will be flooded, but NY will figure out how to work around it.

Major evacuations of major cities eventually.

Noory asks about the pandemic. Noory gets across his anti-bird flu stance.

King says no bird flu pandemic.

Dr. Louis Turi is next ! Yes !

Noory is putting Turi over huge here. Noory calls Turi a "modern day prophet".

Wow. Turi's wig is as bad as ever. That was worth the 5 bucks for the show right there.

He looks likes a suave Frenchman who could probably kick my ass (except for the wig).

Noory loves how Turi predicts dates.

Turi says it is the result of trial and error over the years.

He uses the methods of Nostradamus. He says he has the gift of Edgar Cayce and the great prophets of the past.

Noory wants to know about '06. Noory wants to start with February.

Turi wants the audience, that's you, to take him seriously.

Oh damn ! Turi whips out some Ben Franklin eyeglasses to read his notes. He looks like Robert De Nero now.

He's busting out dates like nobody's business, I can't even keep track. I'll try though.

February 11th -- Massive relocation

February 19th -- Terror attack, dramatic news involving death and police

February 26th -- Explosion / Earthquake

March 8th -- Massive relocation

March 13th -- He won't say what it will be so we won't be scared.

March 19th -- Terrorist activity

March 25th -- Serious earthquake or explosion

April 6th -- Massive relocation

April 14th -- terrorist activity

April 21st -- Explosion/earthquake/tornado

May 13th -- terrorist attack

July 6th -- Police / Corruption, "Secret comes to light"

July 13th -- Explosion / Earthquake

July 23rd -- "A date you have to be careful"

November 9th, 19th, 26th -- No point in getting into details. He asks what the difference is between each different Earth Changes. He doesn't want to put out the negative energy.

He then passionately whips around his notes to the camera and says "Here they are ! Look at it ! Be careful, be cautious !" Damn, that was awesome.

They then show a big graphic with the dates for Turi's predictions, including the ones he didn't say. I won't bother listing them here, but I have them, should something come up.

Noory asks if these are dates that people should "stay home".

Turi says people should not go out those days and to be careful.

Noory asks about the long term future.

Turi says August and February of '07 ... nuclear exchange.

Noory asks accident or terror attack.

Turi says nuclear plants are a target of terrorist, plus they want nuclear weapons.

Noory asks for Turi's advice.

Turi says, "do you really want me to answer that ?"

Noory says yes.

Turi waxes poetic about the world.

Dr. Art Rosengarten ... whom I've never heard of before, uses tarot as his gimmick.

Noory asks for Rosengarten to explain why tarot aren't evil.

Rosey gives us some background on tarot.

Noory wants to know what makes them work, why they are accurate.

They then discuss what "gives the tarot power". This is more of a background than predictions.

Rosengarten should have shaved before coming on, his beard is awful.

Noory wants some specifics for '06.

He asks about Earth Changes.

Rosengarten goes through the cards to show us what they say about this.

Noory does a typical reaction to the name of the "Devil Card", that is pretty amusing.

His prediction was vague enough to where I have no idea what he said would happen. He's good.

Oh, he's doing the tarot right now while they are doing the interview, that's cool.

Noory wants to know about the cultural changes in 2006.

Rosey says '06 begins with "menace and ignorance to a sense of "out of control" then a positive ending to the year".

He cites the cards by name to justify his prediction.

Noory wants to know about the possibilities for a nuclear holocaust.

Rosengarten says a "disruption of flow in things". Um, okay.

He keeps citing the cards to justify it, but it still makes no sense.

He says some spiritual lesson will be learned via the disaster.

Noory tries to pin him down on a "yes" or "no" on this.

Rosengarten says there will be a major event that will be a disturbance in the middle of the year.

Noory wants to know about the financial state of 2006.

The "devil reversed" comes up again and Noory is pretty chagrined. Nice look of chagrin from Noory.

He's waxing poetic here, says something about a "global economy", but nothing specific.

Noory waxes poetic here too, saying "there's much more than meets the eye". I doubt it.

Rosengarten was so bad, one of his "summation" predictions was "situations get worse".

Joe Jacobs, Noory's C2C pal, is next.

He looks surprisingly like a distinguished librarian.

He uses playing cards for his stuff.

He says 2006 is a "snowball year", good stuff gets better, bad stuff gets worse.

January -- a disaster month. A lot of losses of various kinds. Also, October is a disasterous month.

2006 -- a lot of "group activities", unions, much like the '60s.

March 22 to July 3rd -- "Blockage in the US", labor and law problems

End of January to mid-May -- Rough time for Bush.

After May -- Tough time for Tony Blair.

May 14th to July 4th -- Dangerous time for Israel.

Japan will be "up and down" all year, re-organization time.

N.Korea should be "okay".

NYC -- July 26th to mid-September rough time.

2006 could be a positive year.

Noory asks for major stuff.

Jacobs says August will be bad.

Noory points out that Jacobs thinks we can alter the future.

Jacobs expounds on that concept.

Noory asks for a "reading on the United States".

Jacobs says March and April will be crucial months.

Noory asks if "difficult times" relates to people, America, or the world.

Jacobs says "the world".

No major deaths until 2007.

Noory hilariously asks if anything will "come out of the sky and save us"

Jacobs says possibly alien contact in 2007 and he has a sly look on his face. Then possibly in Fall of '09.

Numbers Lady Glynis McCants wraps it all up.

Glynis is larger than I expected, but still a kinda sexy looking dame. Kudos, Glynis.

She gives a background on numerology.

Noory asks some generic numerology questions.

Noory, "Why are numbers so important ?" You kill me, Noory.

Glynis swears by the numbers.

She manages to bring up and tell the story of how she met her husband via his "numbers".

Now ... the '06 predictions.

She says 2006 is an 8 year.

World troubles in 2006.

Repair will be big in '06 after the disaster of 2005.

She says put the 8 in your wallet.

She says "take advice". Bush will be in trouble for not taking advice.

2007 -- "new beginnings". World unity.

2008 -- "In the driver's seat of your life". The world will feel more "together", whatever that means.

Noory wants some readings for the future of people.

He asks about Hillary Clinton.

Glynis is studying her notes. She's doing the whole shebang on Hillary for us, explaining her numbers.

She says don't bet against her.

Noory wants to know about Tom Cruise, of all people.

Glynis says Tom and Katie Holmes are a "natural match". I can sleep better tonight.

She mentions Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch.

Overall for '06 ... "no dull moments".

Noory wraps up the special by putting over the psychics and wishes us a "good year".

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