Sherry Shriner on Rense (1.13.5) : FULL RECAP


Ding ding, dong dong, ding dong ding dong ... yes, it's that time once again for a Rense Rewind. This time around, it's an insane interview with Sherry Shriner from 1.13.5.


Before even saying her name, Rense rips on Bible codes.

Sherry rips on Drosnin, saying she won't go there. Says everything in mankind from beginning to end can be found in Genesis 1.

Says the King James Bible was a hackjob. She only works with the Torah.

She belongs to no affliiation or Church, though claims God is directing her.

Rense throws out the skeptics point of view to Shriner. Shriner spins it, saying that God won't allow them to see the codes. Heavy religious talk here.

Says the codes are layered. "You just know" she says, comparing the Bible Code to a cartoon.

Rense gives the sterotypical view of what the Bible Code Matrix is and Shriner spins it similarly, focusing also on the "4 corners" aspect.

She's been doing this for 3 years. She started doing private readings. Rense cautiously compares it to astrology.

She says the Codes predict in 5 different directions. So predicting the future is futile.

She mispronounces Tsunami as "too-sa-na-mi". Ugh.


Jeff asks if "codes" are formulas or information and she says information.

She says she's never taken anything off her webpage, Jeff jokes that it is 2.5 miles long. He cites a "bohemian grove" code from the page. Reading it out. It says Satan is "headmaster" of Bohemian Grove and that George Bush is the "administrator". Yikes.

"what i like to do is break it down and make it easier for people. ... I just post what's relevant." says Shriner.

Book plug : she has a book on "the coming UFO invasion" and "the bible code".

She says the aliens control the New World Order agenda.

She says she can see 7 or 8 UFOs any night. "They disguise themselves as airplanes. ... They'll disguise themselves as stars." Rense sorta agrees with her but he may just be humoring her.


Jeff's webmaster put stuff up on Hilarious dead air moment as Shriner tries to get to the site and Rense tries to explain it to her.

"My computer's been on nonstop for 3 days straight", she claims.

Rense asks about a "bin laden, miami" code. Shriner gives a long, convoluted story about a "miami code" that spells out a nuclear strike @ miami, never quite explaining how she gets from the code to this story. She does reveal that her initial search revealed 5 words and she used them to paint this scenario.

Somewhere in there, she mispronounces "tsunami" as "too-sa-na-mi" again. Rense hilariously corrects her this time, including saying "silent 't' ".

Says the NWO is broken into the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers and "what most people don't realize is there's a 3rd one as well ... which is the aliens". Uh oh. Apparently the aliens are using the humans to set up the NWO and then they'll take over.

"Same old story" observes Rense as her theory unfolds. She rips on FEMA next.


Another code discussed. Shriner alleges that chemtrails are a joint Navy / Air Force project, funded directly from the White House. Claims that it is a depopulation project and also a means to making the air quality on Earth more conducive to aliens.

Claims also that aliens are producing chemtrails as well and that they are basing their operations out of Mars. She says the aliens are cloaking their ships as planes to spray chemtrails. She claims she saw a plane lose it's cloaking and it was an alien ship. She also sounds like a teenager trying to get attention. She has a website on how to defeat Chemtrails w. instructions.

Last code discussed : Bohemian Grove. Barely one sentence on that one and Rense moves quickly away from codes to Sherry's alien agend story.

Rense talks about how huge her website is. Rense keeps talking about her homepage and she says "which one" and then reveals she has 12 webpages ! Who does she think she is, Alex Jones ? Each one covers a certain area, she says.

She pushes her site and then (which she says is probably her home site) Humorous dead air here, as Rense tries to find the right webpage.

"How much longer before it is too late ?" Rense asks. She says this year is going to be a wake up call.

Brief discussion on the Nesara Liberation of America, which I've never heard of before, but is apparently pretty big. Sherry says she has a site on it. She claims Nesara is the Antichrist's "political and economic policy." Purported to be endorsed by Bill Clinton, but Rense says no one can find any evidence that this is even remotely true.

Sherry brings up the maitreya, pronouncing it "May-tree-ya", which Rense promptly corrects her on. Rense says there are 2 maitreyas (news to me). He also says that those behind the Nesara story claimed that Peter Davenport was a gov't agent, which made Rense disavow the whole story.

Sherry starts her big spiel again about how there is a power struggle going on between NWO factions. Rense brings up the dead microbiologists and Sherry says the NWO uses them to create diseases and then kill them after getting the "anecdotes". Rense replies hilariously with "antidotes. It's a good anecdote, too."

Rense gives a small recap of the dead microbiologist story heading into the break.


Rense addresses the "maitreya legend". Before that, he mocks her many many websites.

He says there are 2 people claiming to be the maitreya. Shriner mispronounces Creme (as in Bejamin Creme) and Rense corrects her. To which she replies, "Sherry has her -- I have my own dictionary." ... Yikes.

She says the "other" maitreya is involved in Nasera. Apparently this maitreya is a "dead ringer" for Jesus.

She goes into an insane rant here on who the Jesus lookalike maitreya is :

Sherry : St.Senanda is the one that will walk through walls at the Pentagon ... Ya know when these freaks get together and have their meetings ... the aliens show up.

Rense : Who is this guy ?

Shriner : Well, Senanda ... what they are is they're 'aneks' They are anekum. They're part of, the fallen angel crowd, the alien crowd. These more or less called the Omegan Faction. The Omegans are the last day armies of Lucifer.

Oh yeah, and he's a shapeshifter too. Wow.

Rense questions the credibility of the photographs of him. He also calls him a "dishwater blonde".

Rense points out that the Maitreya is a dead ringer for Jesus probably for a reason. Sherry jumps on this and uses it, saying that he can shapeshift into any religious icon. Rense says he bets he was born in Brooklyn.

Time for alien talk. Shriner says she started by trying to verify Sitchen's work ... by using the bible code. Blind leading the blind here folks.

Shriner goes into a tangent on the Book of Enoch. Essentially restating it. She says there were 2 sets of fallen angels. She says one of them produced the reptilian breed, including the "shoo-pa-cras" ... which Rense translates as "Chupacabras" and she says "yes".

She says there are 2 classes of fallen angels : reptilians and nodic types. She seems to be confusing "anekum" with "annunaki" but neither I nor Rense can discern it. He gives up. So do I.

She says the aliens live in our solar system and under the earth. Rense says that aliens could come from other places, she says no, those are all liars.

She claims there is a Galactic Federation. "It actually exists, yes", she says. "They have a home base right here on Earth" She implies California in Mt.Shasta.


Rense leads the conversation to the sense that something is coming to head, no matter what is going on. He turns it into a slam on the Bush administration. Sherry calls them "satanic freaks" and says they are "possessed by aliens".

The internet came from the aliens, Sherry claims. We got technology in exchange for allowing aliens to kidnap humans for science and food. Sherry claims that 300,000 kids disappear. Rense disputes that number. She says she got it from some site without any reference.

The aliens are chipping humans. She talks about the "underground military" and Rense does note the many abduction stories that include military.

Sherry goes into a rant about Area 51 and then coughs to which Rense replies "you need to stop smoking" She says she will "down the road sometime"

Rense seems frustrated as she seems to be just throwing out urban legends.

She says she was kicked out of every Yahoo group on the net. Rense replies, "I believe you were."


Rense asks if she was ever threatened. She says yes. Talks about some of them. They sound foolish.

Onto the upcoming alien invasion. Sherry says it will come in force. She says the aliens will destroy Washington D.C. as part of the invasion.

Rense throws out "Project Blue Beam" and Sherry picks up on that and talks about how the invasion will be facilitated by technology.

In the underground bases, they have the super secret technology like free energy. Rense asks about the Chinese. Sherry has no idea. She does say that the Indians are getting scared now that they are dealing with the aliens.

Rense asks where are the whistleblowers. Shriner says "Phil Schneider" and Rense rips on him. "Branton", nope, Rense says. Sherry is friends with Branton so she believes him.

Rense says do your own research to the listener. Rense says what is really going on is so bizarre that normal people wouldn't believe it if they heard it.

Satan is bringing his forces with him, according to Sherry. Rense asks if she can talk about this in non-biblical terminology. She says the aliens are hostile ... all of them. She then goes right back into fallen angels and demons and how they are going to eat humans. Total meltdown.


Rense admits that "some of this" is "out there". But he asks everyone to give her a chance.

Asks if 2005 is a bad year. Sherry says in 2005, Planet X will come around. Rense is disgusted. She mispronounces "NASA" as "nah-za". She says Sedna is Planet X's moon.

Sherry says Planet X is Rahab, a planet that was "cast out of the solar system". Planet X is hollow, carrying aliens. Rense asks if they need to use a hollow planet to get here. She says they are being held prisoner. Rense calls it "Planet Rehab".

Rense asks if Sitchen buys into her Planet X theories. She says they have differences. She knows nothing of Sitchen's opinions on bible code.

What do most of the ETs look like ?, Rense asks. She says they will look like the "un-in-eki" to which Rense finally gets her to admit that it is pronounced "ann-nu-naki". She says they will come back to claim they are our creators. She says they only created the cave men.

Shriner starts coughing up a storm here and it sounds like she dropped the phone. She says God created the human race. Rense asks about alien DNA in our systems. She says that's result of the contamination from fallen angels mating with early women.

Rense asks about people claiming to be "Ambassadors" for alien races, requests a comment from her re : them. She says it is all a part of the conditioning. Rense says no one he knows believes ETs are friendly, cites Dr. David Jacobs.

Shriner mispronounces "Zeta talk" as "seta talk" and keeps coughing.

Rense observes that disclosure seems to be orchestrated. Shriner says God must allow the aliens to come here as a form of his judgement. We must repent and follow him or else the aliens will come here. Rense says "fat chance".

Rense asks how to prepare for this. She says those with the Lord have his protection and the rest will be the brunt of the "attacks that are coming".

Rense craps on Congress some. She says its a "who's who of alien/demon possession." Rense turns it into a rant against Congress.

Shriner says people read her website because they thought it was funny but "now they come there to learn". I hope not.

Rense says somethings coming and it probably won't be pleasant. Sherry says our only hope is through the Lord.

Rense says "you live in a very interesting world" I'll say.

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