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9.22.16: Stephen Bassett BoA:Audio, Season IX crosses the finish line featuring an epic conversation with UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett. Over the course of this nearly three hour episode, we revisit the possibility for real government UFO disclosure and find out why Stephen thinks it's more possible than ever before.
William Zabel, Greg Bishop, Micah Hanks, & Mike Clelland A marathon of episodes featuring legendary BoA:Audio guests, returning friends, and an enlightening newcomer to the program. Conspiracies, UFOs, Bigfoot, and paranormal weirdness in one massive week of shows.
2.14.16: Dana Matthews & Greg Newkirk Paranormal adventurers Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk join BoA:Audio to talk about their investigations into high strangeness as well as their traveling museum of odd curios. An extremely easy-going while also thoughtful edition of the program that contains a lot of laughs and plenty of food for thought.
1.11.16: Greg Bishop BoA:Audio says goodbye to 2015 with our annual Year in Review edition of the program with our longtime friend and host of the awesome podcast Radio Misterioso, Greg Bishop. The incredibly loose conversation looks back at the Roswell Slides fiasco, the spate of odd Bigfoot videos, the changing public interest from ghosts to the occult, the emergence of ISIS as global threat, and the oddness of the 2016 election so far, and tons more.
12.24.15: Stanton Friedman It's time, once again, for the paranormal yuletide tradition like no other as BoA:Audio proudly presents our 11th annual Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman. This year's festivites are almost entirely devoted to listener questions and cover a litany of topics. So pour yourself a glass of eggnog, kick back and relax, because the holidays are here again and with them come one of the cornerstones of BoA:Audio: our annual holiday special with the incomparable Stanton Friedman. Happy holidays!
11.25.15: Bruce Rux - Ruxgiving 2015 Now as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as hand-traced turkeys and Black Friday brawls, it's our annual Ruxgiving celebration with our old friend Bruce Rux. This year's edition of Ruxgiving explores a realm of esoterica long-beloved by Bruce but rarely explored in-depth on the show: pirates! A fascinating edition of the show worthy of the Ruxgiving tradition as we head into uncharted waters with the mighty Bruce Rux as our guide.
11.1.15: Jeff Mudgett BoA:Audio welcomes author Jeff Mudgett for a discussion on his great, great grandfather, Herman Webster Mudgett, who is more infamously known in the annals of crime history as H.H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer who took the lives of countless victims in the late 1800's and horrified America with his twisted murders. Additionally, he details his remarkable book Bloodstains, which adds a whole new dimension to the already unsettling story of H.H. Holmes.
10.14.15: James A. Willis In honor of October, BoA:Audio returns to the realm of ghosts and hauntings as we welcome author and ghost investigator James A. Willis for a conversation about his new book Ohio's Historic Haunts. An episode containing not just spooky stories, but also an open-minded assessment of both the ghost hunting field as well as the ghost phenomenon as we welcome James A. Willis for a discussion on Ohio's Historic Haunts.
10.4.15: Adam Davies & John Carlson Making his annual sojourn to BoA:Audio, old friend and cryptozoologist Adam Davies joins us alongside paranormal researcher John Carlson as they reveal, for the first time ever, the full details of their bizarre experience which has created a firestorm in the Bigfoot research community over the past few months. Exclusively on Binnall of America, Adam and John recount their trip to Dr. Matthew Johnson's alleged Bigfoot habituation zone in southern Oregon in June of 2014 and how, while there, they witnessed a 'portal' emerge and unleash two humanoid entities that ultimately proved to be hostile to them.
9.26.15: Nick Redfern Prolific paranormal author and longtime friend of BoA:Audio, Nick Redfern returns to the program for a discussion on his latest esoteric offerings, including Men in Black, The Bigfoot Book, Chupacabra Road Trip, and Bloodline of the Gods. A veritable buffet of paranormal food for thought, spanning ufology, cryptozoology, conspiracy, and overall high strangeness as Nick Redfern details the latest works in his breathtakingly vast catalogue.
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  • 9.11.15: Eric Ouellet BoA:Audio welcomes author Eric Ouellet for an absolutely mind-bending edition of the program where we discuss his new book, Illuminations, which presents the hypothesis that UFOs are a parapsychological phenomenon. A potentially paradigm-shifting installment of the program which expands and illustrates the long-theorized concept of mind-created UFOs with remarkable clarity as Eric Ouellet discusses Illuminations.
    8.29.15: Paul Kimball - East Coast ParaCon SpecialIn a very special double episode showcase, BoA:Audio presents our epic East Coast ParaCon recap / report featuring filmmaker and friend Paul Kimball helping us to break down the festivities as well as a whole bunch of on-site interviews which were conducted at the EPC. A veritable poutine of paranormal radio, boasting a comprehensive first-hand account of Liverpool, Nova Scotia's East Coast ParaCon with Paul Kimball, on-site interviews with a wide variety of folks who attended the event, and the usual odd side tangents which sprung from BoA's Canadian Invasion. 7.24.15: Chip Coffey BoA:Audio ventures to yet another paranormal realm which we've neglected for far too long as we welcome world-renowned psychic and medium Chip Coffey for a conversation about psychic abilities and communicating with the 'other side' as well as skeptics and the genre of paranormal television. Altogether a spirited edition of the program which takes a critical but open minded at the elusive world of psychic abilities and mediumship with the wildly entertaining Chip Coffey.
    7.16.15: Red Pill Junkie BoA:Audio wraps up our international expedition from the last few weeks with an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the paranormal field: the man they call 'Red Pill Junkie,' who joins us from Mexico City, Mexico for a general jam session on UFOs and Fortean topics. Altogether it is a contemplative edition of the program as we muse about a variety of strange and unusual facets of the realm that is the strange and unusual as BoA:Audio ventures down the rabbit hole with Red Pill Junkie.
    7.7.15: Carl DeMarco Continuing our international expedition of the last few weeks, BoA:Audio journeys to China in a wholly unique edition of the program as we welcomes Carl DeMarco, a longtime listener to the program who has lived in China for over a decade and accepted our challenge to research some paranormal material from the country that had eluded us for so long. A highly entertaining and insightful edition of the program which also provides a personal take on the paranormal in China with Carl DeMarco, BoA:Audio's correspondent in the Middle King-dom.
    6.26.15: Brent Swancer At long last, BoA:Audio journeys to Japan as we welcome writer and researcher Brent Swancer for an extensive conversation about Japanese legends, cryptids and anomalous places as well as some of the other strange and unusual tales he has investigated over the years. An epic, touchstone edition of the program which finally plants the BoA:Audio flag in the Land of the Rising Sun as Brent Swancer joins us for his first-ever interview to discuss the monsters and mysteries of Japan as well as other oddities from around the world.
    6.16.15: David Phoebe BoA:Audio explores another strange realm of human behavior as we welcome, direct from Australia, author David Phoebe, author of the book Captive Humans: True Crime Cases of People Held Captive. One of the most deeply disturbing editions of the progam in our long history of exploring the unusual as we take listeners to some of the darkest and most depraved corners of the human experience with David Phoebe.
    6.5.15: Peter Costello BoA:Audio journeys to Ireland and dives to the depths of both the lake monster mystery as well as cryptozoology's nascency as we welcome pioneering resarcher Peter Costello, author 1974's landmark book In Search of Lake Monsters. Over the course of this lively conversation, we learn about the cryptozoological environment at the time Peter first published his book, the ebb and flow of popularity for lake monsters in the forty years since the book was released, and big picture questions about both the nature of these creatures as well as the field of cryptozoology in 2015.
    5.30.15: Joshua Cutchin Fortean researcher Joshua Cutchin joins us for a discussion on his new boook A Trojan Feast, which examines the vast history of weird food exchanges between humans and otherfolk such as faeries, aliens, and Bigfoot. Over the course of this wide-ranging conversation, we look at the food exchange phenomenon from a vast array of angles, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to decipher what is really going on during these enigmatic encounters.
    5.20.15: Leslie Wagner-Wilson BoA:Audio welcomes author Leslie Wagner-Wilson, who shares her amazing story of being a member of the People's Temple in the 1970's and surviving the Jonestown tragedy. Over the course of this breathtaking conversation, Leslie recounts her remarkable life story, beginning with how things were before she joined the People's Temple at the age of thirteen and culminating with her daring escape, at the age of 21, on the day of the fateful tragedy.
    5.7.15: Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman BoA:Audio sits down for another round of rousing and informative conversation with the prolific pairing behind a slew of excellent paranormal books and our old friends Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman, for a discussion on their latest work: Mind Wars, which explores a vast array of means and methods used to manipulate peoples' thoughts and actions.
    5.5.15: Matt Birkbeck BoA:Audio welcomes investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck for a discussion on his amazing book A Deadly Secret, which explores the captivating and unsettling story of millionaire real estate scion, accused murderer, and 'star' of HBO's The Jinx, Robert Durst. Over the course of the conversation, we get Matt's take on Durst's newfound infamy via the HBO series and we explore how the narrative of The Jinx differs in several key ways from the actual events surrounding Durst as chronicled in Matt's A Deadly Secret.
    4.17.15: Jack Brewer BoA:Audio welcomes Jack Brewer, creator of the excellent blog The UFO Trail, for a discussion on the current state of UFO and abduction research as well as some of the troubling stories that 'mainstream' ufology ignores. Amongst the areas covered during the conversation are the 'Roswell slides' saga, the sad state of MUFON, the infamous Carpenter Affair, how consumer culture and infotainment have changed UFO research, and how abduction research has been rendered a veritable wasteland over the last few years. Plus tons more thought-provoking stuff.
    4.13.15: The 2015 BoA:Audio Baseball Special BoA:Audio celebrates the start of another baseball season with our mammoth 2015 Baseball Special featuring a whopping seven different guests, including crackpot historian Adam Gorightly, Radio Misterioso host Greg Bishop, legendary cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author Jason Offutt, redsonsuperman of theusofe.com and Lostcast fame, filmmaker and paranormal pundit Paul Kimball, and, making his baseball special debut, radio and TV host Richard Syrett.
    4.5.15: Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn In an episode months in the making, BoA:Audio welcomes Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn back to the program for a long-awaited discussion on their groundbreaking research endeavor Project CORE. Over the course of this brisk but expansive conversation, we learn about the origins, makeup, and goals of Project Core and then dig into the data which was amassed via the project.
    3.29.15: Tony Healy BoA:Audio returns to the land Down Under as we welcome author Tony Healy for a discussion on his new book, co-authored with Paul Cropper, Australian Poltergeist. Over the course of this extensive conversation, we delve in the nature of poltergeists, what makes them unique amongst the pantheon of supernatural entities, and the various strange things that are often attributed to these 'noisy ghosts.'
    3.22.15: Keith McCloskey One of the most requested topics in BoA:Audio history finally gets a proper examination as we welcome Keith McCloskey, author of the book Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Over the course of this comprehensive conversation, we look at the legendary mystery of Dyatlov Pass from a myriad of different angles.
    3.15.15: Jason Offutt Author, reporter, and connoisseur of creepiness Jason Offutt makes his long overdue return to BoA:Audio for a freewheeling and largely improvisational conversation covering a diverse range of topics, including his latest book How To Kill Monsters Using Common Household Items.
    2.26.15: Alex Tsakiris BoA:Audio welcomes Alex Tsakiris, host of the popular podcast Skeptiko, for a discussion on his new book Why Science is Wrong ... About Almost Everything. Topics discussed include consciousness, Near Death Experiences, the nefarious nature of skeptics, the potential psychic bond between dogs and their owners, psychic detectives, hands-on healing, and much, much more.
    2.12.15: Dave McGowan In our first LIVE episode of Season IX, BoA:Audio ventures to southern California in the 1960s and early 1970s with our guest Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. Over the course of this expansive conversation, we discuss the unique mix of personalities which resided in Laurel Canyon and helped launched the counterculture movement as well as why this whole turn of events looks, in retrospect, highly suspicious.
    2.4.15: Jim Marrs - Season IX Premiere BoA:Audio launches another armada of esoteric conversations with our traditional Season Premiere guest and bellwether of the conspiratorial and paranormal: the legendary Jim Marrs. Amongst the many topics covered throughout this brisk exchange are population control, the encroachment of technology, ISIS & Charlie Hebdo, geopolitical unease, the military industrial complex, MH370, UFOs, 9/11, and the JFK assassination as well as much, much more.