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  • About Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas lives in Swansea, South Wales, and graduated from Swansea University with a BA in American Studies in 2007. Richard grew up watching science fiction shows, including his all-time favourite program: Doctor Who. As a child, this enthusiasm for Sci-Fi evolved into an interest in space, UFOs and other esoteric subjects.

    In 2008, Richard began to write his regular 'Room 101' column for the popular esoteric website Binnall of America, a bi-weekly column focusing on parapolitics and the unexplained, in addition to interviews with some of the leading researchers in these fields, including among others, Nick Pope, Timothy Good and Nick Redfern. Soon after that, he started writing a Sci-Fi / TV related column for Stuart Miller's Alien Worlds Magazine.

    In 2009, he expanded his contributions to BoA with a second column, titled 'Sci-Fi Worlds,' exploring the connection between science fiction and the esoteric.

    Recently, he’s contributed feature articles for publications such as the glossy Paranormal Magazine and Scott Burditt’s Doomwatch Fanzine.

    Conspiracy, UFOs and the Paranormal collide in ...

    7.15.11: A Room 101 Interview with Richard Thomas

    5.29.11: A Room 101 Interview with Jim Marrs

    3.21.11: 'Illuminati' Symbolism and Architecture in Sci-Fi

    12.10.10: A Room 101 Interview with Keith Chester

    10.22.10: A Room 101 Interview with Mark Pilkington

    9.26.10: What are they Spraying Us with Now !

    7.16.10: A Room 101 Interview with Steve Watson

    6.12.10: A Room 101 Interview with Dean Haglund

    4.30.10: A Room 101 Interview with Rupert Matthews

    2.28.10: Paranormal Dichotomy

    12.12.9: The Devil Rides Out

    11.6.9: A Room 101 Interview with Karyn Dolan

    9.18.9: A Room 101 Interview with Richard Dolan

    8.21.9: A Room 101 Interview with Len Osanic

    7.18.9: Blade Runner: Electronic Owls and Illuminati Symbolism

    5.1.9: The Stone Tape Theory

    4.3.9: A Room 101 Interview with Richard Holland

    3.6.9: Timeslip: Is Time Travel Possible?

    2.6.9: A Room 101 Interview with Richard Freeman

    1.25.9: 45 Years Later: Obama, A New JFK?

    12.26.8: Mac Tonnies :: A Room 101 Interview with a Transhumanist

    12.5.8: H G Wells and the New World Order

    11.21.8: A Room 101 Interview with Timothy Good

    11.7.8: UFO Disclosure with a Capital "D"

    10.24.8: A Room 101 Interview with Neil Arnold

    10.12.8: Future History - The Next Hundred Years in Space?

    9.26.8: A "Room 801" Interview with Nick Pope

    9.12.8: ABCs - Alien Big Cats in Wales?

    8.29.8: A Room 101 Interview with Nick Redfern

    8.1.8: Welsh UFOs - The Real Torchwood

    7.18.8: Doctor Who and the Robots of Death

    7.4.8: The Sea Devils' Triangle: Is The Bermuda Triangle A Good Place For an "Alien" Base?

    6.20.8: Alternative 3 and the Secret Space Program

    6.6.8: Ghosts, Aliens, Yeti And The Late Great Nigel Kneale

    5.23.8: Nick Cook, UFOs and the Nazi "Black World"

    5.9.8: The Esoteric Worlds of Doctor Who

    4.25.8: "Manchurian Candidates," Mind Control Experiments and Assassinations

    4.11.8: When did I start to believe in this conspiracy stuff?

    Science Fiction and Esoterica merge in ...