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6.9.10: Lesley's Grey Matters :: Title: New Agey-Ness
6.7.10: An all new BoA:Audio with our guest Jason Offutt
6.7.10: Regan Lee's Trickster's Realm :: Title: Spirals, Triangles, Tricksters
6.3.10: Shadow of the Shinigami by Marla Peña :: My Thoughts on the LOST Finale
5.31.10: Medusa's Ladder by Richelle Hawks :: Two Interesting Paranormal Photographs

Lesley's Grey Matters :

6.9.10 : New Agey-Ness

Recently at Women of Esoterica, I wrote about my love of stones and how I am now experimenting with some esoteric applications for them.

I am enjoying my experiments and I wondered why, given my deep love of stones since back when I was a child and started collecting them, I hadn't ever got into the esoteric aspect.

Well, the answer was easy - I totally know why. It is the new agey aspect of that which has kept me away.

Grey Matters Archive
Lesley's Blog

Shadow of the Shinigami
by Marla Peña :

6.3.10: Light and Love
(My Thoughts on the LOST finale)

I want to take this opportunity to write a quick note to express my thoughts on the "Lost" series finale.

I've been reading feedback from viewers on different websites and most of them loved it. People are pretty satisfied with the finale and polls also display positive results.

Personally, I was afraid that "Lost" would suffer the same fate as the X-Files towards the end and I am sad to realize that I was right.

Shadow of the Shinigami Archive

Marla Peña on Twitter
Tina Sena's Esotericana :

5.3.10: Disinfo-Nation

Hollywood has done its fair share of introducing the masses to the possibilities that come with an alien invasion. We've all seen Will Smith punch a squid-like/grey alien in the face after its fleet attacks the Earth. We've seen Tom Cruise shield his two children from an invading species that eventually dies out from sheer stupidity (I guess aliens can flunk biology too). If that's not enough to make us paranoid, there'd Arnold trying to outsmart the Predator, and later on, the Predators trying to round up and defeat the Alien. It all leads us to one conclusion: Alien visitation is bad. For all of us.

For those drinking the lemonade, and prescribing to the theory that Extraterrestrial visitors are our saviors, I can't exactly say you're wrong.

Esotericana Archive
Tina Sena's Blog

Andy Carolan's Disclosure :

3.27.10 : "Doppleganger"

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Regan Lee's Trickster's Realm :

6.7.10 : Spirals, Triangles, Tricksters

More spiral "ufos" in the news. Recently we saw the odd 'spiral -hoax -that- wasn't- a -hoax -or- was -it?' from Canada. And now this news from Australia, of a spiral seen in the skies, as reported from Phantoms and Monsters, which includes a YouTube clip of the spiral. Not as magnificent as the blue Norway spiral, but it's still interesting.

Seemingly, the spiral madness began in Norway in December of 2009. (Though, as we'll see, the phenomenon can be traced back to the 2006 Tomsk, Russian spiral.)

Trickster's Realm Archive
R.Lee's Blog
Medusa's Ladder
by Richelle Hawks :

5.31.10 : Two Interesting Paranormal Photographs

My husband Stephen Wagner is the guide for's very popular Paranormal Phenomena site. He calls for and receives loads of firsthand accounts of unexplained experiences, and original, previously unpublished anomalous photographs.

I'm pretty skeptical in general—I've every confidence that many of the anomalies in photos are just weird coincidental lighting effects, shadows, or the dynamic of pareidolia. However, every now and then, some photos emerge that warrant some extra attention. Steve has recently added two such photos.

Medusa's Ladder Archive
Richelle's Blog
Richard's Room 101

4.30.10 : A Room 101 Interview with Rupert Matthews

Rupert Matthews is the author of a wide range of books on the paranormal and unexplained, as well as books on more conventional history. After finding a number of these books on the shelves of my local Works bookstore, I thought it would be a good idea to track him down and ask the 20-year publishing veteran a few questions.

What followed was a wide ranging conversation on everything from the British Governments controversial decision to close down their UFO desk to the British Bigfoot, Alien Big Cats and poltergeists.

Richard Thomas @ BoA Archive
Richard's Blog

A.M. Murphy's Not Always So :

1.29.10 : Ghostly Gurus

Most of the time, the young Carl Jung was an ordinary child. But Personality Number Two was "grown up -- old, in fact -- skeptical, mistrustful, remote from the world of men, but close to nature, the earth, the sun, the moon, the weather, all living creatures, and above all close to the night, to dreams, and to whatever 'God' worked directly in him." That was how Jung described the feeling, in his autobiography, many years later.

Later, Jung would come to feel that Personality Number Two was his spirit guide, a sort of inner guru that Jung named "Philemon." When Philemon first fully announced himself to Jung, he caused what can only be described as poltergeist-like experiences in Jung's home and then, over the next three nights, proceeded to dictate long passages of text.

Not Always So Archive
A.M. Murphy's Website

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