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Andre Eggelletion
(1 hour, 18 minutes)

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This week, BoA : Audio features the electric Andre Eggelletion. We'd been trying to bring Andre to BoA : Audio for quite some time and have finally had the chance to interview him on 4.14.2006. Our conversation covers his amazing book "Thieves in the Temple" and his outstanding new book "Where the Right Went Wrong on National Security (And the Left too)".

We touch on Operation Ajax in Iran and how it probably caused the Iranian angst with America, the NSC / NSA and how it is used to circumvent Congress and their War Powers, Iran / Contra, the War on Terror, Diplomatic Exceptionalism, the mark of the beast, and where things may be headed for the future.

We kick off the interview with some background on Andre and how he decided to tackle the subjects of the Federal Reserve and National Security. We move on to discuss the origins of the NSA, along with Project Paperclip and whether or not the fascist mindset was imported from Germany post-WWII.

Andre covers, in-depth, Operation Ajax, a National Security initiative to overthrow the President of Iran in 1953 and how Ajax may have planted the seed for today's problems with Iran. We also discuss how National Security is used as a loophole to circumvent Congress's war powers time and time again throughout the last 60 plus years.

Moving on, we talk about the Iran / Contra scandal from a number of angles, including how it is a glaring example of where both the right and the left went wrong on National Security and also whether or not the Iran / Contra scandal caused a scaling back of National Security Activity. Bringing it up to contemporary times, we talk about how 911 and the War on Terror.

We finish up talking about where things may be headed with Iran and the potential of war with Iran and how diplomacy with Iran could help the US's situation in Iraq. Andre also discusses the "Mark of the Beast" and what it may actually be, as well as the New World Order, is it coming into existence and what does the financial market we are living in tell us about the direction we are headed.

Andre Eggelletion is an amazing author and speaker and we're proud to be bringing him to BoA : Audio. This is a must-hear edition of the show and will surely be held in high regard by our many listeners.

Andre Eggelletion Bio :

Andre Eggelletion is an alumnus of Florida A & M University in both Music and Political Science. He is a successful entrepreneur and the talk radio host of The Andre Eggelletion Show, heard on the Information Radio Network and live on the internet at www.inforadionet.com.

He is the author of "Where the Right Went Wrong on National Security (and the Left too)" and "Thieves in the Temple". He is the only known African-American to publish a book on the Federal Reserve System. Andre has published numerous papers on subjects ranging from science to religion and is also rapidly becoming a red-hot commodity on the lecture circuit.

His website is www.talktoandre.com.

His radio show can be heard Monday Friday, 11am 1pm (EST) @ www.inforadionet.com.