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Alfred Webre
(1 hour)

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It's a truly one of a kind BoA : Audio, a co-production with Alfred Webre's Peace on Earth Radio, where binnall is reunited with Alfred Webre. Since their initial meeting, Webre has gone on to become an even greater force in the UFO Disclosure movement, most notably throughout the Paul Hellyer story that has become world wide news in the past month. Webre is at the forefront of advancing disclosure and binnallofamerica.com continues to chronicle his amazing journey. This is an ultrarare edition of BoA : Audio where binnall is both guest and host, sharing the stage with Webre.

In this conversation, we cover how Webre came to be involved in the Paul Hellyer story and how Hellyer's involvement in the UFO phenomenon started and how it has evolved. The odd story of the missing video of Hellyer's famous speech from this past September. The political reaction in Canada to Hellyer's outspoken stance on UFO Disclosure.

We also touch on the Exopolitical platform and the "Four D's", Disclosure, Decade of Contact, Disarmament, and Diplomacy. BoA's Lesley poses a couple of rare questions for Webre on remote viewing as evidence and how to deal with alien abductions during the Disclosure process. And,to finish up, what people can do to help forward the Disclosure movement in 2006. Recorded on December 11th, 2005.

Alfred Webre Bio :

Alfred Webre was a Fulbright Scholar and holds degrees from Yale University, Yale Law School (Yale Law School National Scholar), and the University of Texas Counseling Program. He has taught Economics at Yale University (Economics Department) and Civil Liberties at the University of Texas (Government Department), and has been a futurist at Stanford Research Institute. He has been General Counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration, environmental consultant to the Ford Foundation, and Member, Governor's Emergency Taskforce on Earthquake Preparedness, State of California (1980-82). Webre produced and hosted the Instant of Cooperation, the first live radio broadcast between the USA and Soviet Union

He is the author of the book "Exopolitics" and his website is www.exopolitics.com.