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32 Guests, 31 Episodes, over 40 Hours of Audio.
25 Guests, 31 Episodes, over 40 Hours of Audio.
23 Guests, 33 Episodes, over 39 Hours of Audio.

BoA Audio, Season V in Flash Streaming Audio
Alphabetical Guest List

1.5.11: 'Dr. Beachcombing' (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

One of the breakout esoteric stars of 2010, 'Dr. Beachcombing' joins BoA:Audio for his first-ever interview, discussing his critically acclaimed work chronicling some of history's most bizarre stories.

Topics discussed : Burned libraries, widely believed historical myths, forgotten kingdoms and lost realms, hinge moments in history, and stories that reflect something or someone being in the wrong place or wrong time. Among the tales you'll hear are the "sandwich in space," the Confederate exiles who left America to settle in Brazil, a 16th century account of witnesses unicorns in captivity, 'invisible books,' the 'Italian Shakespeare' theory, and the "Republic of Rough and Ready," plus tons more.

Altogether, it's a conversation that features a plethora of fascinating and strange stories that will entertain, amuse, and boggle the mind.

12.23.10: Stanton Friedman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The yuletide tradition like no other continues with the 6th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special with Stanton Friedman.

Topics discussed : Stan's new book Science was Wrong, UFO organizations and the Internet, and the retirement of Larry King. Plus, a plethora of listener questions covering topics as diverse as the electric universe theory, hypnosis & abductions, a modern day Roswell, the Face on Mars, UFOs & the media, ETs from Inner Earth theory, the ETH, J. Allen Hynek, and nuclear propulsion. Plus tons more, including some truly personal and existential areas of discussion.

It's the one holiday special you don't want to miss: our annual fireside chat with the iconic Stanton Friedman.

12.17.10: Bix Weir (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Financial analyist Bix Weir joins BoA:Audio for his first interview concerning the 'Road to Roota' conspiracy theory he has been researching for the last three years.

Topics discussed : What the 'Road to Roota' entails, how he discovered it, the players behind it, and a timeline for events as they may unfold. We'll also discuss the economy in general, the inherent problems with a fiat money system, the debate over returning to a gold standard, the story of Yamashita's Gold, how silver fits into all of this, and what people should be doing to prepare for the potential collapse of the economy.

It's an educational, entertaining, and somewhat terrifying edition of the program that will have you watching the mainstream financial news with a more jaundiced eye, as Bix Weir takes us down the 'Road to Roota.'

12.8.10: Gian Quasar (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio tears at the fabric of the Bigfoot enigma with acclaimed researcher Gian Quasar, author of the sure-to-be-controversial Recasting Bigfoot: Uncovering the Truth about Sasquatch Amidst the Hype of Bigfoot.

Topics discussed : Gian's remarkable thesis which suggests that the current conception of the North American Bigfoot is fundamentally wrong, that the many creatures called 'Bigfoot' around the world are really a variety of undiscovered bipedal primates, and that, amidst all that, Neanderthal / feral humans are also lurking and adding to the Sasquatch mythos.

It's a mind-blowing edition of the program that constitutes a must-hear episode for anyone even remotely interested in the Sasquatch phenomenon as Gian Quasar joins us to share his challenging, enlightening, and fearless research.

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  • 11.29.10: Jim Marrs (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio smashes the champagne bottle on our landmark 5th season with our annual premiere guest: the incomparable Jim Marrs. Following the Jim Marrs interview, we've also got a bonus mini-interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura.

    Topics discussed : The agenda behind the current financial crisis, the emerging New World Order, pandemics, big pharma, issues with the food industry, global warming, how to fix the mess that America finds itself in, Codex Alimentarius, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the parts of Jim's book that were censored by the publishers, and his thoughts on the last year in Ufology, plus, of course, tons more !

    You've waited long enough ... Season V of BoA:Audio has arrived !

    Time : 1 Hour, 19 Minutes