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32 Guests, 31 Episodes, over 40 Hours of Audio.
25 Guests, 31 Episodes, over 40 Hours of Audio.
23 Guests, 33 Episodes, over 39 Hours of Audio.

BoA Audio, Season IV in Flash Streaming Audio
Alphabetical Guest List

9.9.9: John Lear -- Season Finale (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio closes the book on Season IV with the enigmatic and infamous John Lear.

Topics discussed :: Key players from the 1980's era of Ufology including Paul Bennewitz, Bill Cooper, and Bill Moore, the 1989 Las Vegas MUFON Connection, Bob Lazar and the Area 51 story, the Dulce Base incident, human mutilations, UFO Disclosure and if/when it may happen, 2012, moon anomalies, the secret space program & space weapons, John's theories that 911 included hologram planes & space weapons, ocean connections beneath the western US, the state of Ufology, Exopolitics, George Knapp, Art Bell, and tons more.

In keeping with tradition, we finish up the season with a stratospheric guest in an interview that will be listened to and enjoyed for years to come.

Time : 2 Hours, 23 Minutes

8.27.9: Budd Hopkins (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The iconic Budd Hopkins joins BoA:Audio to discuss his recently published memoir Art, Life, and UFOs. This split conversation covers both Budd's acclaimed career as an artist and his pioneering work in abduction research.

Topics discussed :: The art portion includes discussion on his early influences, his contemporaries' aversion to political discussion, Budd's near-fight with Jack Kerouac, why he switched from painting to sculpture, why he deems some of his previous work to be 'failures,' the problem with museums today and much more.

The abduction portion covers the influence of War of the Worlds on a young Budd Hopkins, how he went from having an interest in UFOs to becoming the worldwide authority on ET abductions, abductees v. contactees, the concepts of 'confirmation anxiety' and hybrid 'presentation memories,' Ufology's PR problem today, how he sees the evolution of abduction research over the last 30 years, the 'ETs as robots' theory, alien implants, and where this may all be headed next, plus tons and tons more.

It's a riveting interview which aims to capture the massive scope of one man's life: Budd Hopkins, artist & esoteric legend.

Time : 2 Hours, 8 Minutes

8.18.9: Webster Tarpley (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Geopolitical genius Webster Tarpley returns to the program for a discussion on the financial crisis, world political affairs, and the 911 Truth Movement.

Topics discussed :: The financial crisis and how it all came about, what the average person can do to help themselves, the political changes needed to salvage the economy, why the solutions of Obama and the Republican Party are both wrong, how the geopolitical landscape has changed to an America v. Russia / China one instead of US v. Middle East, as well as 911 and the 911 Truth Movement and how it got derailed. Plus, of course, tons more.

It's a politically charged edition of the program with a 'take no prisoners' approach from the brilliant Webster Tarpley.

Time : 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

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  • 8.10.9: Timothy Good (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The Final Four of BoA:Audio Season IV kicks off with venerable UFO researcher Timothy Good discussing his remarkable and mindblowing research into the UFO phenomenon.

    Topics discussed :: Early US-UK relations regarding UFOs, stunning revelations from Polish biophysicists who witnesses hidden UFO & ET secrets at JPL, alien bases located around the world, the ongoing conflict between Earth and ETs as well as ETs v. ETs, gradual disclosure, the MJ-12 papers, the story of W56, Ufology today and where it needs to go in the future, plus, of course tons and tons more.

    It's a thought provoking edition of BoA:Audio with a researcher who has uncovered some truly unique information that may have you taking a second look at the UFO enigma.

    Time : 2 Hours, 20 Minutes

    7.22.9: Robin Swope aka The Paranormal Pastor (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    We're joined by one of the breakout stars in esoterica over the last year, Pastor Robin Swope, known to the online world as "The Paranormal Pastor."

    Topics discussed :: Paranormal stories shared by missionaries who worked in Africa, the potential dangers of "weekend warrior" ghost hunters and their flirtation with evil forces, what the Bible really says about ghosts, UFOs, and cryptobeasts, phone calls from the dead and soul pillars, the esoteric powers once associated with birthmarks, the infamous Pierre Bernard, Swoppe's role in the Omega Men, ghost stories from his days working at a haunted ambulance bay and his experiences performing exorcisms. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

    It's a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most engaging new writers to emerge in esoterica today: The Paranormal Pastor.

    Time : 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

    7.8.9: Bruce Rux (Volume 3 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The exciting conclusion of the Rux Trilogy, our three-part conversation with the amazing Bruce Rux, author of Hollywood vs. The Aliens

    Topics discussed :: The UFO / ET films of the Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton years, big picture implications of a "UFO education program" and why entertainment is the perfect medium for such a program. Bruce's thoughts on how he sees the program shaping up since his book was published in '97, TV shows & films from '97 to '09 that embody the concept behind the book, more on what Bruce has been up to since his last interview & his thoughts on Ufology as a whole, and lengthy discussion on a bevy of TV shows & movies, far too many to list here.

    One of the most discussed and appreciated interviews in BoA:Audio history concludes with "The Post-Script," the final installment of our Rux Trilogy.

    Time : 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

    7.1.9: Bruce Rux (Volume 2 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The Rux Trilogy's middle installment, dubbed "The Program," sees our conversation with Bruce Rux continue as we cover an amazing array of entertainment offerings that may have played a role in shaping the populace's view on UFOs.

    Topics discussed :: Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry & The Nine, The X-Files, Doctor Who, The Quartermass Trilogy, the James Bond films, and a ton of other sci fi, UFO, & esoteric films and how these entertainment offerings fit into a potential UFO "education program." Also, how the Jimmy Carter era's pro-UFO films, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Superman, as well as the anti-UFO films such as Dean Koontz's Demon Seed and Alien, the transition to Reagan as president and how it changed the portrayal of UFOs and aliens in films and TV shows.

    Covering an absolute wealth of TV programs and films with a UFO bent, we dig beneath the surface and look at what really may have been going on in a variety of sci fi institutions.

    Time : 2 Hours, 12 Minutes

    6.24.9: Bruce Rux (Volume 1 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Giving his first interview in almost a decade, Bruce Rux joins BoA:Audio for a three-episode arc, dubbed "The Rux Trilogy," to discuss his mindblowing book Hollywood v. The Aliens.

    Topics discussed :: Bruce's thesis that the gov't has been using films & TV shows to shape public opinion of the UFO phenomenon, ET greys as robots, ancient astronauts, mind control used in abductions, a Martian connection to UFOs, Orson Welles' 1938 War of the Worlds, the thoughtful UFO films of the 1950's, the 1952 DC Nationals UFO flap, the Robertson Panel, the mid-1950's silly UFO movie trend, the good UFO TV series of the 1960's.

    One of the signature interviews of Season IV, an epic conversation with an amazing researcher, Bruce Rux.

    Time : 2 Hours, 3 Minutes

    6.16.9: Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Longtime friends of the program, Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman, return to the show to discuss the 11:11 time prompt phenomenon and the esoteric nature of numbers.

    Topics discussed :: The 11:11 phenomenon, where it came from and what it might mean, the Pythagoreans, the problems with Numerology, Y2K & 2012 and the idea of "hot" esoteric dates, Littleford's Law, Information theory, junk DNA, sacred geometry, the Kennedy/Lincoln assassination connections, and much much more.

    The dynamic duo let their hair down and really cut loose during this fast-paced, laughter-filled, and esoterically-rich edition of BoA:Audio that you do not want to miss.

    Time : 2 Hours, 3 Minutes

    6.9.9: Clas Svahn (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio goes global with our guest Clas Svahn, head of UFO Sweden, in his first-ever American radio interview.

    Topics discussed :: The history of UFO events in Sweden, a look at over a dozen noteworthy & famous cases there, the evolution of UFO studies in Sweden, the military & governmental take on UFOs, how the media coverage of the phenomenon has changed over the years, the surprising interest from parts of Swedish academia in the UFO enigma, how the average Swede feels about UFOs, and tons more.

    It's an amazingly informative conversation which sheds tremendous light on an all-too-often overlooked sphere of the worldwide UFO enigma with the engaging and enlightening Clas Svahn.

    Time : 2 Hours, 34 Minutes

    6.2.9: Tracy Twyman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    An esoteric jam session with Tracy Twyman, covering the world economic crisis and a veritable trail mix of paranormal topics including UFOs & 911.

    Topics discussed :: Tracy's background and emergence into the world of esoterica, the economic crisis in-depth, including if it is possible for America to recover, Tracy's thoughts on how to fix the economy, emerging economic trends, who may have caused the financial crisis, and other money matters. Plus, the moon-based calendar and her theory on Earth's ancient orbit, the 911 Truth Movement, Tracy's run-in with Muslim extremists, her thoughts on the UFO phenomenon, and much much more.

    It's a freewheeling, frightening, at times hilarious, and altogether fascinating conversation with a truly gifted esoteric researcher, Tracy Twyman.

    Time : 2 Hours, 29 Minutes

    5.26.9: Jason Offutt (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio returns from our Spring Break with Jason Offutt, author of the truly spooky book Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us.

    Topics discussed :: The various reported "versions" of the shadow people, explanations from Native Americans, religious institutions, and psychics on what the entities are, chilling stories of Shadow People encounters, connections between Shadow People and electricity along with how some people end up "stuck" with repeated "visits," talking shadow people, children and shadow people, and tons more.

    It's an in-depth discussion on the fringe world of the Shadow People with a researcher who has done an amazing job of chronicling these "creatures of the night."

    Time : 1 Hour, 51 Minutes

    4.20.9: William K. Zabel (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Marking the 10th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, we welcome researcher William K. Zabel, who has spent the last decade investigating the event and believes there is more to the story than what the mainstream media is telling us.

    Topics discussed :: The possibilities of there being additional shooters & suspects at Columbine, government involvement, blackmail, mind control, issues with the official timeline of events, potential paranormal influences at work, the suspicious death count, the odd behavior of the Columbine townspeople, and much much more.

    It's a a mindblowing, thought provoking, and, at times, revelatory interview which may have you looking at the Columbine shooting in a whole new light.

    Time : 2 Hours, 27 Minutes

    4.13.9: Micah A. Hanks (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Rising esoteric star Micah A. Hanks joins the program to talk about a number of ufological and cryptozoological stories.

    Topics discussed :: Human-Ape hybrids, subterranean civilizations, the Shaver mystery, Mole People, Ghostly Receptors, the UFO/Ghost connection, alternative explanations for the Travis Walton case, Edgar Mitchell, the Bigfoot Body Hoax of 2008, the diminishing public perception of UFOs, exopolitics, the "bloop" mystery of the deep sea, and tons more.

    It's a wide ranging interview which covers a variety of fringe topics in the world of esoterica with rising star Micah A. Hanks.

    Time : 2 Hours, 7 Minutes

    4.5.9: The 3rd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    It's our massive 3rd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special, featuring a collection of esoteric all stars kicking back and talking about baseball.

    Among the many topics discussed, esteemed UFO historian Richard Dolan will be talking about his beloved NY Yankees, Paul Kimball will talk about the World Baseball Classic, Loren Coleman will discuss the Masonic origins of baseball, Adam Gorighly will analyze his San Francisco Giants and, somehow, the NBA, and, finally, Greg Bishop will talk about the LA Dodgers and why he hates beach balls & the wave. Plus, the new annual tradition of post-season predictions from everyone on the show, vying for the title of 2009 champion in the "binnall league."

    It's a time to stop, smell the roses, and remember that there's life beyond the esoteric.

    Time : 3 Hours, 18 Minutes

    3.30.9: Philip Spencer (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio takes a journey into the strange world of Kentucky's Anderson County, also known as the "Frazier Land," with researcher Philip Spencer.

    Topics discussed :: The history of Anderson County, Frazier Land, and the mysterious "Panther Rock" cave system, Bigfoot sightings in the area, the odd "Frazier mud track" which has yet to be identified, the "Frazier Howl" soundbite captured by an area witness, tales of "wolfmen" and alien big cats, the "kill v. no kill" debate in cryptozoology, and tons more.

    It's an episode that shines a spotlight on the paranormal hotbed that is Anderson County, Kentucky, with Philip Spencer, a man born and raised in the "Frazier Land."

    Time : 1 Hour, 16 Minutes

    3.23.9: Andrew Barnes & Paul Taitt (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Another dual-guest interview, featuring the creators of Your Worst Nightmare, a film which explores the sleep paralysis / supernatural assault phenomena.

    Topics discussed :: What is sleep paralysis and how does it seem to lead to supernatural assault, how "experiencers" of the phenomenon describe the assaults, has anyone tried to communicate with the attacking entities, what proof do we have that these things are real, what the clergy says about it, how the phenomenon has been erased from the Western world, shadow entitites, OBEs, the Cambodian connection, the "God Helmet," and tons more.

    It's a highly entertaining edition of BoA:Audio that covers a ton of ground in an otherwise fringe genre of esoterica: sleep paralysis & supernatural assault.

    Time : 2 Hours, 14 Minutes

    3.15.9: Betty Meyler (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, BoA:Audio travels all the way to Ireland to talk with Betty Meyler, president of the UFO Society of Ireland.

    Topics discussed :: How the UFO Society of Ireland organization came to be formed, why it is a groundbreaking group in the country, unique aspects of Ireland with regards to the esoteric, remarkable UFO reports that Betty has collected from recent times, her thoughts on the relationship between UFOs and the Irish government, media, and military, ancient monuments, mystery mounds, forgotten tombs, and much, much more.

    It's a truly memorable edition of BoA as we go international (and holiday themed), examining the world of UFO studies in Ireland with the unforgettable Betty Meyler.

    Time : 1 Hour, 22 Minutes

    3.9.9: Adam Gorightly (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    Longtime friend of BoA:Audio, esoterica's crackpot historian Adam Gorightly returns to the show to discuss his latest work: James Shelby Downard's Mystical War.

    Topics discussed :: Who was James Shelby Downard and did he really exist, the Fatty Arbuckle scandal, the King Kill 33 JFK Assassination theory, mystical toponomy, ritual magic, the Babylon Working Group and their alleged exploits, the Revelation of the Method, and much, much more.

    A bizarre and thought provoking look at some of the paranormal world's most abnormal theories and discussion of the man who spawned a number of them, James Shelby Downard.

    Time : 2 Hours, 2 Minutes

    3.2.9: Ann Druffel (Part 3 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The concluding installment of our special BoA:Audio "miniseries" with Ann Druffel, wrapping up our in-depth discussion on Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science.

    Topics discussed :: McDonald's goals for a UFO monitoring system, the Condon Report, both its effect on Ufology in the longterm and the on-the-ground reaction to its release in 1971, the folding of NICAP, the events that led up to McDonald's suicide and his legacy in the world of UFO studies. Also, big picture analysis of the UFO field today and where Ann thinks it needs to go in the future. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

    It's an amazing look at the one of the most critical eras ever in UFO History: the James E. McDonald years ('66 to '71).

    Time : 1 Hour, 25 Minutes

    2.22.9: Ann Druffel (Part 2 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The middle portion of our special BoA:Audio "miniseries" with Ann Druffel sees the first half of our in-depth discussion on Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science.

    Topics discussed :: How Ann ended up writing Firestorm, McDonald as "leader" of Ufology in the late 1960's, his visit to Project Blue Book in 1966, his contentious relationship with J. Allen Hynek, McDonald & the ETH, his visit to Australia, his feud with Phil Klass, the 1968 Congressional Hearing on UFOs, Jim and Coral Lorenzen and the APRO organization, and the Heflin photos. Plus, tons and tons more.

    It's an amazing look at the one of the most critical eras ever in UFO History: the James E. McDonald years ('66 to '71).

    Time : 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

    2.15.9: Ann Druffel (Part 1 of 3) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The longest interview in the history of BoA:Audio sees the creation of our first ever "miniseries" featuring esteemed Ufologist Ann Druffel. Part One covers Ann's historic abduction book The Tujunga Canyon Contacts.

    Topics discussed :: How Ufology and abductions met in the 1970's, the "contagen" effect of the Tujunga cases, Tejunga Canyon as an esoteric hot spot, and much more. Plus, we'll discuss Ann's groundbreaking theory on abductions and how it was spawned by her work on the Tujunga case, the reaction of other abduction researchers to her theories, and how she reconciles the theory with other aspects of the phenomenon. In addition to all that, we'll remember Idabel Epperson and D. Scott Rogo, two key colleagues of Ann's career in Ufology.

    It's an in-depth look at abductions with someone who saw the phenomenon burst onto the UFO scene in the 1970's and has been researching it ever since: Ann Druffel.

    Time : 1 Hour, 36 Minutes

    2.9.9: Ken Gerhard (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio welcomes Ken Gerhard, noted cryptozoologist, for a lengthy interview covering a number of cryptids.

    Topics discussed :: The Big Bird / Thunderbird, 1976 Texas flap, bird v. dinosaur debate, "lost" Big Bird evidence, aerial cryptids around the world, and much more. Second hour focuses on Bigfoot, Ken's research into the infamous beast, Bigfoot "nests," gov't knowledge of Bigfoot, the kill v. no kill debate, and much more. Plus, Ken's research on Belize's crypids the Dwendi & Sisemite and his investgiation into the Texas Chupacabras.

    It's a jam packed edition of BoA:Audio, returning from hiatus with a wealth of crypto goodness.

    Time : 2 Hours, 16 Minutes

    1.2.9: Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop (Part 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio looks back on the second half of 2008 with a veritable roundtable discussion with the infamous UFO Mystics: Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop.

    Topics discussed :: The Edgar Mitchell UFO "disclosure," the Bigfoot body hoax, Blossom Goodchild's UFO non-event, the election of Barack Obama and the subsequent disclosure push in Exopolitics, the folding of Alien Worlds magazine, and the dual UFO endorsements by celebrities Robbie Williams and Keanu Reeves. Plus, we remember Erik Beckjord and Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who passed away in 2008. Plus, what's hot and what's not in esoterica as 2008 closes and what may be big in 2009.

    We head into our annual Winter hiatus with this ultra-strong edition of BoA:Audio that closes the book on 2008 with two of esoterica's most decorated researchers.

    Time : 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

    12.30.8: Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop (Part 1) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio looks back on the first half of 2008 with a veritable roundtable discussion as we are joined by the infamous UFO Mystics: Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop.

    Topics discussed :: 2008 as a whole, was it the year of the flop?, the Stephenville UFO sighting and subsequent mania, the debut of UFO Hunters, the alleged UN UFO meeting, another UK UFO file release, the Vatican endorsement of aliens, Jeff Peckman & the "alien video," the UK UFO flap from the Summer, and the 100th anniversary of the Tegunska event. Plus, remembrances of influential esoteric names Georgina Bruna, Arthur C. Clarke, and Albert Hoffman.

    Our first pure dual guest interview and one destined for the time capsule as we dissect the 2008's UFO stories, good, bad, and ugly.

    Time : 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

    12.22.8: Stanton Friedman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    It's the fourth annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special with the "Father of Modern Day Ufology" Stanton Friedman.

    Topics discussed :: Project Blue Book Special Report #13, James E. McDonald, the nuclear rocket industry, Sci Fi writers & UFOs, Ufology's PR problem, J. Allen Hynek, and where Ufology needs to go next. Plus, listener submitted questions covering UFOs & altered consciousness, Kevin Randle, Ufology in a post-disclosure world, UFOs & the media, the best abduction case ever, Paul Kimball, sabermetrics in baseball, the 1969 Sverlovsky "UFO crash," and tons and tons more.

    One of the very best editions of BoA:Audio, ever. Happy Holidays from us to you.

    Time : 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

    12.15.8: Gian Quasar (Part 2 of 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    The second half of our conversation with Gian Quasar, author of Into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Topics discussed :: Stories of those who encounter Triangle phenomenon and live to tell about it, the Devil's Triangle, Great Lakes Triangle, tangential elements that may be related to the Bermuda Triangle like the Atlantic Ridge, Bimini Road, Lunar and Martian Anomalies, Vimanas, the Hutchinson Effect, and others. Plus, big picture analysis of what may be going on inside the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

    It's another jam packed edition of BoA:Audio which emerge from the fog that is the Bermuda Triangle.

    Time : 1 Hour, 36 Minutes

    12.8.8: Gian Quasar (Part 1 of 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    We head into uncharted waters with Gian Quasar, author of Into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Topics discussed :: The history and evolution of the Bermuda Triangle mythos, infamous disappearances like the Carol A. Doerring case, Flight 19, Christopher Columbus' Triangle experiences, the Ellen Austin story, the tale of the USS Cyclops, and many others. Plus, the government's take on the Triangle, arguments against the skeptics, and disappearance flaps inside the notorious esoteric waters.

    It's a richly detailed edition of the program unearthing one of esoterica's "lost" mysteries: the Bermuda Triangle.

    Time : 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

    12.1.8: Neil Gould (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio reaches out, 8,000 miles across the globe, to discuss Hong Kong & Chinese Ufology / Exopolitics with Neil Gould.

    Topics discussed :: The contemporary & historical Ufology scenes in China & Hong Kong, the scantness of famous cases, dangers of Exopolitics in China, government, military, media and public perceptions of the UFO phenomenon in that part of the world, the latest happenings in Hong Kong with regards to spectacular UFO sightings and ongoing growth of public awareness to the UFO phenomenon. Plus, tons more.

    It's a fascinating look from someone on the ground, providing one of a kind perspective on a mysterious realm of global UFO studies.

    Time : 1 Hour, 44 Minutes

    11.23.8: George Knapp (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio celebrates our 100th episode with massively popular investigative journalist George Knapp.

    Topics discussed :: The evolution of Knapp's journalism career, his investigation into Area 51 and the subsequent fall-out in Ufology, his take on UFO studies, reflections on his research into the Skinwalker Ranch, and the latest news on his coverage of the Needles UFO case from earlier this Summer.

    We celebrate our centennial with a bonafide A-list esoteric name in an episode you do not want to miss.

    Time : 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

    11.16.8: Charles Upton (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    We talk with Charles Upton about metaphysics and how it may relate to the UFO phenomenon.

    Topics discussed :: What is metaphysics and how does Charles apply it to UFOs, the "Hierarchy of Being," UFOs as demonic elements, critique of time travel and reincarnation, Steven Spielberg's UFO films, Dr. John Mack's research into abductions, science as religion, where the UFO/demonic connection may be headed, and much more.

    An off the beaten path edition of BoA:Audio which looks at UFOs in a whole new light.

    Time : 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

    11.9.8: Adam Davies (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    We return to the UK to talk with Adam Davies, author of Extreme Expeditions, about his global travels searching for exotic cryptids.

    Topics discussed :: The Mkole Membe, Orang Pendek, Mongolian Death Worm, Seljord Serpent, Alien Big Cats, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, the Almasty, keys to forming a strong crypto expedition group, Adam's personal experiences on expeditions, characters and stories from the book, and tons more.

    A truly jam-packed edition of BoA:Audio covering a myriad of cryptids, the study of such beasts, and the implications of their potential existence.

    Time : 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

    11.3.8: Dr. Stephen Rorke (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA:Audio celebrates Halloween with Dr. Stephen Rorke as we tear the lid off of a longstanding esoteric tale: the Spiricom story.

    Topics discussed :: An in-depth examination of Spiricom, the "official" public story of the device, the players behind Spiricom, why Rorke believes it to be a hoax, and, if it was a hoax, who was behind it and why. Plus, the true story of Thomas Edison's "attempts to communicate with the dead," who is still perpetuating the Spiricom hoax, and where the device is today.

    It's a whole new view of an often-overlooked (or blindly accepted) esoteric story.

    Time : 2 Hours, 1 Minute

    10.26.8: Jim Marrs (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

    BoA : Audio, Season IV kicks off with Jim Marrs discussing his new book The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

    Topics discussed :: The themes of Jim's new book, Rudolph Hess's flight to England, US/USSR space programs using Nazi scientists, Nazi super soldier Otto Skorzeny, the May 1979 Jimmy Carter assassination attempt, Nazi social trends found in America today. Plus, JFK assassination discussion, the 2008 election, the past year in Ufology & 911 studies, and, as always, tons and tons more.

    The wait is over ... it's BoA:Audio, it's Season IV, it's Jim Marrs. Let the games begin !

    Time : 1 Hour, 19 Minutes