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BoA Audio, Season III in Flash Streaming Audio
Alphabetical Guest List

7.20.8 : Jacques Vallee (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

We close out Season III with the legendary Jacques Vallee talking about his groundbreaking books Messengers of Deception and The Alien Contact Trilogy.

Topics discussed :: An in-depth examination of the problems with the ETH theory of UFOs, Vallee on contemporary Ufology & the media, and how UFO studies have changed over the last 20 years, a thorough look at a myriad of highlights and themes found in Messengers of Deception and the Alien Contact Trilogy, including UFO cults, social effects caused by belief in UFOs, science v. UFO studies, the sociology of Ufology, and much, much, much more.

Perhaps our biggest interview ever, BoA:Audio welcomes a true icon in the world of esoterica, Jacques Vallee.

Time : 1 Hour, 54 Minutes

7.9.8 : Linda Moulton Howe (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The incomparable Linda Moulton Howe comes to BoA:Audio for a truly unique episode of the program.

Topics discussed :: Linda's entrance and evolution in the world of high strangeness, an in-depth recounting of her infamous meeting with Richard Doty in 1983, why she keeps researching the esoteric after 30 years and whether she regrets covering high strangeness, her thoughts on being a woman in the world of the paranormal, where she sees Ufology going in the future and much, much more.

Time : 1 Hour, 19 Minutes

6.29.8 : Bill Guggenheim (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Exploration of the newly emerging field of After-Death Communications with Bill Guggenheim, a pioneer in the young ADC genre.

Topics discussed :: What is an ADC, in-depth discussion of the 12 distinct types of ADCs, how Bill ended up studying the phenomena and the reaction to his research by other esoteric fields, Bill's response to the skeptics, ADCs as messages from beyond, a number of remarkable ADC stories including binnall's two ADC experiences, and much, much more.

Time : 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

6.22.8 : Bill Birnes (Part 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The second installment of our lengthy conversation with Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine, and The Day After Roswell.

Topics discussed :: In-depth discussion on the world of Ufology as a whole. Bill's theories on what is behind UFOs and what the government may know about them. The online world of Ufology, including podcasting and gatekeepers. Women, young people, and people of color in the world of Ufology. And much, much more.

Time : 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

6.16.8 : Bill Birnes (Part 1) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The first half of a marathon conversation with Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine, and The Day After Roswell.

Topics discussed :: Extended bio/background from Bill, covering his evolution as an esoteric researcher, Philip Corso, and the story of how Bill ended up at the helm of UFO Magazine. Additionally, we cover UFO Hunters from a number of angles, including the marketing campaign centered around Bill, how the network interracts with the show, how the profiled cases are chosen, and Bill's response to the esoteric critics of the program. Plus, lots and lots more.

Time : 1 Hour, 46 Minutes

6.8.8 : Marie Jones (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

We explore the world of vulcanology with Marie Jones, author of Supervolcano.

Topics discussed :: Calderas & Supervolcanos, the Toba eruption, population bottlenecks, cellular memory, Yellowstone and its popularity in esoterica, religion and volcanos, most dangerous area for supervolcanic activity, "war gaming" a caldera eruption and how it would all go down. Plus, women in esoterica and the rise of ghost hunting. And, obviously, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

5.25.8 : Bill Chalker (Part 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The second installment of our conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker.

Topics discussed :: The history and evolution of the UFO studies in Australia, both civilian and military, including the story of Edgar Jarrold, "the father of Australian Ufology," Australian government investigations into UFOs, media coverage of the phenomenon, public perception of UFOs, and a number of key cases that are applicable to the previous mentioned areas. Plus some bonus discussion of Ufology in China and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 25 Minutes

5.18.8 : Bill Chalker (Part 1) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio returns to Down Under with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker.

Topics discussed :: The history and evolution of the UFO phenomenon in Australia and how it differs from how things developed in America. Key cases throughout the years, ranging from pre-1947 "contactee-like" events, the 1954 UFO flap that featured the famous "Sea Fury Incident," the Father Gill case, and the Mundrabilla case of 1988. Also, the abduction boom of the 1990's and in-depth discussion on Bill's forensic investigation into an alleged abduction. And, of course, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

5.11.8 : SMiles Lewis (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

One of the big players in today's paranormal scene, the prolific SMiles Lewis joins BoA:Audio for a two hour jam session on all things esoteric.

Topics discussed :: The paranormal zine scene of the 1980's and early 90's, the evolution of esoterica on the internet, big picture discussion on the UFO phenomenon, 911, the birth and growth of the 911 Truth Movement, the ELFIS network, SMiles many esoteric projects in both print and audio, plus tons more.

Time : 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

5.4.8 : Carl Feindt (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

A thorough look at the water - UFO connection with Ufologist Carl Feindt.

Topics discussed :: The origins of Carl's investigation into this aspect of Ufology, interesting trends and fascinating insights that he has gained from his research, cases that he does not think are related to UFOs, the international aspects of the phenomenon, sea monsters, radar and sonar cases, UFOs. v. USOs, "Water Wheels," the Eltanin, Shag Harbour, and a ton more aquatic-themed esoteric material.

Time : 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

4.8.8 : Thomas Shachtman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

An in-depth discussion on the Amish rite of passage Rumspringa, and Amish culture in general, with author Thomas Shachtman.

Topics discussed :: The Amish and their rite of passage known as Rumspringa, how it serves to strengthen the Amish community, their unique educational system, their use of banning as a means of discipline, how the Amish feel about the tourism that surrounds their enclaves, Rumspringa's evolution over the years and how Shachtman sees it changing going into the future. And, of course, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 8 Minutes

3.30.8 : 2nd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special
(MP3 A) (MP3 B) (MP3 C)

It's our massive 2nd Annual BoA:Audio Baseball Special, featuring a collection of esoteric all stars kicking back and talking about baseball.

Paul Kimball, Loren Coleman, Richard Dolan, Adam Gorightly, and Greg Bishop return to the program as we get their thoughts on baseball off-season news, how things are looking for their respective teams, various side tangents and minutia, and, upping the ante this year, collect a set of playoff predictions from each guest. It's a time to stop, smell the roses, and remember that there's life beyond the esoteric.

Time : 3 Hours, 7 Minutes

3.23.8 : Gildas Bourdais (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio takes another look at international Ufology as Gildas Bourdais joins us for an in-depth discussion on the French UFO scene.

Topics discussed :: The history and evolution of French Ufology, official government sponsored French UFO studies through the years, the Cometa report, media coverage of UFOs, the attitude of the everyday public with regards to UFOs, a re-examination of percentages of unknown UFOs, the release of French UFO files in March '07, the state of French Ufology today, and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

3.16.8 : Jeff Belanger (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio returns to the ghost realm with an A-list name from that genre, Jeff Belanger, to talk about his new book "The Ghost Files."

Topics discussed :: The various theories on what ghosts are, the commercialisation of haunted locations, Jewish exorcisms, Jeff's global travels investigating haunted places, dealing with skeptics, the evolution of orbs, and other fun stuff. Plus, big picture issues like the explosion in popularity for ghost hunting and esoterica on the internet and, of course, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 47 Minutes

3.9.8 : Dr.Bob Curran (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

We take a tour of mythical locations with Dr. Bob Curran, author of "Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms", calling direct from Northern Ireland.

Topics discussed :: Historical background and cultural significance of a number of mysterious places, including The Otherworld, Green Island, Atlantis, Lemuria, Davy Jones Locker and the Flying Dutchman, Shangri La, Shambala, The Kingdom of Prestor John, El Dorado, The Kingdom of Prince Madoc, The Fountain of Youth, The Green Children, the Library of Alexandria, and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 25 Minutes

3.2.8 : Steve Bassett (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Founder of Paradigm Research Group, creator of the X-Conference, and major player in the world of Exopolitics, Steve Bassett returns to BoA:Audio.

Topics discussed :: The difference between Exopolitics and Ufology, the UFO connections for John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton, the next window of opportunity for UFO disclosure, international disclosure rumblings, Kucinich, Symington, the media and UFOs, response to Exopolitics "haters," and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

2.24.8 : Chris Balzano (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Rising esoteric star Chris Balzano comes to the program to discuss his debut book "Dark Woods: Cults, Crime, and the Paranormal in Freetown State Forest".

Topics discussed :: Background and profiling of Freetown State Forest, including its place in the Bridgewater Triangle and its Native American roots. Oddities reported from within the forest, including zombies, Pukwudgies, and human-acting cats. Cult activity that plagued the area in the late 1980's and some of the most infamous cases from that time. Plus tons more.

Time : 2 Hours, 2 Minutes

2.17.8 : Cristo Louw (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

We call nearly 8,000 miles away for the first American interview ever by Cristo Louw, head of South Africa's UFO Resource.

Topics discussed :: An in-depth look at South African Ufology. Including a large number of key UFO cases from South Africa over the last century or so, famous South African UFO contactees, the history and evolution of UFO studies in South Africa, the role of the government, the military, and the media in shaping the UFO culture in South Africa. The perspective of the public with regards to UFOs and, of course, tons and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

2.9.8 : Larry Flaxman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA:Audio explores ghost hunting with guest Larry Flaxman, founder of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST).

Topics discussed :: The ins and outs, creation and evolution, and research methods of the ARPAST group. We'll get Larry's critical thoughts on EMF meters, EVPs, orbs, and some of the problems with today's ghost hunting groups. Plus, we'll have lots of big picture discussion on the ghost hunting field, its explosion in popularity, and the plusses and minuses of the rapid growth for that esoteric genre.

Time : 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

2.2.8 : Greg Bishop (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Longtime BoA:Audio friend Greg Bishop returns to the program to discuss and dissect the previous year in the world of Ufology.

Topics discussed :: All the big UFO stories of 2007, including the O'Haire case, the Symington story, the French UFO files release, the Roswell 60th, the drone photo craze, the Kucinich UFO flap, and the disclosure push of November. Plus, we discuss esoteric trends of '07, Greg's piece on "Lohn" John Nebel @ UFO Mystic, his appreciation for the contactee movement, and tons more.

Time : 2 Hours, 12 Minutes

12.30.7 : Nick Redfern (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Season One favorite Nick Redfern returns to the program for a lengthy conversation on all things esoteric.

Topics discussed :: Nick's latest book "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter", big picture thoughts on Ufology and the deification of Roswell, Nick's field work in Texas and Puerto Rico, the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Ghost Lights, UFOs, The Loch Ness Monster, Paul Kimball, Alien Big Cats, crop circles, the UK esoteric scene, and tons more.

Time : 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

12.23.7 : Stanton Friedman (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Ufological legend Stanton Friedman returns to the program for our third annual BoA : Audio Holiday Special.

Topics discussed :: The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case, inside and out, including its role in fueling popular interest in UFOs, the importance of Dr. Benjamin Simon, and why the Star Map is key to the whole case. Also, much discussion on Ufological history, especially post-Condon report, why repeatability is not tantamount to studying UFOs, and Stan's "magnun opus" that he is presently working on. And, of course, a stocking full more.

Time : 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

12.15.7 : Nick Pope (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Former head of the UK MOD UFO Project, Nick Pope, comes to BoA : Audio.

Topics discussed :: Nick's tenure @ the MOD UFO Project, what's become of his post since he left it, his take on the world of Ufology from the perspective of someone who had worked in the government, UK Ufology v. US Ufology, the 1993 Cosford Incident, the "best cases" from his time @ the MOD, other esoteric mysteries he investigated, and tons more. A can't miss edition of the program.

Time : 1 Hour, 40 Minutes

12.8.7 : Jeremy Vaeni (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Prolific estoeric pundit Jeremy Vaeni joins BoA : Audio for a freewheeling interview.

Topics discussed :: The evolution of Jeremy's abduction experience, his theory on what the abductors are all about, his film "No One's Watching An Alien Abductee's Story", his entry into the field of esoterica and his take on Ufology from an abductee's point of view, plus his trip to the X-Conference, his book "I Know Why the Aliens Don't Land", disclosure, young people in Ufology, and policing the UFO world. And, of course, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 40 Minutes

12.1.7 : Keith Chester (Part 2 of 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

The second half of our discussion on the Foo Fighter era of Ufology with Keith Chester, author of "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII".

Topics discussed :: Foo Fighters and radar, similarities and differences in European v. Pacific Foo Fighters, what was learned post-war about the Foo Fighters, big picture questions about the Foo Fighters like what they may have been here for, if the US government ever considered them potential ET craft, and how the Foo Fighters fit into the theory that nuclear testing attracted the UFOs. Plus some biographical discussion on Keith's mentor, Len Stringfield, and, of course, tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 34 Minutes

11.24.7 : Keith Chester (Part 1 of 2) (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Rediscovering the Foo Fighter era of Ufology with Keith Chester, author of "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII".

Topics discussed :: Why this era seems to have been forgotten by modern Ufology, the various anomalous aerial phenomena reporting during WWII, how the Allied Forces investigated Foo Fighters, notable figures from that era, 10 key Foo Fighter cases, and the explosion of the Foo Fighter story in America.

Time : 1 Hour, 41 Minutes

11.17.7 : Mass UFO Show/Monster Mash Special (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

On site interviews with six of the presenters from the two day esoteric double bill. Loren Coleman, Chris Balzano, Don Keating, Don Ledger, Carl Feindt, and Chris Styles

Topics discussed :: Loren Coleman on the Dover Demon, Bridgewater Triangle, and VT Shooting. Chris Balzano on Bridgewater Triangle and phantom clowns. Don Keating on the white Bigfoot and Ohio cryptozoology. Don Ledger on black triangles, Shag Harbour, and pilot UFO sightings. Carl Feindt on unidentified submerged objects. Chris Styles on the Shag Harbour Case and controlled witness perception. Tons more as well.

Time : 1 Hour, 52 Minutes

11.10.7 : Greg Reece (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Beyond the lights in the sky, discussing Ufology and belief systems with Greg Reece, author of "UFO Religion".

Topics discussed :: Belief systems associated with UFOs, spirituality v. science within Ufology, UFO cults, mainstream religions and UFOs, ancient astronauts, Ufology v. Science, new gods v. old gods, fear as driving force behind Ufology, and tons more. This interview covers a myriad of big picture questions with regards to Ufology and belief that will provide a wealth of food for thought.

Time : 1 Hour, 34 Minutes

11.3.7 : Danny Hennigar (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Communications director for the Oak Island Tourism Society, Danny Hennigar, takes us through the Oak Island Money Pit mystery from top to bottom.

Topics discussed :: The beginning, evolution and present state of the over 200 year old Oak Island mystery. Popular theories as to what is at the bottom of the Money Pit, stories from the various failed excavations on the Island over the years, treasure hunter feuds, Oak Island side stories like the death of Robert Restall, Nolan's Cross, and Borehole 10x. Plus tons and tons more, a richly detailed interview.

Time : 1 Hour, 13 Minutes

10.27.7 : Karyn Dolan (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

Host of "Through the Keyhole", Karyn Dolan joins BoA : Audio to discuss her emergence into the field of the esoteric.

Topics discussed :: What made Karyn decide to enter the UFO field, the dynamics of being the spouse of a UFO researcher, various aspects of her podcast series, women in Ufology, Exopolitics, the pros and cons of UFO conferences, the fragmentation of UFO studies, potential desensitization of children to the UFO phenomenon, plus tons and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

10.20.7 : Jim Marrs (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

BoA : Audio, Season III kicks off with Jim Marrs, author of "Psi Spies".

Topics discussed :: The birth, evolution, and demise of the US Army's Remote Viewing program. US Psi Spies v. Russian Psi Spies, the Enigma Files, Phobos II, and how UFOs fit into the Psi Spy story. The Remote Viewing community post-closure of the Psi Spy unit. Jim's take on the last year in Ufology & the 911 Movement. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

Time : 1 Hour, 10 Minutes

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