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C2C 2004 : By The Numbers

5 : People hosting C2C (George Noory, Art Bell, Barbra Simpson, Ian Punnett, and Hilly Rose)

4 : Guests thrown off the show (Steven Gibbs, Wayne Green, David Booth, and George Green)

9 : Most consecutive hours by one guest (Linda Moulton Howe who guested for 5 hours on 4.22 and 4 hours on 4.23)

3 : Most appearances in one week by a guest (Robert Trombley : 9.27, 9.29, and 10.1)

30 : Most appearances by one guest (Richard C. Hoagland)

3 : Former C2C guests who died in 2004 (Eugene Mallove, Dr.John Mack, and Gordon Cooper)

8 : Theme Editions of C2C (Roundtables I,II, and III, The Great UFO Debate, Election Night Special, UFO Crash Retreival Conference Special II, JFK Assassination Special II, and Ghost to Ghost)

6 : Most hours in the longest edition of C2C in 2004 (Election Night Special)

8 : Most guests on one episode of C2C (Election Night Special)

2 : Editions of C2C that went 5 hours (Roundtable I and 11.5 Open Lines episode)